Romancia Empire, imperial capital.

The military center of the great empire that rules the upper continent.

Inside the white castle of Romancia, a majestic voice of a young lady rang out.

「You expelled Riito Ricart?」

Aledia le Romancia.
Her nickname is Adel.

She is the sixth princess of the empire.

She is also the honorary knight commander of the 15th knight order.

Usually, a member of the imperial family being appointed as a knight commander, especially a princess, is only in name.

Her responsibility is only to attend ceremony while wearing clothes that resemble the uniform of a knight.
That has always been the norm until Adel’s case.

She is a tomboyish princess who wants to go to the frontline of the attack and defense against the monsters that have plagued the upper continent for hundreds of years.

She is the sixth princess, a not so powerful standing due to the succession struggle.
That’s the reason why she was appointed to the 15th knight order, a weak knight unit that is more of a reserve corps.

After returning from her patrols in the underground dungeons throughout the upper continent, Adel has taken off her uniform and is now wearing a sky-blue dress.
The dress goes well with her beautiful blonde hair and sky-blue eyes.

She’s currently 19 years old.
She was at her most beautiful age but she was trembling.

「How can they expel Riito-sama….? Do the court mages know how much he has contributed to the victory of the empire?」

Princess Adel was a knight of Romancia Empire who had fought alongside Riito during the last year of war against the monsters.

In other words, they were comrades-in-arms.

It was Adel who informed the emperor of Riito’s achievements, which he stubbornly tried to keep hidden.
No one would have thought that a man who uses the very inferior magic called plant magic, which has been considered as useless in battle, was the rumored “genius” that the people have been talking about.

She respects Riito.

As long as he could live happily, she will fulfill Riito’s wishes.

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