Reincarnation As A Swordsman

Chapter Nine- taking in a disciple

Chapter Eight

Most of my time after we got home was time spent reading books on the cultures of each race, incidentally, just like in my previous life, there are some years which are more important than others.

They are the following-

When you turn five, you find out which Sword Form you have. When you reach age Twelve, you start School. And when you reach Eighteen you are a fully grown adult, pretty similar to my previous world.

While I was eating my lunch on a certain day, I was informed that Scott would start training me harder than before until I turned Seven and had to go stay over at the family estate.

My daily routine included, waking up, doing a morning stretch exercise, having breakfast that was already prepared for me, swinging my sword for a straight three hours before having lunch, and after lunch, I would be training my body with Scott, having a small break and have a bath, that would be followed with dinner, and for the time until I went to bed I would be taught the basics such as math and literacy by Elizabeth and Liza.

At the start, the training Scott put me through was hell, and every time I got used to it he would increase the difficulty three-fold, he would also dabble a small bit into the basics of the Earth Sword Form, the one in which he knew, the same went for Elizabeth, when she had the time she would teach me what she knew about the basics of the Water Sword Form.

As the days and months went by, I started doing more errands to the closest village, for things such as shopping. The walk from the mountains to the village was around an hour while walking. One day I was bored and decided to see how fast I could run to the village and it took me twenty minutes, however, once I reached it, I collapsed due to exhaustion.

On a particularly rainy day, while I was reading in my room, I got called down and was asked to go get the food for dinner at the shop, as we had run out and Liza was feeling unwell, I was a bit reluctant but I decided to go because Elizabeth would always give me a bit of extra money to get a small snack, and the woman that worked at the shop would always give me a bit extra, she was a nice woman.

Once I got my boots and jacket on, I started my long trek to the village, however as it was rainy I decided to go there at the pace of a jog, as of now I have pretty good stamina so I should be able to manage it, and it would knock off thirty minutes of time.

After around thirty minutes of jogging, I got to the edge of the village, there were often small beasts running around the forest enclosing the village so some small walls were put up, I had to go through security, however, since I had been here multiple times I knew the guards and they let me through.

”James, can you say thanks to your father for me? He helped me out when my carriage broke down last week ” said the recognizable post guard, John.

”No problem Mister John, ill tell him when I get back, have a nice day! ”

After waving to the post guards, I went to the shop and bought the food we needed for dinner, and a little bit extra for myself.

While out of the village and walking home, I could hear the scream of a girl to my right, it was deep in the forest, and I didn have my sword on me, however, without hesitation my legs sprang into action.

When I got there, I could see a young girl with long silky black hair, she was also like Claire in terms of height, however, what stood out about her was the violet eyes that beamed in the darkness.

She was up against a tree, mud on her face, and a white tiger like monster-beast, with blue spikes going along its rough back was enclosing on her.

I have to make a distraction.

”Oi! You big shit! Come over here, are you scared?! ”

The monster that could be described as something out of the books of ancient text came running at me, I had no sword, I was soaking wet and freezing, however, I could not let this thing kill me, or that innocent girl.

I grabbed the nearest stick I could find and dodge just in time.

Although I hardly know the basics, ill have to increase my speed with the water form, that being said I can do much to it with a stick, I will have to gouge its eye out, or scare it away for some time that should give me enough time to grab the girl and run to the village.

”Alright lets do this, ” I said as I started running and dodged by sliding under the pouncing Monsters belly.

I got behind it, yet I did not calculate this, it swung its tail at me, throwing me into a tree 3 feet away,


Something had broken, It was my shoulder without a doubt, my shoulder had shattered, however it could be fixed.

Luckily it wasn my dominant arm, I can still win.

While it was charging at me, I rushed towards it with a speed that could only be matched by water falling to the ground, yes I was like a small droplet and when I hit the ground and splashed, I would gouge the beasts eyes out, so I jumped towards the beast.

However the beasts eye opened and bit down on my arm, it wasn deep, moreover, this was a great opportunity.

I thrust down the sharp stick into the monsters eye, a scream wailed out, something that made all the birds in the trees flee away.

What I did not expect, was for the wolf-like beast to fall over and die.

Did I dig the stick in too much and pierce the skull and brain? If I did, it was the luckiest possible outcome.

However I had broken my shoulder and blood was running down my hand, my body was soaking wet and the food that I had bought was already crushed and spilling out everywhere.

However I wasn done yet, I pried open the mouth of the beast which still held my arm in its jaws, and walked towards the girl who was watching in amazement.

”Are you ok? ” I asked her this, knowing fully well that I was the one seriously hurt.

”Im fine, however, we need to get you back to the village, you are bleeding, my mum owns the local shop, ill get her to bring the doctor over. ”

I nodded and she held my working shoulder up to give me support.

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