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Today, I am enjoying a leisurely cup of tea with my mother.


My mother is as busy as my father, but since she sometimes invites her children to enjoy tea like this, I guess she cares about her  family.


A beautiful woman with well styled long  chestnut hair ,from the first sight it fell like your are looking at a fairy tale princess .


“Sirius, how is today's tea?”
“It is delicious, mother”
“Fufu, I got some good tea leaves.
Keep it secret from Lesia and the others ok?”


She has a mischievous smile on her face, but I'm convinced that it is this kind of thing that must have captivated my  father.


The idea of ​​polygamy is strong in this world.


Commoners are usually monogamous for economic reasons, but aristocrats and royalty are expected to take multiple wives to keep their households alive and to support them as much as possible.


Of course, there are family where women are the family head, but in that case polygamy is unlikely.


I wouldn't say that it doesn't exist at all, but rather than supporting multiple husbands, there is the belief that it is more meaningful for a man to do physical work, and in that case it is overwhelmingly easier to just hire them.


In the first place, a woman who could become the head of a noble family does not like men that much, and there are many of them who are rather workaholic, so they are people who devote themselves to work after having children.


Well, the right person in the right place might fit it much more.


And, as a member of the royal family, my father the king should normally have taken a concubine, but he stubbornly asserted that he would not marry anyone other than my mother, and he did so.


Well since they had five children, including myself, there are not many complaints from people around us ,but my brothers cannot be like that, so they have both legal wife and concubine.


Harem huh…it's amazing.


It seems like a distant story
For me, who is only 4 years old, but I've been told several times that it's better for me to decide on a fiancée sooner rather than later.


Is it a line to say to a 4-year-old child?  I was wondering, but it seems that it would be best  to choose from a family other than those in the  factions supporting my two older brothers.


Well, this is an advice from  Regulus-niisama .


If I chose from one of the faction, it will troublesome if the nobles think that I am supporting that side ,but I am living a more enjoyable life than my previous life,so I can just ignore it .

Well, as for why I said this, it was largely due to what my mother said after this.


“Sirius should also choose a fiancé on his 5th birthday~”
“Why so soon “
“I don't want to hand over my cute son to another woman just yet , but Sirius will surely be cornered after that.”




I wondered what the additional value of the youngest son, the third prince, was, but I knew the answer right away.


Apparently, there was a dinner party where the recipes I gave to Zephs because I wanted to eat them were served, and it seems that I was known as the inventor of these recipes.


I see, I can make a new dish, which seem to be a valuable business opportunity.


I don't like it at all.


If marry such a person's daughter, there is a high I will be used just like I was used in my previous life.


“I'd like to decide on a legal wife from among the daughters I'll invite when celebrating my 5th birthday.”


As a member of the royal family, I was also told that I have to marry ay least two women.


Yeah!  It's a harem!


……I can't be happy with the current situation.


After all ,if I am to marry a young who approaches  this timing ,it could lead it could lead to a development similar to that of my previous life where I was a hero…..Well, this time I'm in a higher position, so it won't be that bad, but about the trauma? it won't go away easily.


“Before that, I have to go to the church to be baptized.”


In this country, at the age of 5 ,the priest will perform a baptism ceremony at the church.


The baptism itself takes only a few minutes, but after that, they have to pray to God in a pure white room in the back, but it seems that the time of the prayer is different for everyone.


If you are blessed by God, it will take some time, but if not, you can pray and leave immediately.


If possible, I'd like to thank the goddess, but…
as expected, I wonder if I'll be able to meet her.


For the time being, l will offer my prayers earnestly.


“Come to think of it, Sirius also came up with this sweet, right?”
“Yes, do you like it?”
“Of course it's very delicious”


Today's snack is a Montblanc cake that I prepared.


Whipped cream doesn't exist here ,but it's ingredients does, so I ordered the missing ingredients and made it, and I think it turned out pretty well.


The fact that my mother is eating it  with a slime, make me relieved.


I had my family try a normal fresh cream cake before, but my mother seems to prefer this one.


I also like cheesecake, so I understand how she feel.


Cheesecake, huh ? Maybe I should make pizza next.
If I remember correctly I think that cheese is also made somewhere in the countryside if I remember correctly.


Even so, I'm always making fat things, but it's strange that no one in my family looks fat.


I'm fine too, but I'm kinda worried.


I'm exercising in swordsmanship practice, so maybe is it okay?


By the way, it seems that my mother is planning to open a restaurant that serves recipes that I came up with ( stole  from my previous life) .


It seems that I will receive money as a
recipe inventor fee, but that amount is  already  outrageous, so it seems there will be no need to find a job later…
well I think I will still have to work somehow.


Like that, the once in while tea time with my mother  passed peacefully.

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