When it was time for the princess to choose her fiancé, those who were eligible would try to distance themselves.

The fact that a man who was once a brave during the warring era is now a court mage and is living in a quiet and eerily docile manner may have made those who knew the whole situation feel like they are bugs in a lion’s den.

「Anyway, Riito-sama, about that, Riito-sama….」




「Uwaaa— Riito-sama Riito-sama Riito-sama!」

「Bufu, gueeee」

Adel was unable to control her emotion.
She grabbed Riito’s neck and shook him violently.
Riito felt he was going to die.
It was something he never felt during the anti-monster war.

「How can you just leave the castle without telling me! You’re prohibited to do that, Riito-sama!」

「I-I, d, id….」

The moment Riito felt that he was slowly losing consciousness, he thought of using handy grass again.


There, a lovely voice broke the situation.

「Are you Riito sa……n’s friend?」

「Mou? You are」

「Frau, Frau desu.」

I am Adelia.
I am the honorary commander of the empire’s 15th knight order.」

Adel doesn’t introduce herself as a princess in situations like this.

She always introduces herself with her other identity which is a member of the knight order.

「Whoaahhh, you’re a knight-sama desu ne! Riito-san, I mean Riito-sama’s friend…..Riito-san said you helped him a lot.」

「Wha…Ri-Riito-sama mentioned me!?」

「He told stories about you….to Frau.
Thanks for your help.」

Thanks to Frau talking with her, Adel’s hands, which were strangling Riito, came off.

Riito said “That was a close call” while patting his chest.

「Adel-san, it will take some time to prepare the barbeque.
Are you already hungry? We’re currently gathering firewood.」

Frau shrugs apologetically.

Right, the day after tomorrow is the once-a-month wood-cutting day.

They are currently running low on firewood.
They didn’t have enough firewood for a barbeque party.

With not much manpower, the Togen Village would be fluttering if something unexpected happened. 

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