Plant Mage 55

I Think I’ll Start a Mail Order Life (6)

「Master, are you alright? I detected a rapid increase in your heart rate.」

「I’m okay, Navi.

Anyway, I’m finally free.

All I need to do now is to relax in this vast land.

The flowerkins, who had finished their work, had gathered around me.

They are looking at me anxiously.

Their small stature and child-like appearance soothed me.




I don’t mind these party peo9ple who boldly try to communicate even though they only know one word.


I coughed.

「I’ve secured distribution channels so we can grow more and more crops.
We have plenty of seeds so we can grow whatever we want and as much as we want.」

When Frau told the other flowerkins what I had just said, a festive atmosphere immediately ensued.
And they started dancing.

These party people…..


—Scene Change—


A month after that, the catkins came to my house.

「Lord Riiitttoooooooo! A-a-a-amazing nyaaaaa!」

「Funyaa….I was asked whether there was more information and I am already tired of being sneaked up to…..」

They jumped at my hut with a bloodthirsty look on their faces.

I, who was in the middle of tending to the potted mysterious seed X, made tea for them, since I would be so heartless if I just sold them the goods and kick them out given how much time a round trip would take.

The seeds were recently cultivated by the flowerkins and they were the most expensive seeds I got in hands.

The processing of the tea leaves was also taken care of by the flowerkins and they made a very good green tea.
Drinking it will make you relax.

「A-amazing, this would sell too nyaa!」

「For the first time in history, a berry liquor that doesn’t taste bad or sour pops out nyaa~.
The guilds are already sniffing around nyaa~」

「That’s right nyaa! They are asking me about recipe and stuff so I’m throwing them all to Mama nyaa!」

I started giving them only a little information just like Riito told me nyaa….and they all got enthusiastic about it nyaa.」

「Customers who want to know more have been coming to the merchant guild for probing nyaa! They’re even buying a lot of different products so I don’t even have to sales talk nyaa!」

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