I’m thinking of dedicating myself to independent farming research… To be honest, in my previous life, the most interesting thing for me was to play games without referring to walkthrough sites.

On top of that, I was on the side that runs a minor game strategy blog.

 In particular, my specialty is games that require a daunting number of trials.

Is there any tasty food at the moment?」

「Ehto….maa, it’s delicious….but it can’t be called a cuisine…..」

「Agree desu.」

They are basically vegetables.

Those vegetables are unquestionably good since Riito has bred them himself.

However, they are only cooked in a limited way.

Boiling, grilling, or steaming….that’s it.

Even barbeque, which is quite tasty, can become a little less appealing after eating it for several days in a row.

He knows that his own cooking skill is lacking….and he’s bitter about it.

Still, it’s a little better compared to living in the empire where all he eats were salty potatoes and dried meat.

「Maa, I kind of getting sick of eating them every single day.」

「Riito-san, the turnips and potatoes are getting cold.」

「Ah, let’s go, Frau.」


I want to learn how to make seasonings.

Maybe I should stock up on eggs and vinegar and make mayonnaise or something….but it’s not like I know how to make it.

(I wish I had done more cooking before…..)

While thinking about it, I sat down beside the table where the flowerkins are.

Everyone is hungry after working on the farm since before sunrise.

I regret that in my previous life, I lived in convenience store and cup noodles in order to play more.

「Cooking…..the problem is, I’m in a place with poor culinary culture….」

Riito thought.

It would be nice if there were people who can cook decent food on a daily basis.

I’d like to learn new skills myself but I don’t like the idea of eating failed dishes until I get better.

I can’t hope for a recipe book but I wish someone who’s good at cooking will come.

Or perhaps the culinary record of the days when the Romancia Empire was in its heyday, before the monsters showed up on the land.

「…..maa, I can only wait.」

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