C32 – Dungeon Sweeping Contest (2)

Man-cheol, who was looking around, turned his head when he heard a voice then he saw Seo-joon calling him with his hand raised high.

Man-cheol walked to Seo-joon with a distinctive disapproving expression.

“I thought you’d be a little late… You came earlier than I thought.”

“I think I’ll get cursed at by you if I’m late.”

“Hey, do you think I’d be mad at you?”

“Oh, you mean you don’t curse, but you swear?”

Seo-joon burst into laughter at Man-cheol’s wits.
He then found Seo-yoon standing far away next to him and said.

“Oh, old man, say hello.
This is Seo-yoon.
You’ve met her before, right?”

“Hello, I’m Park Seo-yoon.
I’ve heard a lot about you from Seo-joon.”

Seo-yoon bowed and Man-cheol also bowed and greeted her.

“Nice to meet you.
I’m Seok Man-cheol.
You’re having a hard time taking care of this stupid guy.”

“No trouble.
I’m actually getting a lot of help.
Please speak more comfortably.”

“Hmm? I think it’s important to be polite since I’ve met you for the first time.”

Seo-joon smiled without realizing it.

He had shaggy hair and rough skin but Man-cheol’s first impression seemed a little far from formal.
However, Seo-yoon waved her hand and said,

“It’s not even my first time meeting you.
And I’ve heard so much from Seo-joon that I’m familiar with Man-cheol.”

“Oh, yes, yes.
If you say so…Seo-yoon, call me an old man.”

“Yes, sir, I will.”

Seo-yoon smiled softly and nodded.

And just then.

Suddenly, Seo-joon received a notification on his smartphone to announce the start of the contest.

“Old man, let’s start right away.
Seo-yoon, see you later!”

“Yes, fighting!”

Seo-joon hurried along with Man-cheol.

They headed to the place where the truck was parked under Man-cheol’s guidance.

Far away, he saw a big truck.
As expected, it looked strong since it was a truck dedicated to transporting monster corpses.

The rental cost was so high, but it was not expensive compared to the profits from the raids.

“So what do I have to do now?”

Man-cheol asked Seo-joon what he had to do before boarding the truck.
There was a need to make sure of that part before departure.

“Well, you know the rules of the contest, right?”

“You explained it to me yesterday.
I remember it all, so don’t worry about it.”

Seo-joon nodded.

Since Man-cheol didn’t want to catch Seo-joon’s ankle, he would have been fully familiar with the rules.

“Then, as you know, the key to the contest is who clears the most dungeons.
In a word, speed is life.”

Therefore, there are two elements required in this contest.

One is how fast dungeons can be raided and the other is how fast they can arrive at the dungeon.

First of all the speed of the raid depended on the skill of the participant but the dungeon was also very important.
Even for monsters of the same grade, the raid time varies greatly depending on the type of dungeon.

“But I don’t care what dungeon it is.”

However, it was a factor that had little to do with Seo-joon since the dungeons used for the contest were mostly low-grade dungeons filled with one-star and two-star monsters.

Other students may not know, but dungeons were not a big problem for Seo-joon, who had a sense of Chiron, and in addition, one-star or two-star monsters were easy prey for him.

Then how fast will he arrive at the dungeon?

“It would be good to reduce the travel time between dungeons as much as possible.
·· Ah, it would be better if we set up a movement line.”



Seo-joon nodded.

Man-cheol drives anyway, and above all, Man-cheol’s ability to find directions was excellent.

It’s not a joke, but if Man-cheol and the GPS disagree, Seo-joon will follow Man-cheol’s words without hesitation.

Seo-joon immediately took out his smartphone and opened the application, then a list of dungeons and information about them appeared.

Even at this moment, the dungeons that were uploaded were rapidly disappearing as the participants were making reservations.

Seo-joon handed over his smartphone to Man-cheol.

“Here’s a list of dungeons and their locations.
We can only make one reservation at a time anyway.
First, let’s go to the closest place from here.
We’ll decide the next destination there.”

“Well, let’s see.”

Man-cheol checked the information with his eyes shining.

“Since this is Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul… If we go like this from here…”

And he already started muttering as if he was moving.

After a while, Man-cheol opened his mouth.

“I think it would be better to go to this dungeon, close to Incheon.
It’s not close, but considering the next route, this is the best place.”

Seo-joon shrugs his shoulders.

“If you say so, it’s probably like that.
Let’s start right away.”

They got on the truck right away.

The dungeon sweep contest was a national event organized by the government.

Dungeons did not appear only in Seoul and the metropolitan area, and the people of the Republic of Korea did not live only in Seoul and the metropolitan area.
Therefore, the government was naturally obliged to protect them all.

However, there was a limit to manpower and wealth, so this contest was planned.

