Plant Mage 38

Flowerkin (3)

In this world, there are many other races besides the so-called humans.
Each of them is a little bit different in appearance.

Catkins and dogkins are often seen in the streets of the imperial capital and the guild autonomous region.

But flowerkin?

They can’t be seen in the pioneering areas of a country.

On the upper continent, where the empire had long waged war against monsters, there were no sightings of them at all.

The flowerkin, a race that lives with nature and is skilled at nurturing plants, I’ve only heard about them from literature or hearsay.

I was surprised to learn that they actually existed.

「That wonderful young lady over there, it’s the best!」

「Eh? Yes……ehto…….?」

「Master, the alert level of the flowerkin has been raised.
What you did extremely creeped her out.」

「What do you mean by “extremely”?」

「I will put that in the confidential matter.
It is related to master’s honor after all.」

「I’ll sue you for defamation.」

As Navi and I conversed, the shivering flowerkin girl looked at me.

「Ah, s-sc-cary man, you, do thing, me…….?」

The girl, who is desperately trying to speak with me in a faltering voice, is holding a spring berry seedling in her hand.

There is no doubt that this girl is the one who laid her hands on my field.
No, even though she did that, all she did was to plant something on the field—isn’t that helping me?

I turned my gaze to the girl.

What’s your name?

Are there any other flowerkin here?

Why did you plant spring berries without permission?

I have so many questions but there’s something I need to ask first.

「….are you alright?」

I held out my hand to the girl.

She looked up at me.

I looked at the spring berry seedling in her hand.


A spring berry seedling with cute heart-shaped leaves.

The leaves are dull and listless, with light green and yellowish tinges.
The leaves are also turning reddish black in some places.

It has a disease.

Plant diseases are troublesome.

The fact that a girl from the flowerkin race, who is skilled in raising plants, is having a hard time dealing with it means it has reached the peak of trouble.

While trying not to scare the shivering flowerkin girl, I reach for the seedlings with interest.

「…..are these seedlings not growing well?」


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