「Thank you, Frau.」

The season is changing from spring to summer.

The plant magic he has put years of learning is right on track and the business is good—that’s why he’s so excited about planting.

However, with an unknown plant, every move is like walking with eyes closed.

He thought about it a lot and based on the characteristics of the leaves and how well it grew.

The fact that it grew quite quickly after germination suggested that it was not an ordinary tree but a “magic tree” that could grow by feeding on magic power.

If it’s a magic tree, there is a high possibility that it will be able to survive if something happens to it if Riito shares his magic power to it.

This was one of the many factors that made him decide to plant the tree this spring.

The soil was tilled deeply.

He chose a spot near the groundwater pumping system he had built using handy grass.

Thanks to the rocks a short distance away, the young sapling would not be exposed to sunlight all day long.

And if the tree grows big enough, it will provide shade for Riito’s hut.

The location is almost in the center of Togen Village.

From close to a distance, you can easily see the tree.

Riito took a deep breath, imagining the scene that would one day come to pass.

「Alright, let’s do it!」

The planting went well.

Before the sun had even risen, the mysterious sapling X was planted in the land of Togen Village.


The field was doing well.

The berry harvest is going well thanks to the flowerkin’s familiarity with berries so there’s no need for Riito to intervene.

Most of the planting that Riito wanted to do for the upcoming hot season was already done.

Because the climate and seasonal cycles are different from those on the upper continent, this year, he plans to focus on berries, potatoes, and fruits like grapes and apples.

Someday, he would like to try planting wheat but Riito, who was a previous Japanese, wanted to plant his beloved rice which he misses so much.

However, let’s save the fun for later.

「Mia’s group is scheduled to arrive this evening so we need to get the shipment ready….」

「Frau and the others have already made the preparations.」

「Really? As expected of you.」

「Ufufu, thanks.」

「No, thanks.」

Thanks to Adel, they no longer had to go to the east mountains to pick up firewood.

Being in the village and having nothing to do, he worries about the seedlings all the time.
He felt a little bored.

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