Adel’s expression clouds over a little.

What awaits her upon returning to the imperial capital are unwanted engagement proposals, ridicule from her fellow knights, and ridicule from her relatives and nobles.

The situation is so bad she doesn’t mind not going back.

She also felt in her heart that it was easier not to go back.

「If you’re okay with me….」

「Of course, I’m th—」



Adel jumps up to the “Thanks” of the flowerkins.

A straightforward word of gratitude.

Something that Riito did not receive in the imperial capital.

Of course, so did Adel.


「It’s good, this kind of life.」

「…..yeah, I agree.」

Time passes slowly.

Once work becomes someone else’s food.

And that someone will be grateful.

It’s a rare source of happiness for Riito who has fought in a situation where defeat is not allowed and victory was taken for granted.

「Ah, even so! I have not given up on bringing Riito-sama back to the imperial capital!」

「Yes yes」

Fuh, Riito sighs.

No matter what the situation is, Adel is always so Adel-like.

「Then, let’s go to sleep.」

Frau is already having a difficult time fighting against the sandman.
The flowerkin seemed to tend to get sleepy when the sun set.
Even though they were very lively at the start of the barbeque.

Riito stretches out, gently moving away the catkins who drunk-slept on his lap.

「Ehto, where would Adel sleep….」

「I-I-I don’t mind sleeping in the same place as Riito-sama!」

「Not going to happen—」

Using life growth, he made a new house using handy grass.

It’s a guest house for Adel.

「Then, good night, Adel.」

「Ah, yeah…..goodnight, Riito-sama」

She shook his hand while looking a little disappointed.

Riito suddenly recalls something.

He regretted that he forgot to tell her something.

「Thank you.」


Adel, who was about to enter her hut, turns around.

「I want to spend my life in a low-key manner so I can’t go back to the capital with you but….thank you for coming to pick me up.」


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