Chapter 09: father request

“I'm sorry for calling you so suddenly, Sirius.”

“No, father”

Today was a leisurely day, and while I was thinking about various things, I was summoned and taken to the office of his Majesty the king of this country, my father. 

Did I do something wrong?

When I was thinking about that, my father put down the documents and said while sliming. 

“Actually, I called you to inspect the territory that I will give you in the future.”

The territory that will be given to me…
In other words, in the future I will receive a peerage and a land to govern.

“If possible, it should be in a small place, but…”

“Don't worry, that's the initial plan.
And if necessary, part of the direct control territory will be add to it”

Eh, no need.
I don't really need.

I can't say anything, and if it's not necessary, that will not happen. 

“Understand “

“It is already your in paper ,but I can't leave it to you right away, so if you notice something or want to do something, you should tell the local governor.”

Is it okay to trow my weight around?

According to what I heard, the say territory seems to be a relatively small territory a little away from the royal capital.

Being a Lord seems to be troublesome, but I think it will be a little bit easier if there is someone capable as an assistant.

I don't have any contacts for that right now, but…should I talk to Regulus-niisama?

“Lesia also got engaged and is only waiting to graduate.
I think I'll miss you when you all grow up”

That's right, Sister Lesia finally got engaged the other day.

The other party seems to be the heir to a certain Marquis family.

I'm a siscon, but my sister seems happy so I won't bother her.

Or rather, I don't want to do something uncouth like interfering with my family happiness.

“Speaking of which, Sirius”

“Yes “

“Regarding your engagement…”

Have you decided on your own?

When I was thinking that, my father said apologetically.

“It hadn't been decided yet.
You have your 5th birthday party coming up soon, so let me know if there's anyone you're interested in at that time.”

A royal birthday party is a big party held every five birthday .

It's been four and a half years since I was reincarnated in this world.

I'll be 5 years old soon, and if there's a good girl even then…..Well it's hard to choose.

Before that, there will be a baptism, but I wonder if be able to meet the goddess at that time…
since the goddess worshiped in this country's church is not the same. 

Even if it's out her jurisdiction, let's just pray.

“Something else, Sirius.
Are you interested in the throne?”

It is a test. 

Of course the answer is evident. 

“Not at all”

” you answered quickly “

“It's too much for me.
I'm sure that Raul-niisama or Regulus-niisama is more suitable.”

“If you say so “

Even being a hero was painful, so being a king is too much for me.

Well, even if I know that there are no plans to have me succeed to the throne at the time of granting the territory, I have to show my intention clearly.

“Did father decide who would be king?”

“I'm still deliberating.
But I will have to decide soon”

“I'm sure this country will be fine no matter who becomes king.”

“I agree, I am proud of my son.
Of course, you too, Siriu.”

Proud son huh….it seems to be the first time he said this.

Just as I was thinking about this, my father stood up and approached me, stroked my head with his big hand and smiled.

“It's going to be difficult, but I'm looking forward to it.”

It's strange, was my father such a dependable person?

In my first life, I was sold by my parents in the first place and there was almost no contact, and the second life, we were separated by death. 

Yeah, when I think about it, having a family in this world is really amazing.

“Don't overwork it, Father”

“I'm going to do my best until I see my grandson's face”

Well, it seems that my older sister is pregnant right now, and one of my brothers will be crowned as soon as he see the face of his grandchildren 

But I will not say it out loud. 

If Lesia-nee-sama graduates and gets married, I feel like she can also do it soon, and since I'm the youngest, it will be probably a little later.

Before that, I should look for a fiancé…if I don't have a territory, I will not have to rush to find a fiancé, but if I'm going to become a noble with a territory, I'll have to get engaged soon.

Well, I'm treated better than in my previous life as a hero, and this time I'm going to have a cute wife!

……When I thought that, it almost reminds me of that nightmare.

I can't forget that tragedy that broke my heart on the first night.

Haa…I wonder if there's a beautiful girl somewhere who can heal me…maybe it what I'm hoping for.

Well, even if she's not a beautiful girl, it's fine if she has a good heart.

But in terms of mental age, I'm likely to be treated like a lolicon no matter who I'm with…
Well, even so, I don't mind if she's a girl with a beautiful heart!

I want someone that would wipe away that nightmare…
I left the office while wishing it in my heart.

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