Plant Mage 21

I’m Thinking of Buying Land (7)

「I wonder if I can leave this to you.
If you want to, I am ready to wholesale them on a regular basis.」

The seeds of red berries have already been removed and stored.

Mass production won’t be difficult once I have a land of my own.

If I’m not in a hurry, I could have dried them under the sun too.

However, if they are sold all at once, the market price will drop.

If I were Mia, I would maintain a certain level of scarcity that will maximize profit while regularly purchasing from me.


Mia repeatedly looks at my face and the basket many times.

「H-how much! How much do you want!?」

「….around this much.
It’s a deposit.」

I asked her 430 pieces of gold coins.

I need 400 gold coins and I added some extra just in case she haggles the price.
After haggling a little, my added price was only cut in half and negotiations ended.


Mia thought long and hard but in the end, she decided that the deal was reasonable.

「Then, I guess we have a deal.」

「I might think of you as an evildoer, young master or something.
Are you sure of this deal?」

However, you have to get them yourself in our future deal and the place is kind of far.」

Mia looked a little surprised when I told her the location of the land I was going to buy but she was determined to go there to buy from me.

「By the way, what is customer-san’s name?」

「It’s Riito.」

We had a big business deal in our first meeting and she didn’t even know my name.
She must have considered the validity of the goods I brought her and my claim as a supplier.
In the end, she decided to trust me.

She judged me not by my title nor by using information about me but by my conduct.

Thinking about it now, I felt a little happy.

「Thank you Mia, I guess we’re partners now.」

「Nyaahooo! With this, I can ignore the quota and I could sleep lazily and pay all my debts to my boss!」

Mia was overjoyed.

….she’s really a good merchant, isn’t she?


—Scene Change—


When I returned to the Bureau of Land Management, the middle-aged receptionist greeted me with a mixed expression of surprise and joy.

「You really came back and it’s not even lunchtime yet…」

「I’m sorry if I’ll get in the way of your lunch.」

Anyone will find it annoying to do a big job just before lunch.

I have a fair amount of experience as a corporate slave in my previous life so I know exactly how it feels.

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