Plant Mage 58

I Think I’ll Start a Mail Order Life (9)

「Nam e! Name, this place, want to know, Frau-desu!」

「Frau too?」


「Hmmm, name, is it…..」

Navi mutters softly.

According to data analysis, master’s naming sense is terrible.」

I instinctively glared sideways at Navi.

Even though we’re long-time buddies, she dares say that about me.

Navi, an artificial spirit, is a cool beauty who is pure white and doesn’t have any body temperature.
However, I think she’s black-bellied*.

TN: Someone who seemed to be extremely kind and honest on the outside but pitch black and soulless on the inside.

「Master, are you thinking of something rude?」

「You can say that.」

「Navi just said that master’s naming sense is a bit of a fluke.」

「You mean only a little?」

「I meant the other way around.」

「You’re the one who’s rude!」

Well, she’s not wrong.
It’s true that I named “handy grass” on the spot.

「…..and? So, what is it nyaa? What’s the name of this village?」

「Of course, if you ask us, no one’s more qualified to name this place other than Riito-shi nyaa~….Also, I want to sell information about the origin of the name later~」

「Hurry up, hurry up nyaa!」


「No no, wait a minute.
Don’t rush me.」

I’ll have to seriously think about it.

This land is a wasteland that has been abandoned by the Guild Autonomous Region Land Bureau.

It lacks water and it’s even difficult to raise crops here.


In this place, I am neither a brave nor a saint.
No one interferes with what I want to do.

No one’s being jealous for lousy things, no one’s pulling me down for nothing, and no one’s worshiping me.

Yes, this is exactly the place where I want to be.

「…….I’ve decided.」

I opened my closed eyelids and met the eyes of the catkins who were full of anticipation.

I’ve always wanted to live like this.

Reincarnated, fought.

Hailed as brave and worked as a court mage.

Finally, driven away and arrived at this place.

「Togen Village」

I can’t think of a more appropriate name.

「……hnn? Ohgen?」

「Yes, in the country where I used to live, this kind of place was called “Togenkyou*”.」

TN: Paradise so it should be Para Village but let’s leave it that way.

Of course, a true paradise would be much better than this.

However, that doesn’t matter.

Because this is just the beginning.

From now on, this will be my paradise.

「Togen Village, is it….I don’t think it’s bad.」


「Nyaa, it sounds cool nyaa!」

「Umu umu, it’s not bad nyaa~.
It originated from a foreign language with unknown details and this kind of information is what tickles the hearts of others nyaa.」

Navi, who’s worried about my naming sense, responded in a not bad way.

As for me, I muttered “Togen village” a few times.

It was a familiar word and it kind of made me excited.

「Okay, starting today, this place will be called Togen Village」

Hearing me declare that, the flowerkins, who were watching the situation, started jumping.


And they’re in full party people mode.

After Navi and Frau had taught the flowerkins the words “Togen Village”, the Togen Village cry resounded.

「Hmmm, it looks like they’re in party mode again.」

「Okay, starting today, this place will be called Togen Village」

Master, why don’t you serve “that”?」

「Ah, right.」

The thing is, I bought them from Mia with the cash I got from this deal.

High-quality barbeque set.

One of the things plants can’t produce is meat.

I have thought of making soybean meat in the future but it’s still a dream for now.
For the time being, I want to eat delicious food.

「Fresh meat will taste great when grilled.」

「I agree, master.
Meat in the market tends to be over-salted due to curing by salt.」

「Yes, no matter where you are, they are always salty….」

But not this time.

Mia bought it directly from a butcher and got a chunk of fresh meat that had been kept cold by ice magic with the help of the transport guild Rat Squadron.

This meat was not meant to last long and we wanted to eat it while it was still tasty.

「Alright, let’s have a barbecue for lunch!」

「Mou nyaa!」

「Funyaa….I can’t forget the silver vine sake….」

「If time permits, you two are welcome to join us.」



The catkins jump.

After all, cats like meat too.

Actually, it would be nice if I could feed them fish but unfortunately, there’s no significant body of water in Togen Village.

Securing water for farming is already a headache.

Well, for now, let’s focus on barbeque.

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