I Feel No Pity for You (Reconciliation)

With broad steps, Ming Qin trudged through the snow, wearing a hastily donned black cloak with a disheveled collar and a casually tied belt that fluttered in the wind.
Her hair, still slightly damp from a recent bath, trailed behind her.

Ming Qin’s heart was filled with joy as she nimbly tapped her toes and ascended the Hidden Moon Tower in a flash.

She nonchalantly pushed open the closed window and hurried inside.

Murong Yan was sitting on the edge of the bed and was startled to see the intruder’s eyes widen.
She was holding up the hem of her skirt to reveal her white thighs in one hand and was holding a prosthetic leg in the other, causing Murong Yan’s entire body to freeze in fear.

Unaware of the situation, Ming Qin took a big step towards Murong Yan and exclaimed, “County Princess, I have something important to tell you!”

However, Murong Yan suddenly panicked and accidentally loosened her half-removed prosthetic leg, causing Murong Yan’s typically pale skin to turn pink with shame and irritation.

“You! You…” Overcome by a sudden coughing fit, Murong Yan was unable to speak, and her body fell off the bed as she lost her balance on the broken limb.

Ming Qin crouched down and leaned over to catch Murong Yan as she called out, “County Princess!” This prevented Murong Yan from falling and allowed her to rest her chin on Ming Qin’s shoulder.
Meanwhile, the shadow guard helped her to smooth her breathing one breath at a time.

After catching her breath, Murong Yan looked at Ming Qin, who held her gently, but was speechless due to her anger.

Ming Qin was afraid to let go and didn’t move at all.

After some time, Ming Qin allowed Murong Yan to regain her strength, and while still in her arms, Murong Yan asked in a stifled voice through clenched teeth, “What are you still doing here?”

“I have something important to tell you,” Ming Qin replied, afraid that Murong Yan wouldn’t hear her out.
Despite Murong Yan’s stiff body, Ming Qin slightly tightened her arms.

“I must tell you that I don’t pity you! Every time I come to seek you out, it’s because I’m happy to see you.
I want to see you, not for any other reason,” she added.

a straightforward manner, Ming Qin spoke aloud before bowing her head to confess, “Master forbade me from coming to see you, but I couldn’t resist coming to see you again.”

Murong Yan dropped her eyes, her expression unreadable, and asked in a muffled voice, “Why did you come despite Master’s orders?”

Ming Qin looked aggrieved and replied, “I really, really wanted to see you, but Master can be so annoying.
My heart ached so badly that I couldn’t even eat.
But then Sister came looking for me and told me that I could actually see you, and she would help me talk to Master.”

“Really…” Murong Yan murmured.

Ming Qin felt a slight shiver on her shoulders and assumed that Murong Yan was feeling cold.
She quickly carried her to the bed and stoked the charcoal in the heater.

Sitting quietly, Murong Yan looked at the bustling figure and asked, “What did your senior sister say to you?”

In the room, Ming Qin was busy fetching water and picking up charcoal, relaying to Murong Yan the words of her master and sister.
The shadow guard honestly shared He Jieshou’s concerns and Song Shu Qing’s calculations.

As Murong Yan listened attentively with a serene expression, she chuckled inwardly.

As a mere prisoner, she could not possibly have the power to cause any turmoil in the capital…

Ming Qin knelt down beside Murong Yan and reached out to undo the buckle on her prosthetic leg, preparing to remove it.

However, Murong Yan’s body jerked back when she felt the unfamiliar touch on her stump.

“What are you doing?” Murong Yan’s voice trembled as she attempted to conceal her leg under the covers.

Ming Qin matter-of-factly responded, swiftly untying the belt and stating, “I’ll help you remove your prosthetic leg so that you can sleep comfortably.”

She placed the leg under the bed and then proceeded to rub Murong Yan’s right leg with her warm palm, gently massaging the red and swollen amputation caused by the belt’s tightness.

As she observed Ming Qin’s actions, Murong Yan bit her lip, feeling some discomfort in her mouth.

With some hesitation, she asked, “Don’t you…find it ugly?”

The person below her looked up, but Murong Yan couldn’t meet her eyes.

Ming Qin quickly replied, her eyes bright, “No, not at all.
The incision is neat, and it has healed beautifully.
The doctor who operated on you must have been very skilled!”


Murong Yan hesitated before speaking, unsure why she felt so nervous around straightforward Ming Qin.
She took a deep breath and held her forehead, asking, “I mean… don’t you think I look very different from others?”

Ming Qin looked surprised by the question and replied, “Of course it’s different! You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen! How can anyone compare to you?”

As Murong Yan subconsciously stroked her right leg, Ming Qin scratched her head and continued, “Your injuries are like a medal for bravery, and if you think that your leg makes you different from others, then it’s a good difference.
It shows that you’re both courageous and strong!”

The members of the Shadow Guard Camp often sustained permanent injuries during their missions, but they were proud of their scars and eager to show them to Ming Qin.
They described the difficult missions they had undertaken and how they had managed to survive against all odds.

For Ming Qin, her scars were a symbol of her loyalty and bravery.

As Murong Yan listened with a sincere expression, Ming Qin recounted the story of Uncle Wang, who had valiantly fought and defeated numerous enemy spies despite losing his right arm.
He had retired with honors and a glorious reward, Murong Yan couldn’t help but laugh.

