chapter 04



            French fries.


” I want to eat French fries “
I suddenly felt like that.


The last I ate it was probably when  I had it as  a meal during my first life.


My co-worker bought it for me as a souvenir, perhaps because she felt sorry for me for not being able to go out.


That's why I went to the kitchen.


I don't want to disturb the kitchen work too much, but I have to make this kind of food when I crave for it.


yes!  It's a life where I  can have such a luxury!


When I arrived at the kitchen, the staff who were preparing food were surprised to see me.


In the midst of this, the head chef, Zephs, spoke to me with a smile.


Despite it ,the head chef, Zephs, spoke to me with a smile.


“Isn't this Sirius-sama?  Not enough food?”


It seems that Raul-niisama come to ask food from time to time ,so Zephs asked me if it is  the case.


“Actually, I'd like to borrow the kitchen for a bit…
I'll try not to get in the way, so could you lend me the other side?”
“Could it be that Sirius-sama is cooking?”
“Yeah, I have something I want to make.”
“Then, let me help you.
What materials do you need?”


I'm sure it's not appropriate for a royal child to stand alone in the kitchen, but I'm sorry for the trouble.


well, but thinking about it.
I'm a member of the royal family, so I can teach Zephs the recipe and ask him to make it for me.


But it's fun because I make it myself…
Yeah, it is that part that is interesting.


“Do we  have potatoes?”
“yes there is “
“Then ,let's make it right away “
It's a little hard to peel potatoes, but I got the hang for it from cooking aids and cooking experience in my first life, so I can easily peel the skin off.


Zefphs was very surprised at by it , but he was overwhelmingly faster, so I realized how amazing a professional is.


Then, since I am going to make thick-sliced ​​potatoes this time, I  cut the potatoes into roughly 6 equal parts to make them easier to eat.


After that, it is soaked in water for about an hour, then coated with flour and fried in oil.


As expected, it was too dangerous to fries it myself, so Zephs took over the role, but I had  decided to leave it to Zephs from the start because he would be able to fry it better.


Then, if you put salt on the final french fries …yes, it's done.


I forgot to make ketchup, so let's make it next time.


“thank you zephs”

that ,Sirius-sama.  Where did you learn to cook like this?”
“yeah?  Well, I thought it would be delicious if I fried potatoes.  How  about a taste  Zefus?”


“Well thanks you”
Zephs puts his hand on a potato.


I can't say it's a knowledge from another world.
I eat it too, but the hot potatoes and the perfect balance of salt…
yeah, will get fat…
but I want to eat.


When you put one  in your mouth, you can't help but want put another.




Looking at it, Zefus was about to pick up a second one, too, and had to withdraw is hand in a hurry.


“You want to eat?”
“No, it belongs to Sirius-sama.”
“Ok ,thank you for your help “
“Umm…is it okay if I serve this to His Majesty and the Queen?  Of course, I won't reveal the recipe.”
“OK.  Just be careful not to eat too much”


The scary thing about potato chips is that you can't stop eating them once you start.
Potatoes, a vegetable, once exposed to oil , turn into meat…it's terrifying.
But it's delicious, so I eat it.


With this, if you create cola or other carbonated beverages that don't exist in this world…
then, it'll be the strongest combo.


In my previous life, I didn't eat much and didn't have to worry about getting fat, but in this life I have a lot of leeway, so I'm afraid it's possible that I'll gain weight.


Well, I'm exercising, but if I keep producing fat things like this…it's dangerous.


And so, french fries were served for dinner that day, but I was surprised to find that they were very professional and that they served shredded potatoes normally.


The French fries seemed to be quite popular with the family, and when I met them later, I was praised very well.



When I think about it, in my first life it was my job to make meal , and  in my second life, I was never well received,
so I'm happy that what I've made is appreciated.


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