Adel’s marriage was delayed by the war against monsters and postwar turmoil but it is proceeding at a rapid pace.
As the sixth princess, she will probably be married off to strengthen the political ties to a powerful noble family, or she will be married off to a bachelor officer in the upper ranks of the military as a reward for his military service.

Either way, Adel was not interested.

What Adel wants is to be a member of the knight order.

She has had a body of steel for training since childhood.

The court mage gulps hard.

(I-I-I’m going to be killed….by the muscle princess…..!)

Muscle Princess.

That is Adel’s second name.

Of course, that’s her name when she’s not around.

 She has a well-trained body.

It is hard to see given the clothes she wears but if she took them off—it was amazing.

Perhaps sensing the court mage’s fear, Adel lowers her voice.

「… assured.
I heard that there is a newly developed cemetery and it will be managed directly by the Romancia Empire.
Arrange the dragon carriage.」

「A-a-a-a-as you wish!」

She stares at the back of the tumbling court mage as if fleeing from the room with her cloudy eyes which look like unpolished crystal balls.

Violent princess knight, muscle princess.

She knows she’s being ridiculed.

However, if Riito Ricart is still nearby, she could tolerate them.

Only him, someone who Adel respected with all her heart, never ridiculed Adel for being a knight despite being a woman.


She let out a deep sigh.

If someone was to be banished from the empire, it would be reasonable to assume that they had moved south into the lower continent.
A mage as good as Riito could just go to another country however, Riito has been saying something like “I want to have a relaxing life by farming an unpopulous vast land.”.

 If that is the case, there’s still a chance to go after him.


I won’t allow you to be banished.

Even if Riito had wanted to leave, I would do my best to persuade him.
He is an indispensable person for the Romancia Empire.

At the very least, don’t leave without saying goodbye.

Adel stood up and put on her military uniform for traveling.

As soon as the dragon carriage is ready, she’ll leave.

「…..before that.」

Kwu, she pressed her belly and it made a sad sound.

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