Plant Mage 53

I Think I’ll Start a Mail Order Life (4)


「A famous sake made in a land far south of the guild autonomous region, known only to those who already know.
A hidden treasure of the flowerkins!」

「Eh, that’s so plain nyaa…..”The Mysterious Mage Plowing a Desolate Land” sounds more interesting nyaa….」

「This is an opportunity.」

I pointed my finger at Mama.

「It is better for information about this place to stay hidden.」

「Mou? Are you lecturing an information guild’s brilliant reporter on how to sell information nyaa……?」

Mama’s ears twitched.

I didn’t give up.

「It seems like this is the first time this land has been cleared.
There’s also the fact that it’s too far from the guild autonomous region.
Also, there are no prominent underground ruins or dungeons, it’s desolate, and there’s nothing interesting to explore.」


「However, it was also a fact that the flowerkins are living here.
This is a discovery for the guild autonomous region, right?」

「You could say that nyaa?」

「The guild will be able to sell the information in retail about this discovery.
Of course, it will be Mama who’ll sell that information and that includes the information about the liquor that Mia buys from us….the taste is outstanding so it will definitely sell…..
However, given human nature, everyone would want to know what this delicious liquor is and who makes it.」

「And that’s where I go in, to sell information, right nyaa?」

Then, the customers will gradually become impatient that they would want to find me.

「Right right.」


Mama’s getting ahead of herself.

「Then, you’re going to sell information about us on a regular basis.」


「There are a lot of information like the ecology of the flowerkins, the current situation of the desolate areas of the lower continent, and the things I can’t tell you.」

「Nyaa……t-things you can’t tell me nyaa!?」

「Information doesn’t come for free, does it?」


「Mia, does a merchant guild buy for free?」

「Nyaa, you mean me? There’s no way something like that will happen nyaa.
Adjusting the purchase and selling price shows how skillful a merchant is nyaa….Mou, information guild is a good business when you think so nyaa.」

「Funyaaa, M-Mia too…..」

「So, Mama, let’s have a deal.」

Everything fell into my pace.

I only need to attach conditions to the freaking out Mama.

「You can sell the information I told you as much as you want, however, you can’t sell it to other information guilds.
In short, a monopoly.」

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