“What did I just…!”

Venna looked at her trembling hands.

She attacked Hella with those hands.

She couldn’t even believe that she could rebel against him, the man who persecuted her.

“When did I have this courage?”

It was like a dream.

Could this be a dream?

If it was a dream, she didn’t want to wake up again.

“Don’t act and get up.”

Jamie killed Venna’s excitement.

The danger would start from now.
Excited emotions were only distractions.


Looking at her, Jamie thought.


Who were they?

They were called the ‘fighting fairies’.
They were powerful enough to face the 12 gods and try to rule the world.

Diablo Volfir had some contact with Valkyries, so he knew them to an extent.

‘We couldn’t become allies because of some disagreement, but they hated the Gods as much as I did.’

At that time, there were quite a few powerful races.

The Valkyrie was a fairy tribe that fought for supremacy and waged war on the Gods.

The result was utter defeat, so they ran away and hid themselves.

But since that was in a distant past, he thought that all the Valkyries had died.

‘Venna was never a dark magician to begin with.’

But he didn’t think that she was a Valkyrie either.
She just didn’t have the same mana as a dark magician.

‘But this is too much for Valkyrie…’

The Valkyries were full of sympathy.

There was no such thing as timidity in them.

However, Venna was timid and indecisive; she didn’t seem like a Valkyrie at all.

‘It has to be because of the one called Gav.’

He must’ve known about her true nature.

Perhaps it was because of him that Venna had turned like this.

Which meant all this had to be his plan.

‘She did awaken.’

The current Venna had almost nothing similar to a true Valkyrie.

However, once she starts to practice, it shouldn’t take a long time.

“The enemies will come soon.”


Her eyes wandered to look for the enemies.

Venna was unaware of the situation.

As Jamie gave a brief explanation, the lab started to flash in red light.

“R-red alert!”

“I don’t know what it is, but it has to be an emergency alert.”

It is an alarm that happens when an enemy invades! It has to….
I think they knew about you coming here.”

Venna was wrong.

This wasn’t a warning for Jamie.

[Everyone! Bring Venna to me!]

Venna’s eyes widened.
She knew better than anyone whose voice it was.



Jamie smiled.

Black smoke began to come in from the corners.

Jamie ripped the skin off his face, and the invisibility magic applied to the Perfect Cell was cancelled.

He grew smaller and smaller as he returned back to his actual form.

Before the battle started, he had to conserve as much mana as he could.

“The enemies will come.”


Your colleagues who once tormented you are your enemies.”

Venna’s expression darkened.

This place was hell for her, but she didn’t think things would turn out this way.

Even if she hated them, they had been together for 10 years.


From the moment she rebelled against Hella.

‘I changed.’

Light shone from Venna’s eyes.

Instinctively, the power of Valkyrie was unlocked.

Jamie smiled and opened up the mana he had built up.


Blue light shone through the hallway like a storm.


Venna admired it.

Jamie took a step back and spoke.

“The second time won’t be difficult.”

Darkness came over.

“Venna! Why are you resisting!”

“Come here! Hurry!”

The dark magicians flew towards Venna as the place flashed in red light.

Jamie exploded the place and blew them left and right.


Curse Master.

It may sound exaggerated, but the young dark magicians were enslaved by Gav.

Jamie easily defended himself.

‘It was a waste to use this.’

Even without the Perfect Cell, the curses could easily be handled.

[Darkness Chain Explosion]

Kwang! Bang!

In black magic, darkness meant annihilation.

It was different from a normal explosion.

Any material that comes in contact with it would never regenerate unless it had the strength to resist.



People in pain screamed out her name.

Venna cast a curse at those dark magicians who came at her.


One of the dark magicians, who was running, stiffened and then fell to the ground.

Venna gulped.

The curse magic she used was the basic spell ‘stiffness’.

Most dark magicians wouldn’t fall for it, but probably because of Gav’s brainwashing, this happened.

Thanks to that, Venna’s low-level black magic was working.

But there was a limit.

“Listen to me!!”

The dark magician released himself from Stiffness, took out the wand, and shot a beam at Venna.

It was a curse that could cause a loss of intelligence.

At her level, Venna wouldn’t be able to avoid it, but her body turned to the left without realizing it.

The cursed beam struck the dark magician that was approaching her from behind.


Venna wasn’t even sure how she just did that, but a slight magic touched her cheek.

“Calm down!”


Jamie's voice calmed Venna.

She decided to stop thinking about it.
She wasn’t sure what was happening to her body, but she wanted to make the most of it.


Venna resisted the curse and slammed into the dark magician.

