It is unusual in nature that not a single river can be found in a vast land.

Water flows from high places to low places.

There is a “high place” which is the east mountains but there’s no river.

This means that the water source has been lost.

「How much farther to the pond?」

「We’re almost there, Riito-sama.」

「I see….Then, we’ll just have to walk as fast as we can.」

「Master, have you rested enough?」

Riito nodded to Navi who suddenly showed up in the air.

She’s a good artificial spirit.

「Yeah, if we are too slow, it’s going to be dark.」

「Riito-sama, if you don’t mind, I’ll carry you in my arms—」

「No, thank you!」

He doesn’t think he can take it if a princess carries him by a princess carry.

Though Riito is not a prideful person, he still has a bit of it.


He tried to appease the dissatisfied Adel and managed to walk on his own.

Master, it should be possible to use plant magic to help you walk.」

「No, that would be boring, right?」

「Is it?」

「Riito-san, hang in there.」

「Thank you, Frau.」

After walking for a while among the trees, his eyes suddenly opened.

「Here it is.」


There is indeed a water hole.

However, it is too small to be called a pond.

It was too small that it would be more appropriate to call it a puddle.

However, there was indeed water springing there.

「It’s not much but it’s clean.」

He could also faintly feel pure magic power.

That means the water quality is good.

However, the amount of water is not enough to be used for farming and it would be a difficult task to draw a channel to the fields.
The waterway could be managed by using handy grass but it would be a disaster if they kill the watering hole they found.

They decided to rest by the pond, taking advantage of the negative-ion-like healing power near the water(which is called air mana in the world of Harmonia).

Air mana is a natural resource.

It is one of the energies that can be used to cast magic.

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