C11: First Battle (2)

Seo-yoon sat alone in an improvised container box and was lost in thought.

It was a very shabby place for the granddaughter of the Sword Saint to rest so the team leader Kim of the transport company kept groveling and apologizing, but in fact, Seo-yoon didn’t care about that at all.

“Sigh, how long do I have to do this?”

No, rather, the gazes of such people were not very pleasant.

Seo-yoon’s grandfather, the Sword Saint was regarded as a hero by people but he was nothing more than a label that followed Seo-yoon.

-As expected, the granddaughter of the Sword Saint.

– What, that’s all she can do?

Whether she did well or not, she was compared to her grandfather.
The more that happened, the more Seo-yoon struggled to surpass her grandfather.

‘I don’t even want to be a Hunter….’

More than anything, Seo-yoon didn’t want to be a hunter since her original dream was to become an educator.
She wanted to be a school teacher and live a normal life in a way.

However, Seo Yoon’s background did not tolerate such a normal life as she began her education as a hunter when she started to walk.

Others envied her because she was taught by the Sword Saint but because of that, Seo-yoon was able to pass the professional hunter test without difficulty and become a B-class hunter.

But that was it, Seo-yoon had no talent to move beyond that and had no will.

It’s been 31 years and it was too late for Seo-yoon, who did not graduate from college, to become a school teacher now.

So Seo-yoon compromised with reality and decided to become an academy instructor since she couldn’t be a school teacher.

Seo-yoon persuaded her grandfather in all sorts of ways, and eventually she was able to open a Hunter Academy.

At first, it attracted quite a lot of attention since it was a Hunter Academy, founded by the granddaughter of the Sword Saint.

However, when it was revealed that the Sword Saint was not a lecturer, people began to leave one by one since they only applied for the Sword Saint not Seo-yoon.

When the disappointed students left, all that was left were those who liked Seo-yoon’s appearance.
Those students had no will or motivation and rather than thinking of becoming hunters, they only thought of playing tricks on Seo-yoon somehow.

The Sword Saint couldn’t stand it and those students were also kicked out so the academy was in a state where people didn’t know if it existed or not.

“If there was only one good student…”

However, Seo-yoon has not given up on her dream until now.

If only she could create an S-rank, no an A-rank hunter that would follow her and not the Sword Saint.

So Seo-yoon searched for talented hunters while working as a hunter.
However, most of them were people who approached Seo-yoon for her appearance.

There were some people who thought it was okay, but all of them quit because they couldn’t withstand the pressure of the Sword Saint.

Now, it has reached the point where students have to pass a test if they want to enter the academy.

‘Where in the world can I find such a person?’

Seo-yoon let out a deep sigh without realizing it but suddenly,

“One, two, three!”

Someone’s voice came into her mind, it was the voice of the madman who was doing squats with monster bodies on his back.


‘Why did that crazy person suddenly come to mind?’

However, Seo-yoon could not continue the question.


“Run away!”

A roar and people’s screams were heard from outside the container.

Seo-yoon jumped up and ran out.

“What’s going on? What the hell was that noise just now? Huh?

Seo-yoon put a question mark on the scene she saw.
Split in half.
No, the manticore was broken and a man was standing in front of it with a long iron bar.


It was the crazy guy who was doing squats with monster bodies on his back.
No, it was a strange man.


And for some reason he was tilting his head.

Seo-yoon turned her eyes and looked at what appeared to be a manticore in front of the man.

“Why is a manticore here…”

Seo-yoon turned her eyes once again and looked around at the scene that had become a disaster.

“No way?”

It was not that difficult for Seo-yoon to recall the behemoth accident from a few days ago.

‘Wait, so he’s the one who made Manticore like that?’

Seo-yoon couldn’t believe it.

The manticore was a four-star monster and even low-level professional hunters can’t deal with it alone but a handyman at a transportation company split it in two without using mana?

“Why was it pierced…?”

Seo-joon has been tilting his head for a while to see what the problem was while Seo-yoon approached Seo-joon to ask what happened so the two people faced each other and their mouths opened at the same time.

“What happened?”

“What happened?”

‘You can’t ask me that, you crazy man.

Seo-yoon desperately suppressed the words that were about to pop out.

“What’s all this fuss about?”

“Why are you screaming all of a sudden?”

After that, people who sensed the disturbance began to gather one by one.
Soon, all the people belonging to the company gathered, and all the work was suspended.

“What’s going on? Why are you all here and not working?”

Kim Tae-soo appeared furiously but when he saw Seo-yoon.

“Seo Yoon, why is she here…?”

He asked a worker around him about the situation as he realized something was unusual and the worker explained everything he saw to Kim Tae-soo.

A living manticore suddenly popped out of the pile of corpses and it could’ve been a big accident but fortunately there were no casualties because of a person.

“Mister, are you alright? You didn’t get hurt, did you?”

It was because of Seo-joon.

Man-cheol looked at Seo-joon approaching with a puzzled expression and it was not just Man-cheol, but everyone here.

