Knee pillow 

Today, I was enjoying a relaxing cup of tea with Philia at the Count Astarte household.

Now that she's eight years old, Philia is getting more and more adorable as she gradually approaches adulthood.

Her long, beautiful silvery-white hair reminded me of a snow fairy, and her orange and blue eyes were as clear and beautiful as the starry sky.

Her smile is adorable, and my favorite is her embarrassed look

She is so innocent that she can blush with just a little of sweet words, but when I calm down and think back on my lines later, it's quite embarrassing.

In such an atmosphere, it becomes easy for me to say sweet words, love is truly amazing.

“This tea is delicious.”

 “Yes, mother said it was given to her when she had a tea party with the Queen before.”

I see, mother is a little picky about tea.

 It must be good tea leaves, but I think the brewing method is also quite wonderful.

As expected, of a maid of a Count's household.

“Is it okay for you to give me such a good thing?  “

it is for her future son-in-law…”

She says that while being embarrassed, but I see, so it's from mother-in-law.

 Even so, Philia's embarrassed face is really a picture.

How should I put it, I want to make her more embarrassed with sweet words, but if I do that, I won't be able to stop.

“Then, I'll thank mother-in-law later…
Philia, do you want anything?”

 “No, no…
I'm just happy to be with Sirius-sama…”

Said Philia shyly.

 …… Oh my God, it’s too cute!

 This kind of humility is natural, but it's scary sometimes.

To be honest, compared to my previous life, I have an overwhelming amount of money in my pocket, but I don't really use it much, so I'm just accumulating money.

No matter how hard I try, bankruptcy is impossible, so I can afford a little extravagance…
I myself make what I want and since there is no one to spend money like that princess from my previous life where I was a hero.  Saving money seems to become a hobby.

If you ask, Philia also doesn't ask for anything much at home.

She says that she buys the bare minimum of clothes and accessories, but she seems to be able to choose what suits her properly.

 “Hmm…then, is there anything you want me to do for you?”

 “Something I want you to do…
um, that…”

 “Anything is fine”

 “So, if that's the case, then…
just one…”

As a result of asking from a different angle, I'm relieved to find something Philia wants.



“Yes, what is it?”

“Isn't this just making me happy…?

Currently, I am having a knee pillow on Philia's knees.

Looking up at Philia with a sideways glance, she is gently stroking my head with a happy expression.

 “That's not true.
I'm very happy.”

 “Is that so?”

 “Yes, I've been longing for it for a long time…
Seeing my mother do it to my father.”

I see……

Even so, for Count Astarte to ask his wife to do something like this…
maybe, it mother-in-law who want it?

I've talked with him a few times, but Count Astarte seems to be serious and has a hidden side that dislikes troublesome things, so I somehow sympathized with him.

My mother-in-law, Countess Astarte, looks like a gracefully aged version of Philia, and her personality is a bit mischievous.

If you ask me, it seems that the mother-in-law was the most excited about her daughter's engagement to me, and Count Astarte seemed to be a little troubled about his daughter's marriage to the royal family, but he seems to approve of it.

“Sirius-sama's hair is beautiful.”

“It's not as good as Philia.”

“No, it's very smooth.
The same as the Queen, very beautiful.”

Mother's hair is certainly beautiful, but what about me?

Come to think of it, Philia seems to have had the chance to talk to my mother since she got engaged to me…
Well, I can understand that she's attracted to that beauty.

However, I don't know anything more beautiful than Philia's hair and eyes.

Beautifully colored hair, clear eyes, and kind heart, everything is lovely.

That's what I thought while smiling, and Philia blushed and averted her gaze.

But she didn't stop stroking with hands.

A pleasant breeze caresses my skin, and the warmth of Philia's gentle hands puts me at ease.

It's an extravagantly luxurious time…
When I'm like this, I honestly think that I want to spend all my life in such a harmonious way.

The goal is to be a couple who are in good term even when they become grandpa and grandma.

Such an elderly couple was a regular customer at the inn in my first previous life, and I was honestly envious of them.

It's not easy to imitate the way they hold hands and care for each other calmly.

Well, strangely enough, I feel like I can do it with Philia, but after all, spending time with someone you love, someone important to you, is many times more special than usual.

While gradually falling asleep, Philia hummed a lullaby so comfortingly that I quietly entrusted myself to her.

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