Plant Mage 29

Artificial Spirit and Mysterious Seed X (4)

The land I bought has mountains on the east side.
The south is a deep forest and the west are precipitous cliffs and a rough sea.
Only the northern part of this land is flat so it’s kind of vague but my land has natural boundaries.

「Well, no one lives nearby but it’s better to follow the rules.」

It’s not good to use the land without permission.

I don’t want to draw anyone’s attention and the land I bought was vast to begin with.
There’s no need to use the land that I had no rights to use.

「Should I check the spring that runs through this place?」

The east mountains.

Looking that there seem to be some trees on the surface of the mountain, it would be better if I’m closer to that place.

I can improve the soil quality using plant magic but I don’t want to use magic in everything.

I folded the tent and began walking.

It’s been a long time since I moved on foot and not riding an ox cart.


—Scene Change—


A few hours later.

My heart seemed to break a little for not being able to reach the east mountains even though I walked and walked and walked.


I’m going to die.

I leaned against a nice stick I had magically made and breathed heavily.
As a side note, you need a good stick like this if you’re going on an adventure.
It would be best to pick up one but all the dead branches in the area were too fragile and a bit too unreliable to be my adventuring partner.

The east mountain is right in front of me.

No, I have been in front of it for quite some time.

No matter how far I walked, I couldn’t reach the foot of the mountain.
The open plains and the size of the mountain seemed to have thrown a bug into my sense of distance.
What a blunder.

「Darn…..this is hard….」

Furthermore, I’ve been walking on a gentle slope since a while ago.

Beyond this hill should be the foot of the mountain.

「Well, if I use magic on everything….it would be boring….」

This kind of hardship is part of the fun.
At least that’s how I’m convincing myself.

….no, it’s not.

I’m sure this is not fun.

I reconsider what I’m thinking.

In my previous life, I was a bit of a gamer but did I spend time and “worked hard” just to go around the map? NO!

I’ll just climb the top of the hill on my own.

「Alright….let’s do it」

I took a seed of a vine plant out of my leather bag and sowed it under my feet.

「—grow fast」

Ivy soon grows thanks to the magic “Life Growth”.

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