second reincarnation.


Reincarnation in other world.

It is something that everyone yearns for ,but it wasn't until I actually reincarnated that I realized that there Is not such a wonderful development like books.

My first live was that of a corporate slave working at a certain inn.

Live-in from morning till night, working everyday to repay my parents' debts.

It is good to have one day off throughout the year, and the average sleep time is 3 hours.

When I thought I would just have to serve he customer with a forced slime, for some reason, I helped cook in the kitchen, made the meal for the employees, served at the front desk, served food, pulled he futon, cleaned  up.
And all the other chores I had left to do.

Also, the location of the inn is in a mountains and is difficulty to get around without a car, but I was so cornered mentally and physically that I did not even think about escaping.

It wouldn't have been exagered to call myself a slave.

I was made to remember the name of wild plants, flower and tree that I had no interest in ,and even though I wasn't in my field, I was a mountaineering guide during the day and at night, I explained the starry sky through the telescope.

Well of course, I died from overwork due to over doing it but……
and without any preparation, I was reincarnated into another world.

I was born again in a certain poor family.

Lucky, I had the talent to be a magician, and thanks to meeting someone whom I could call my swordsmanship master, I didn't have any problems finding a job,but….
it went wrong when I ended become a hero because I carelessly defeated the demon king.

I was to serve the country, and here again I was abused as valuable magician and a hero ,and I had no time to rest.

In particular, it was hard because I was mercilessly abused after it was found out that I could use telepotation magic.

The princess who was forced to marry me as a reward was also selfish and stubborn, and the peace of mind was far from me.

If it was a beautiful girl, you should have been able to endure a little with this even if it was squeaking.

But unfortunately ,fhe princess who became mu wife was a voluptuous princess like daruma , and a good looking princess was on the side.

Let me just said that it was not my fault that my heart broke on fhe first night.

Normally, if you like this, you will probably not care about the body shape or the appearance that much.
As far as I concerned, there no expectation inside, and I don't care if it is a good person.

However, the money I earned that to my bloody effort was wasted like hot water, and I the end , I was contributing for another man, I can't even laugh of it.

In addition, ''Be grateful that I am your wife!  ’, any one  would hate it if someone said such a self-c

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