「No problem, Frau.
I just had my portable food.
Besides, I hate to say this but, I’m a picky eater.
I wonder if your barbeque is better than the food in an imperial city?」

「…..maa, you just have to wait and see, Adel.」

Riito thought—she would taste something delicious, fresh, and exquisite.
Different from the empire’s staple salty processed meat and tasteless potatoes.

「Riito-sama, please return to the imperial capital.
Why don’t we just dispatch someone here as a consul? Although it is within the Guild Autonomous Region, Riito-sama has already brought it, right?」

「That’s possible but doesn’t make sense at the same time.」


「The monsters have been defeated and the great dungeon that was the source of monsters has been sealed.
I don’t need to be in the empire any more.」

「That may be so but, what is the point of staying in the countryside?」

「Having no point is what that matter.」

「….since a while ago, you’ve been answering my question with strange answers.」

Adel puffs her cheeks.

That childishness of hers is something she never shows in the imperial capital.

However, in front of Riito, her innermost feelings show.

「….in life, you don’t always have to do something meaningful, your highness Adelia.」


Adel stares at Riito.

He sounded like an old woman who had given up and is already tired of everything.

After coming to the Guild Autonomous Region, Riito, who had been hanging out with all the lively workers, has completely forgotten that the princess is keeping her identity a secret.

「A princess can’t be a knight if you stop doing something meaningful.」

「…..hey, let’s go, Adel.」


「Fields and mountains」


—Scene Change—


It’s a beautiful sunny day in Togen Village and everyone is working hard for the barbecue party.

The two catkins are also in a good mood from the silver vine wine which is perfect for the flowerkins.
They can let them just play with cat toys while they work.

As Riito grabbed Adel and went to the field while Navi was displaying several monitors in the air.

The monitors looked futuristic but in this world, that is just a normal technique of artificial spirits.

「Navi is as competent as ever.」

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