Although academies were evaluated the purpose itself remained unchanged to protect the safety of the people.
However, even with good intentions, there could not be only a net function.

Rather, there were those who took advantage of the government’s inevitable choice.
They used all sorts of methods to cheat and even sabotage other participants to get the prize money so it was necessary to monitor the contest.

“Ha-am, it’s boring.”

Su-jin was one of those supervisors and also a local public official.
She yawned due to the surging boredom, and checked her chart.

“Let’s see, the person who just went in…Kim Seo-joon of Dream Academy.”

Su-jin, who was checking the chart, tilted her head.
It was not because of the name Kim Seo-joon, but because of an unfamiliar academy called Dream Academy.

“Was there an academy like this?”

Su-jin tilted her head a few times and soon shook off her thoughts because there were so many Hunter Academies in this era when there were so many aspiring professional hunters.

Above all, Su-jin was also an aspiring hunter for two years, so she knew the physiology of the floor better than anyone else.

“Looking at the academy, Kim Seo-joon must be a decent student.
Then…Will it take about an hour?”

‘It won’t be a problem if I take a nap.’

Su-jin felt better at the thought of being able to take a nap properly.

‘This is what civil servants are.’

Su-jin finished writing the chart and when she was about to take a nap as planned, a middle-aged man smoking far away suddenly caught her eye.

He was a man who came with Kim Seo-joon who just entered the dungeon.
At first, she was nervous because she thought they were cheating, but they didn’t go in together and waited outside.
There was no problem with the long-term regulations, so she left it alone.

Nevertheless, she was watching closely because it was suspicious, but she didn’t feel any strange signs so far.

‘Why is your beard so shaggy? Why don’t you shave your beard?’

When I thought that suddenly the cracks in the dungeon began to fluctuate.

“Huh? Why all of a sudden…”

Su-jin turned her head wondering what it was as Kim Seo-joon’s head appeared.

Seo-joon said after finding Man-cheol and looking around with only his head sticking out of the crack.

“Old man, it’s over.
Be ready.”

“You’re fast.”

At Seo-joon’s words, Man-cheol rubbed off the cigarette he was smoking and walked slowly.

Su-jin shouted in a hurry.

“Now, wait a minute! It’s a stark violation of the rules if someone else intervenes during the raid!”

“I know.”

“But now…”

Seo-joon said to Su-jin as if he had forgotten.

“Oh, I’ve got them all.”


“The dungeon raid is finished.”

Su-jin couldn’t understand Seo-joon’s words for a moment.

“What? It doesn’t make sense that the raid is over…”

“I’m telling you.
Check it out for yourself.”

Of course, Su-jin didn’t believe Seo-joon’s words.
However, she gently pushed herself into the crack at Seo-joon’s insistence.

She was a little scared, but this was also what she had to do as a supervisor.

After she entered she saw the bodies of goblins piled up in front of her.

“What’s this?”

Su-jin looked down without realizing it and checked the time but for some reason only 10 minutes passed.

“What the…”

Su-jin’s surprise did not end there.

Seo-joon suddenly lifted a goblin body but one wasn’t enough so he began to carry six on his shoulders.

“What are you doing now?”

“Oh, never mind.”

Seo-joon said and then he took a step forward.



Su-jin couldn’t help but swear.

“You crazy…”

Su-jin followed Seo-joon who was carrying the bodies outside.
Then Man-cheol, who was approaching, looked at Seo-joon and said with a disapproving look.

“Plague, are you still doing that crazy thing?”

“No matter how hard it is, I can’t miss my assignment.”

“Assignment? What kind of assignment?”

“There is.
There is such a thing.”

Seo-joon put the bodies down in front of Man-cheol.

“Old man, how long will it take?”

Man-cheol looked around at the bodies and said,

“As you said, the grade is not very high, and there are few parts that are useful…I think 15 seconds per body will do.”

“As expected, old man.
Then please start working.
I’ll bring the rest.”


Man-cheol then sat on the spot and took out tools to dismantle the bodies.

Su-jin asked as if she was wondering what she was doing.

“Wait a minute! Are you trying to dismantle the body now?”

Does it matter?”

Su-jin couldn’t figure out how to answer this.

And when Su-jin didn’t say anything, Man-cheol threw out dismantling tools at a goblin corpse without hesitation.

He was so good at it that he dismantled one body in 10 seconds even though he said it would take 15.

And when all the work was done.


The man named Seo-joon brought the rest of the bodies in front of Man-cheol.

And the dismantling started again.


From the actions that were done without an inch of deviation they seemed like people who have been in sync for decades so it took less than 10 minutes to dismantle all the goblin corpses from the dungeon.

“Old man, where’s the next dungeon?”

“It’s around here.
Let’s start right away.”

The two left in a flash.

“What did I just see?”

For the first time in her life, Su-jin wasn’t able to explain what she just saw.

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