C28: Order of Truth (1)

The Order of Truth as its name says it’s a religious organization.

The ‘Great Voice’ and the seven apostles under him claim that their words were the words of God.
And even though it was the word of God, the god they served was actually a god that did not exist.

The God they speak of is Truth.
Therefore, it was no different from claiming that their words were the truth.

About 100 years ago, until the cataclysm occurred, they were nothing more than a pseudo-religion but after the cataclysm they became a normal religion and now their power was expanding all over the world.

The reason for this was that the Order of Truth foresaw the end of cataclysm or to be more exact they established their own beliefs despite the cataclysm.

The biggest reason they were able to become a world-class religion was none other than the fact that they were part of those that ended the cataclysm.

Of course, this did not mean that the Order of Truth alone ended the cataclysm.

Several unsung heroes acted along with them and Korea had its own representative characters.

A divine spirit magician known for handling divine spirits, the spiritual star.

The demonic star that is credited for combining magic with science.

A master of stealth and assassination, the dark star.

A witch doctor who can heal anyone as long as the person isn’t dead, the medicine star.

Along with Sword Saint were the five heroes representing Korea.

The Dark Witch, Ellis.

The Saint of Light, Leah.

The blood mage, Kawamura.

Demon Hunter, Lisberry.

There were so many heroes such as Dragon Slayer, etc.

The end of Cataclysm was a feat accomplished by the combined efforts of many of these heroes.

Therefore, people believe that without these heroes the cataclysm would have continued to this day but without the Order of Truth the cataclysm would never end.

The Order of Truth played the most decisive and important role in ending the cataclysm and the Calia that Seo Moon-cheol spoke about was one of the seven apostles of the Order of Truth, “Humble, mercy, kindness, patience, purity, moderation, and diligence.”

Among them, she was one the successors of the currently vacant Apostle of Purity position.

However, considering the status of the Order of Truth and the seven apostles, even if they were successors, they were not judged simply as successors.

“What? Seo-joon?”

“What? That b*tch?”

It was not a situation that would be taken lightly from Calia’s sudden desire to see Seo-joon.

“… I don’t know.
Sir Calia just asked me to tell you that… In fact, yesterday, if it wasn’t for the words of the Sword Saint, I wouldn’t know who Kim Seo-joon was.”

Seo Moon-chul, who was talking, closed his mouth for a moment and slightly turned his eyes and looked at Seo-joon sitting on one side of the academy.

Following Seo Moon-cheol’s gaze, Seo-yoon and Sword Saint’s eyes also turned to Seo-joon.

Seo-joon, who received the attention of three people, was now in a daze.


Seo-joon, of course, knew the Order of Truth.

To be honest, the status of the Order of Truth was so high that everyone in Korea and the world knew about them.

Objectively speaking, no one can match the reputation of Sword Saint in Korea.
Except for the four others mentioned earlier, no one in Korea could carelessly deal with Sword Saint.

However that was not the case in foreign countries.

There were heroes such as Sword Saint in foreign countries, and regardless of their skills, their own hunter was always the strongest and greatest.

However, the Order of Truth was one step away from that notion.
Their existence was recognized everywhere in the world, especially the seven apostles, who were treated like heads of state.

Of course, Calia was only one of the successors, not the apostle of purity, but her position as a successor was not a position anyone could climb.

That Calia wanted to meet Seo-joon?

Seo-joon couldn’t figure out how to accept the situation.

‘Why is he looking for me? How the hell does he know me?’

He didn’t know how Calia knew him.

Seo-joon knew that Calia was the successor of the apostle of purity and in the future might be one of the leaders of the Order of Truth but he was only a student so how could Calia know him?

“You… Were you from the Order of Truth?”

Therefore, the Sword Saint once again had doubts about Seo-joon.

“No way.”

“Then how does Calia know you?”

Seo-joon had no talent for answering things he didn’t know.

“Oh! No way”.

A voice was heard out of nowhere.
When he turned his head in the direction of the sound, Seo-yoon was lost in thought there.

“By any chance… Was that person from the Order of Truth?”

“Do you know anything?”

“Oh, that’s…”

In response to the question of the Sword Saint, Seo-yoon only brought up what she was thinking at that time.

A while ago, during the Academy competition Seo-yoon happened to see a man in a black hood at a gambling house.

“It’s suspicious, but there’s nothing to identify him as a member of the Order of Truth.”

“Yes, but just in case…”

Seo-yoon smiled awkwardly and blurted her words.