A little warmth in her heart.
It’s just that it’s not the first time she’s known that she’s silly.
In Ming Qin’s eyes, perhaps, she was just as shiny as all the senior brothers she talked about.

Contemplating for a moment, Murong Yan gestured towards the exuberant Ming Qin, instructing her to assist her to the desk.
Without hesitation, Ming Qin carried her and added a few cushions to the stool for her comfort.

As Murong Yan delicately held a brush made of wolf’s hair, she began to write while Ming Qin leaned in and watched the inkstone, providing silent support at her side.

After the ink had dried, Murong Yan handed the letter to Ming Qin.

“I want you to take it to your master,” she said with a gruff tone.
“I hope he is sensible enough to do the right thing.”

For this person, Murong Yan was willing to push things along a bit.

Ming Qin complied by tucking the letter in her sleeve, then picked up Murong Yan and carried her back to bed.
As she held her, Murong Yan’s fingers brushed over the teeth marks on her neck and she asked quietly, “Is it still hurting?”

“It doesn’t hurt at all, it just tickles,” Ming Qin replied after adjusting the blanket for Murong Yan.
She patted her neck casually to reassure her, “You’re weak, you hit me with an urn before and it didn’t hurt me at all.”

Murong Yan gazed at the person before her and couldn’t help but break into a smile, covering her mouth before asking, “Does that mean I have to smash more things in the future?”

“No, no, no, that urn was expensive! The camp cooks don’t want to see me these days, so if I keep smashing things, I won’t have any food to eat,” Ming Qin responded, scratching her head as she looked at the frail woman with a hint of panic.

After a moment, she considered the situation and said with a self-sacrificing expression, “If you really want to smash things, I’ll buy some more for you, but you need to eat more to build up your strength.”

“I want bamboo shoot buns from Ying Yu Pavilion,” Murong Yan replied nonchalantly.

“Sure!” Ming Qin agreed with a nod.

She whispered, seeking confirmation, “So… I can come back to you later, right?”

Half a moment later, Murong Yan replied, “Whenever you want.”

As long as I am here.

The next morning, Ming Qin hurriedly headed to the Night Lantern Court, where He Jieshou was busy with training the fledgling of the shadow guard, subjecting them to torture.

“Good morning, Master!” Ming Qin greeted He Jieshou energetically, ignoring the cries of pain from the trainees.

He Jieshou;s expression changed when he saw her, and he led her to the porch.
“Qin Qin, Shu Qing has informed me of everything,” he said, pausing for a moment.
“Why didn’t you tell me that the County Princess had saved you?”

Ming Qin honestly explained, “Because when I was about to speak to Master, you told me ‘Don’t talk back!'” She even imitated the way He Jingshou would stroke his beard in anger.

The man held his forehead for a moment, slightly annoyed with himself for rushing in and not asking questions.

Ming Qin then took out a letter from her sleeve and handed it to the man in front of her, saying, “This is what the County Princess wants me to give you, Master.”

He Jingshou took the letter with suspicion and read it silently.
As he went through it, his frown grew increasingly severe, and he even emitted waves of internal energy in shock after finishing it.

After looking at his disciple, who was waiting in front of him, he took a deep breath and asked hesitantly, “Qin Qin, what is your opinion of County Princess Chongwen?”

Without hesitation, Ming Qin responded, “The County Princess is wonderful! She’s very kind and intelligent, and I like her very much!”

He Jingshou altered his inquiry, glancing at his naive apprentice, “What I mean is, how does the County Princess behave towards you?”

Without hesitation, Ming Qin responded, “The County Princess treats me very well, we are friends.”

The man looked at his gullible disciple, completely swayed by the County Princess, and pinched his beard, sighing in resignation.
“That’s fine, it’s none of my concern.
If Qin Qin has no further assignments and wants to visit the County Princess, then she may go to the Hidden Moon Tower and spend more time with her.”

Upon hearing this, the wholehearted Ming Qin excitedly leaped up as if she had received a great gift, bid farewell to her master, and rushed off to buy bamboo shoot buns.

While observing Ming Qin’s joyful departure, Song Shu Qing, who had been lounging on a beam, lazily commented, “How nice it would be if I could also be friends with the beautiful County Princess.”

He Jingshou lazily glanced at her and let out a disapproving grunt, “It’s only because Qin Qin is sincere and welcoming that Princess Chongwen treats her well.
With your reputation as a little fox, even if Prince Yu had ten daughters, you wouldn’t stand a chance.”

“Ha! If I’m a little fox, then you’re an old fox, Master!” Song Shu Qing laughed as she ate, “Qin Qin is really something else.”

He Jingshou let out a sigh as his tone turned serious, “But for someone as naive as Qin Qin, it’s hard to know whether the County Princess’s affection is a blessing or a curse.”

“Is that so?” Song Shu Qing exclaimed with a cheerful tone, “I do believe that after meeting the endearing yet unsophisticated Qin Qin, the County Princess has developed a sense of empathy.”

There was a mischievous glint in her eyes as she looked at He Jingshou’s skeptical face.
Song Shu Qing’s expression remained enigmatic as she continued, “No wonder Master always makes Madam angry; it’s clear that he doesn’t understand the hearts of women.”

Jumping off the beam, Song Shu Qing hummed a soft tune, “After all, an ignorant child can be the cruelest of all.”

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