Plant Mage 27

Artificial Spirit and Mysterious Seed X (2)

A spirit with personality.

I wanted to make something like that and she’s the result.

「Good morning, Navi.
It’s been a while.」

「You are trying to deceive with that smile, aren’t you, master?」

And she attacked her master’s cheek with her index finger using fair strength.
In short, it hurts a lot.

Navi looked down at me with a blank yet clearly reproachful gaze.

「Since there was no start-up request for a long time, Navi is on emergency mode so I showed up myself.
Master, what happened?」

「What do you mean…..」

I mumbled and played innocent.

The other party is a spirit but she has her own will.
Though it’s a bad technique to use, I wanted to round it up the best way possible.

Navi is acting like that but she’s a “Riito Extremist”.

She would spend three months cursing the empire and my colleagues non-stop if she knew that I had been expelled from the court even if that’s what I wanted to do.

Even though her resentment would be driven by righteous indignation, it would be better if she didn’t know.

To be honest, I think it was a bit of a hassle so I put Navi on her dormant mode since I left the imperial capital.

(I can’t say that I completely forgot to activate her…..!)

The guilt I feel is terrible given that the other party is staring this close at me.

Don’t look at me too much.

「….master, I understand that you want to use Navi as little as possible.」


「However, Navi is sad if master doesn’t ask for me.」

「Yes….I’m sorry.」

「An artificial spirit is a tool, an autonomous tool, A TOOL, master.」

Navi reminded me that she’s “a tool”.

「—an unused tool will be lonely.」

There was a bit of emotion in her voice.

I looked down.

I never thought of Navi as a tool but I did not deny her words.

I told her honestly what had happened up to this point.

I only told quite mildly and as a result, Navi cursed the empire and my colleagues for over an hour.
That’s quite a war of words.
However, the content can’t be shared with others.

I feel refreshed.」

「You said you’re a tool but now you’re refreshed.」

「Master, did you say anything?」


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