“It is strange that Seo-joon might be a member of the Truth Society, as you said.
There’s no way that Calia would be interested in just that… ”

Sword Saint looked at Seo-joon again and said,

“Are you sure you’re not hiding anything?”

“I’m also very surprised right now.


Sword Saint did not question Seo-joon’s words since it was clear that he was really surprised.

After a period of silence Seo-joon tilted his head and said.

“But… Is there any reason for me to go?”



Seo-joon’s words made Seo-yoon and Sword Saint tilt their heads but he continued as if it was natural.

“Come to think of it, is there a reason for me to go just because I was called? No? Am I the only one who thinks that?”

Well, he wasn’t wrong.

Honestly, what would Seo-joon do when he meets Calia?

Whether it’s seven apostles or someone else, they were just foreigners for Seo-joon.

Although it might be useful for others to make connections with them, Seo-joon was a student at the Transcension Academy.

No matter how great the Order of Truth was, it was nothing compared to the instructors of the Transcension Academy.

Of course, since he is a famous person, he may want to see his face with the feeling of seeing a celebrity but that was it for Seo-joon.

To Seo-joon, Calia was like Sword Saint, a person he might like to see but it didn’t matter if he didn’t.

It was much more profitable to take the Transcension Academy Lectures and make money from Dungeon Raids during that time.


But that was not easy for others to accept since Calia was a successor of the Apostle of Purity.

Of course, someone could say that he was one of the many successors.
However, if they knew the situation of the Order of Truth a little, there was a situation that they could not say so.

In the first place, if he could simply refuse with the logic that there was no reason to go, the Sword Saint would have done so.

Calia’s request was not simply a request but the obvious question was,

“That’s right…? There’s no reason for Seo-joon to go…Right?”

She was not wrong.


Sword Saint said nothing and just looked at Seo-joon but one person,

“Sir Calia is…”

Seo Moon-chul was stunned and Sword Saint asked at his meaningful murmur.

“What does that mean?”

“Oh, actually… Sir Calia told me in advance that the man named Kim Seo-joon could say that.
And if he really said that, she asked me to deliver a message.”

At the same time, Seo Moon-cheol seemed to be contemplating whether or not he should really convey those words.
But now he couldn’t pretend he didn’t know.
So Moon-cheol Seo opened his mouth.

“I can give you 100 million just by coming, so think again.”

Seo-joon was surprised and he eventually decided to meet Calia with the Sword Saint.

The reason was not simply because of 100 million because he didn’t know how the cause and effect (causality) would work even if he received 100 million since it was not the result of Seo-joon’s hard work but he couldn’t help but go after hearing that.

‘How on earth did he know that I need 100 million?’

Of course, it could have been just a coincidence.

If Seo-yoon’s words were true, the person in the black hood could have informed the Order of Truth of Seo-joon’s existence and they would also know that Seo-joon was disqualified.

Then, it was not too difficult to guess that Seo-joon needed the prize money of 100 million won.

Either that or he could have simply offered a meaningless amount to entice Seo-joon.
That’s what they thought 100 million was enough.

But even if all of this was just a coincidence, there was something that couldn’t be overlooked.

Was the person in the black hoodie a member of the Order of Truth, and if he wasn’t why did he let them know of Seo-joon’s existence?

And why do they want to meet Seo-joon so much?

Do they know anything else about Seo-joon?

On reflection, Seo-joon didn’t know much about the Transcension Academy.

Of course, he now knew the functions of the Transcension Academy but didn’t know why it existed or why their advertisement appeared on his phone.

Who and where are the people who are writing in the forums?

Seo-joon could not answer any of these questions so he has been trying to find answers to these questions, but he could not get any clues.

He thought he should ask Mentor when he comes but that was all.

Meanwhile, a message from Calia came out of nowhere.

‘Does the Order of Truth know something?’

Now, Seo-joon had enough reasons to meet Calia thus he headed to the place where Calia was with the Sword Saint.

It was just a modest hotel located in the corner of Seoul and considering Calia’s status it was a little strange that she would stay here.

However, the Sword Saint walked to the entrance of the hotel without any questions.

As he approached the entrance, a person who appeared to be a believer blocked Sword Saint and Seo-joon.

The Sword Saint took a step forward and said to the believer.

“I came to see Calia.
The guy next to me… ”

“I know.
You’re Kim Seo-joon, aren’t you?”

But strangely enough, the believer knew Seo-joon.

“That’s right.”

“This way, Lord Calia is waiting.”

When Seo-joon nodded, the believer smiled and stepped aside while Sword Saint and Seo-joon went into the hotel leaving the believer behind.

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