Navi can somewhat translate them to the characters and language of humans(newts).
For Riito, who is a reincarnator, Navi’s presence is extremely helpful.
At first, she was only a voice but he was able to make her materialize as an artificial spirit in order to meet her.

Through Navi, they deciphered the ancient document.

In less than a few minutes, Navi was able to translate the text, which was neither a myth nor a fairy tale.

「To sum it up, Navi managed to find one thing common in all of those documents—the “World Tree” desu.」

The “World Tree” part was an ancient word so I asked her to tell me what it is.

「World Tree….a spirit tree that existed a long time ago, right?」

It is a tree that produces pure magic power and is remembered as having existed in several places around the world when the world was still richer and monsters have yet to be rampant.」

「Is the mysterious seed X its seed?」

「No, I could only find a description that the world tree was tinged with light… the first place, I’ve never heard of a world tree bearing seeds.」

I never heard of it either.」

If its seed exists, it would be marked as an S-class relic.

That information is very important to weird mages who use strange magic like plant magic.
If Riito hadn’t heard of it, that means there’s probably no record of it.

「Niyaaa~、you should praise me for collecting so many materials in a short period of time desu nyaa….」

「Ah, sorry, Mama.
You are a big help.」

However, he never thought he’d hear the words “world tree”.

If Riito had been thinking about it himself, he wouldn’t even consider it.

「Nyafuu, thank me with a silver vine wine! Or a head pate desu nyaa~」

「Eh? Head pat?」

A pat on the head.

Catkin’s population is smaller than humans but they were not comfortable with that without permission or even just being asked for permission.

However, as a cat person, Riito wanted to do so if given a chance.

He wanted to pet the soft looking cat-eared and cat-furred Mama.

「No hesitation!」

「Funyaa? Eah, ahh, this feels…..funyaaa~~~~」

「Good good! It feels as expected!」


Riito pats her head with excitement.

As for Mama, he just let him do it with ecstasy.

Both parties had no other intentions but the scene was somewhat shocking.
No, really, it was the result of matching supply and demand, wanting to be pet and wanting to pet.
Unfortunately, although they are both young, they are both adults.

「…..master, this is too much.」

「Ooohhh, Frau-chan, don’t look nyaa」


「I’ll black them for you nyaa」


During the blissful fluff time, Frau’s eyes were blindfolded by Mia’s paws.

When he came back to his senses, he sincerely thought.

「I wish I could hide from Navi’s absolute zero gaze….」

Anyway, Riito’s independent research on “mysterious seed X”, the greatest pleasure of his hiding life, is progressing at a leisurely pace.

「Maa, I don’t think it’s the world tree.」

He looked at the materials gathered.

The seed on the diagram looks certainly like the mysterious seed X but it might also be my own hopeful imagination.

No, I’m sure it’s only my imagination.

If it’s really the seed of the world tree, they won’t just throw it in a vial and leave it in a storage room that is the graveyard of unwanted materials—

「… shouldn’t be, right?」

Riito muttered as he looked at the cute potted sprout.

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