“It’s a real relief.
It could have been a real disaster.”

However, Seo-joon only breathed a sigh of relief.


Man-cheol thought it was ridiculous.

Just a few weeks ago, Seo-joon was very ordinary and the only special thing about him was that he was a natural awakened.
But what is the current situation?

Man-cheol tried to ask about it, but there was someone faster than Man-cheol.

“Excuse me.”

The charming and clear voice belonged to none other than the granddaughter of the Sword Saint, Park Seo-yoon.

Man-cheol decided to keep his mouth shut and watch the situation.

Seo-yoon approached Seo-joon, thought about something for a while, and slowly opened her mouth.

“Can you meet my grandfather with me once?”

Yes? Man-cheol’s head tilted to the side against his will.
And it was not just Man-cheol, but most of the people who gathered here.

It was ridiculous to ask that out of the blue but on second thought Park Seo-yoon grandfather was the Sword Saint, an idol of the hunters and a national treasure.

Not only aspiring hunters but also professional hunters are excited to meet and learn from him.
In reality however it’s hard to even see him from a distance.

Although it was started as a joke, the right to receive 10-minute of guidance from the Sword Saint was auctioned for 3.5 billion won but his granddaughter wanted to personally arrange a meeting with the Sword Saint?

Man-cheol didn’t know why, but this is a great opportunity for Seo-joon.

“I don’t want to.”

But his answer sounded crazy in the ears of the audience.


“I don’t want to.”

Seo-joon turned his cold gaze on Seo-yoon and said to Man-cheol with a worried look on his face.

“Uncle, let’s go to the hospital together first.
You might have been hurt somewhere.”

“Uh, uh, uh, uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

Man-cheol felt like a high treason criminal for some reason.

Seo-joon headed to a nearby hospital with Man-cheol.
Man-cheol was reluctant to go to the hospital, saying he was fine, but Seo-joon forcibly dragged Man-cheol with him.

Of course, the manticore did not directly harm Man-cheol, but it was not known what impact Man-cheol suffered in the process of running away.

He said it was okay, but there might be something he doesn’t know.
Didn’t the same thing happen to Seo-joon just a while ago?

Although there was an examination fee, Seo-joon could pay that much.
Compared to what Man-cheol has done to Seo-joon, it was nothing.

So Seo-joon took Man-cheol to the hospital, and fortunately, Man-cheol had no problem.

“You wasted your money for no reason.”

“Money can be earned again but if you miss the right time, you can’t go back.”

“You think about what Miss Seo-yoon said.”


Man-cheol kicked his tongue once and said to Seo-joon.

“But…How could you do that?”

“Well, you know that I usually work out.”

“Was that possible with just those exercises? Most of all, you don’t know how to use mana yet.”

Seo-joon smiled awkwardly because he had nothing to say back, and Man-cheol told Seo-joon again.

“Won’t you regret it if you don’t meet the Sword Saint? It’s not too late now.
I’m fine, so run fast.”

“That’s enough.
What’s the point of meeting the Sword Saint?”

“What do you mean? If his granddaughter brings you there and asks him to teach you something!”

“I don’t need the Sword Saint to teach me.”

“You don’t need…..”

Seo-joon burst into laughter as he looked at Man-cheol’s expression.

He didn’t know why Seo-yoon said that, but Seo-joon had no reason to meet the Sword Saint.

Others might want to learn from him but Seo-joon didn’t need to.

Perhaps Seo-joon could have been worried if it hadn’t been for the incident today.
In fact, he was a little skeptical about the Transcension Academy but today he confirmed the effects himself.

“Old man, I’ll see you again tomorrow.”

Seo-joon left Man-cheol, who was still standing blankly, and turned around.
It was because he was anxious to take a lecture at the Transcension Academy, no matter what.

On the way home Seo-joon picked up his smartphone for a moment and looked at what he couldn’t check earlier.

Compared to before, Chiron lecture progress increased by 10%, Shakyamuni lecture progress increased by 2.6%, and Xiang Yu lecture progress increased by 13%.

Compared to the time when he was simply listening to lectures repeatedly, the progress rate increased significantly.

That meant that it was better to apply the lectures in practice than just simply listen to them just like he did today but the problem was that Seo-joon couldn’t hunt monsters.

‘Should I save money and enter an academy?’

The way to do it now was to enter a state-approved academy and obtain a temporary license.
Then he could participate in dungeon raids and increase the progress of his lectures.

However, he wondered if he should spend a lot of money to enter an academy.

Seo-joon, who doesn’t need the teachings of the Sword Saint, also didn’t need the education taught at the academy.
It wasn’t bad considering how much money he could make from raids, but he had to take classes at the Academy to get a temporary license.

But for Seo-joon now, it was nothing more than a time-consuming obstacle.

“It’s a bit vague.”

As he was thinking about what to do.


Someone called Seo-joon from behind.

Seo-joon slowly turned his head and Seo-yoon, the black-haired beauty came into his view.

“Wait, wait, let’s talk!”

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