Reincarnation As A Swordsman

Chapter Seven- going home

Chapter Six

I grabbed the sword from Edward, my initial thought of the sword was one of perfection, this swords balance made it easy to take a swing, all the while being able to keep its power and speed, truly a Sword befitting of myself.

While holding it tight in my hands I walked up to the orb that I had to slash down upon, it looked like any other orb, something you would find If you went into one of those magic and trick shops from my previous life, however, I felt an ominous power, something that was not handmade, it almost felt like this orb was created by god himself.

However, Im not here just to stare idly at the mysterious treasure, I grab my sword even tighter and bring it up with all my power, I thrust down…. what surprised me was that the sword sliced through the orb like cutting through paper, wasn this meant to be something special? How could it break so easily? Or was it supposed to do that? All these questions yet I had no answers to any of them.

Mhm? Why is it quiet, did I do something wrong? I looked up to see the dropped jaws of everyone, sitting down.

the only other one who was in a state of confusion at why everyone was acting like this was Claire.

why had everybody gone silent, I guess I messed up this time, should I apologize?

”Im sorry- ” I muttered these words.

However, the reaction I got was not quite what I expected.

Applause, thats what I got, everybody in the whole hall was standing up, clapping, and cheering for me.

Wait, did I do good? Am I some sort of prodigy?

”Fuahaha, amazing, simply outstanding, there is without a doubt, this boy, no this man is the son of Wrathead! To possess all sword forms, truly outstanding, this man will control the Root! And become the light of our family, the light that has been dimming out since the fall of our ancestor! ”

I mean with a roar like that from Edward, I guess I did do good, but to control the root? isn that said to be a myth. I didn think it was real.

As I turned around again to look at the crowd, they still had their hands almost attached to their mouths.

The only sound for two minutes straight was Edwardss Thunderous laughs as I was about to go sit down, Scott ran to me and lifted me, spinning me like crazy.

After a couple more spins, Scott put me down and wiped a small tear away from his eye, while at the same time Elizabeth came running at me as well, yet this time she hugged me, unlike before, I truly thought she was trying to crush me to death.

After everything was settled and the crowd had simmered down and left, I decided to go for a bath.

Pondering to myself, I mean have I truly been blessed with talent? I have heard about the root that connects all sword forms, but those are from ancient and legendary textbooks, theres no way I can control the root, is there?

After an hour of pondering, I decided to get out of the bath, my whole hands were wrinkled and it felt weird touching stuff.

After getting into my pajamas, I was told I would be sleeping in Claires room, due to the number of people staying over tonight there had to be some rearrangements.

As I was escorted to Claires room, I was greeted with a room full of teddy bears, I guess even girls who like swords can still like toys.

When I saw Claire in bed, already sleeping I decided to slowly get into bed.

However a while after I got in bed and was about to fall asleep, I could feel something nudging my back.

”Hey James are you awake? ” ah, it was Claire, I wonder what she wants to tell me.

”Yes Im awake, do you need something? ” to be honest Im really tired and I want to get to sleep, however, I cannot say that to her.

”James, will you be my friend, please? ”

I could tell she was really scared to ask this, I mean I would be too, if I got rejected I wouldn know what to do for a while, its not good to think about depressing stuff like this as a kid.

”I thought we already were ” was the easiest and most truthful answer I could give her.

As soon as I said this, Claires face brightened up and her eyes showed traces of happiness.

After that, she gave me a big hug before turning around and going to sleep.


It was late at night around three in the morning when I woke up with a dry and scratchy throat, so I decided to get some water.

Although I had been through this house at least once fully, I still got lost on the way to the kitchen, however, my saving grace was the old waiter who first greeted me when we got off of the carriage.

”Excuse me but could you help me get some water? my throat is extremely dry. ”

After nodding the old man told me to follow him while he navigated the big house towards the kitchen, I asked him a few broad questions and he replied to them all, although he was a butler, he seemed very interested in answering the bizarre questions I had about the events that occurred today.

”You are going to have a bright future Young James, just remember to cherish the people who you hold dear. ”

After asking a few more questions, we landed in the kitchen where he got me a glass of water, and once I was finished he brought me back to Claires room.

”Goodnight Young James, there will be someone coming from the royal palace tomorrow to check if you truly have a talent in all the Sword Forms, however, don stay up all night thinking about it, sleep is the main thing to a healthy lifestyle. ”

He felt like the wise elder neighbor you would go to for advice, a man to be respected.

”Goodnight ” I replied before getting back into bed, however, Claire had stolen most of the covers, leaving me with barely enough to cover myself.

I laughed a little.

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