Reincarnation As A Swordsman

Chapter Eight- fighting a beast

Chapter Seven

I was woken up with no covers to my name, I rubbed my eyes, and I could see that there were no covers on me, as I looked to the left I could see Claire, the perpetrator hugging the entire blanket.

Realizing she was still asleep, I slowly got from the bed and decided to get ready, thats because the person from the royal palace would be coming to check up today, to see if I was able to connect to the root and control all sword forms.

When I arrived in the dining hall, I had breakfast with everyone who was present at last nights dinner, and just like last time, Claire was late, or well she was still asleep.

Edward sent one of the maids to go fetch her and once she arrived we started to dine.

”James, someone from the royal palace will arrive any moment, this is to confirm that you can control the root, and once this is confirmed, you will be named as the next heir to the family. ”

Everybody including me was shocked, how could I a five-year-old be the heir to a wealthy noble family? Whilst I was pondering these questions, I could hear a carriage pulling to the estate.

It was the person from the royal palace.

As instructed, I had to slash down on another orb, this orb was the same as before.

The results were the same, with a shocked expression at first, then continued with a nod and smile the man from the royal palace said-

”This boy will eventually be one of the eight pillars that hold our country, he will be written down in legends! ”

Just like a parent watching their kid finish the race in first place, Edward started roaring with joy.

”Fuahaha did you hear that? My boy, you will become a pillar of this country!

The Selrone Kingdom has people they call pillars, there are only eight of these individuals and they are the top people in their different fields, that includes the best at combat, the best in the medical field, the best at advancing technology and ect. In the country they are so highly reserved, that as a child you are read bedtime stories about even the current ones.

After giving a very sincere thanks and farewell to the man who came from the royal place, I decided to see what Claire was doing, incidentally, she was practicing her sword.

”Can I join you? ”

After Claire heard those words, her face turned into delight and quickly threw a wooden sword in my direction, we did this almost all day, with each round ending up in a tie, Claire for her age truly is a genius, i also learned that Claire had her ceremony last month and she was designated with Earth, which is the most common for people from the Wrathead family.

after sparring we went in for dinner…


The following week was just hell, countless nobles from the other major families came to greet me and have some serious talks with Edward, probably trying to bring me to their families, luckily Edward shut them down.

after a few more days of this, it was the day to head back home.

It was truly a bizarre experience, this past week and a bit ,I have experienced so much, I have gotten acquainted with lots of people and have even made my first friend.

However what pains me more than all, is when she heard I was going back today Claire was almost in tears, Im guessing its the same for her, Im probably her only friend.

But its not all tears, we found out that I would be coming back when I turned seven, to start taking advanced training with the sword, and this would last until we went to Sword School in the capital together.

So we only had to wait two years.

”Thats too long! ”

She had stopped sniffling and was now in a pouty mood, and if Im going to be honest, I was also very emotional, so I took her to the side and took out a box, this box included the jade dagger that I had bought with Scott at that dodgy smithing shop. When she saw this her eyes sparkled up.

I guess all girls like Shiny things, I mean this is a very luxurious item, to be found in that worn-down shop was truly a find.

”ill treasure this, ill never lose it ”- these words struck something within me, it made me feel happy.

”Alright, but you also have to train harder, or the next time I come here Im going to seriously wipe the floor with you! ”

After a vigorous nod, one that looks like it would make your neck break, Claire ran over to hug me, and then I got into the carriage while waving back until the estate went out of view.


On the way home, nothing of interest happened, there was no extravagant shopping, no bandits or anything, the journey home was peaceful, it kind of felt a bit too peaceful, the kind of silence you would find if you went into a cemetery on your own.

And after another week on the road, we managed to get home, Liza our maid was waiting for us and had already prepared a big feast, and while telling her what happened at the ceremony she appeared to faint from shock.

When she stabled herself she said-

”Congratulations Lord James ”

While taking another serving of chicken soup she had made, I said thank you.

”By the way James. ”

I turned to look at Scott who had a mischievous look on his face, please don say anything weird, I begged.

”It looks like you were getting along with Stuarts Daughter, Claire. Do you want us to arrange a marriage between you two?

As expected of Scott, therefore Elizabeth pinched his ear and scolded him on how it was too early.

But what I did not expect, is while she was walking past me, Elizabeth said-

”Make sure I get a grandchild before I become an old lady ” with the same mischievous smile as Scott followed by a giggle.

She then turned to go help Liza with the dishes, although unbefitting of the mistress of the house who had employed the maid, Elizabeth said she doesn mind, she thought of Liza as a sister.

Anyways, after hearing their opinions, I got a little embarrassed and went for a bath.

Do I get married to Claire? Thats a bit too much, I mean we are related to each other, but no isn it normal in this world? Anyways even if I would be fine with it, its still too early now, ill wait until Im older to make the decision.

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