Even the dark magicians who were brainwashed seemed shocked.


The dark magicians flew a few meters and crashed into the wall.

As if unconscious, the head was bent at a weird angle.


Venna had a stronger body than other women of her age.

However, she was still smaller than a man her age.

Despite that, she threw an adult man into the wall.

“Venna! That is your strength!”

Jamie opened his mouth and looked at her.

“believe in that and fight!”

Unknown power.

She didn’t know why she had the power, but Venna decided not to think about it for now.

Didn’t she just make up her mind a few minutes ago?

Details will come later.

‘I can do it.’

She wasn’t going to back down.

Venna evaded all the magic fired at her with incredible speed.

She was admiring herself as she moved, and it was terrifying for her opponents.

“Venna… What is she?”

“Did she always move like that?”


No matter how Venna changed, Gav’s orders were absolute.

So the dark magicians started attacking her again.

‘I can get rid of them.’

Even a newly awakened Valkyrie had huge power.
Dark magicians of 2nd or 3rd classes weren’t an opponent for her.

“Let’s see.”

Jamie looked.

“W-who is that little boy?”

“What nonsense…”

“I will kill him.”

Even though they were brainwashed by Gav, their survival instincts were still working.

Jamie walked over to them.

Only two purple eyes were shadowed over them.

“The seeds I sowed.”

Mana was overflowing.

Even if he was out of it, his body was constantly replenishing it.

“I don’t like it.”


Black, which was helping Jamie color his hair black, spread its wings.

As the pair of wings appeared over the child’s head, it cast a bizarre shadow.

Dark thorns began to rise.

“What kind of fuss is this?”

“I have no idea.”

Tom and Pace, who have returned, frowned at the noise.

They moved quickly in the noise direction.

And then suddenly stopped.

“Isn’t this one Finn?”

Regin is here too!”


Looking at the state of the body, it seemed like it was done with black magic.

And even now, a loud bang could be heard in the distance.

All the playfulness disappeared from their faces.

The moment they took a turn in the corner.



The charred corpse hit the wall.

After making sure that they were safe, they looked over the corner to see a boy looking at them.

At first, they wondered if the boy had done it, but that thought disappeared in an instant.

You seem nervous.”

You seem nervous.”

An ominous feeling.

Despite their playful personalities, they were the most talented ones in the school.

But now, they were trembling.

“Ah, it is you.”

The boy turned around.

The killer’s eyes turned to them and smiled.

Tom and Pace felt their bodies go stiff as they stared at the boy’s left wrist.


‘That bracelet!’

Come to think of it, the person wearing it was indeed a boy.

It was the same child!

Jamie approached them.

There was still noise coming from other places.

‘Are there more intruders?’

Tom frowned.

And glanced at Pace.

Pace nodded as if he was thinking the same thing.

“Planning something?”

Jamie tilted his head.


“I know, Tom!”

The rings on Tom’s fingers shone at once.

[Curse of Pain]

[Curse of Loss]

[Curse of Cognition]

[Curse of Delusion]

Four curses struck Jamie at once.

Jamie took a step back and trembled.

Taking the chance, Pace moved quickly with a sticky purple liquid wrapped around his finger.

The purple liquid soon covered both his arms and hardened.

[Poison Knuckle.]

4th class poison magic.

Unless one had poison resistance, one would die by rubbing past it.

Pace approached Jamie in an instant and slammed his fist.

“Price of carelessness!”

The poison knuckle struck Jamie in the face.

The corners of Tom and Pace’s lips turned into a smile.

But not for long.


Pace grabbed his arm and screamed.

Tom approached him a moment later and looked shocked.


“My arm!”

The arm was cut straight, and blood began to flow down.


Their entire surroundings turned dark.

In the nightmare of this terrible horror, a ghost’s face was looking down on them.

Two purple eyes.

“In the end, this happened.”

They both didn’t know what it was.

And when they looked down.



The abyss engulfed them.


Jamie felt his hands tremble as he watched the two dark magicians faint.

They would never come back to reality unless he allowed it.

“Proof of strength.”

The opponent’s skills were high, so he had to go for an instant kill and forcibly plunged them into the abyss.

Because of that, a large amount of mana was lost.

However, it would be quickly replenished with the whole-body breathing method.

Jamie smiled and looked back.

“You crossed the line.”

A handsome man with healthy brown skin and white hair stood there.

Next to him laid Venna wrapped in darkness.

He was the second in command in Gav school, and the next dark magician to be the headmaster.

“Nice to meet you.
They call me Salom.”

Darkness rose.

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