Reincarnation As A Swordsman

Chapter Six- a first friend and an old butler

Chapter 5

”So what do you want to play with, ” I asked Claire, to be honest, I don know what girls like to play with, maybe a dollhouse? Don tell me I have to take care of a baby doll and be called papa.

”Pick up a wooden sword over there and fight me! ” the little girl who was slightly taller than me, with her glossy white hair flowing over her shoulders and her scarlet tinted eyes got into position.

”You want me to fight you? ” I asked in amazement, this is no ordinary girl, I mean I guess she did say she wanted to go play with her sword when she came fuming downstairs earlier, however, this is surprisingly different to what I would imagine playing with her would be.

After she gave an aggressive nod, I reluctantly picked up a wooden sword that was sitting idle near the door, surprisingly it was quite light, compared to the wooden longsword I used to practice at home, this feels like I could grasp it with one hand.

”Alright, but I won go easy on you, just because you are a girl. ” Although I said that, I might go easy on her.

Alright, lets get started-

What? How is she this fast? At this point Claire has leaped forward and charged toward me, intentionally causing me to fumble over trying to escape.

However Im not that easy to handle, I grasped my chance and swung down just as she has missed her swing, yet this little girl was fast and nimble.

She leaped over my sword while it was mid-swing and struck down, luckily I was able to block in time or I would have been left with a mark across my head.

Her breathe dragging her down, she pauses and wipes the dirt off of her face.

”you are really good, who taught you, your dad?- Claire who had not talked a single word since the start of this bout asked-

”I usually just hit a random tree with a wooden sword when Im bored ” I responded.

However this was a lie, I had spent various amounts of time honing the sword under Scotts instructions, you could say Scott was better than some random Instructor, I mean when he sparred against me he would not hold back his hits, I occasionally would be knocked out receiving a single strike from Scott.

Its as if I said something wrong, or perhaps I had struck a vein in Claires head, but the fact that she rushed towards me suddenly when I was least expecting and drilled her wooden sword right into the left side of my stomach, leaving me falling to my knees.

I wonder if it was from the PTSD from getting stabbed, or maybe it was a physical reaction, but I felt shocked and in pain, I knew the most I would receive was a bruise but the pain burrowed deep into my stomach.

”Hey! Hey James! Are you ok? Did I hit you too hard, Im sorry! ” Claire thew her sword away and hurriedly rushed to my side, she had made a mistake, however, Im not the one to judge people, I mean she came rushing to me asking if I was ok, I guess it can be helped.

”Don worry Im fine, I mean I just ate my dinner so my stomach couldn handle getting hit, thank you for apologizing ”

Like someone who had been proven not guilty, Claire revealed a relieved expression on her face, one that a mother would make if she found her child after they had gotten lost for a while.

”Im sorry, ” she said again, she must have felt she went over the line.

I turned and looked her in the eyes while smiling.

”Its Alright I forgive you, anyways Im alright so lets have a few more rounds, Ill beat you this time!

she looked at me with a big smile.

”Okay! ”

And so we continued for a few more rounds, but most of them had ended in ties, in truth I was entirely shocked to learn that she was as strong- no maybe even stronger than me.

After we stopped and had our break, we got called in for the ceremony, what I did not expect is that Claire would turn around and look at me.

”Lets do this again, it was really fun and you are really strong! ”

if Im being honest that made me happy, I feel like I finally have someone my age to talk to.

”Of course, but you will have to train hard to catch up with me! ” with a mischievous laugh I walked inside.

”Hey! I was the one who won today ” Claire rebuked but she also giggled and walked inside.

when I got in I was escorted I to the room that was prepared for me and got ready by the maids, though I told them I could get ready myself, the maids refused, I mean I can stop them, its their job.

After getting ready, I went into the hall for the ceremony, it was luxurious, truly fitting for a noble, I had not seen something like this in my past life, as I walked to the front I could see dozens of eyes on me, I had not met some of these people yet. They probably arrived when I was outside with Claire.

Subsequently, I saw the face of Claire, she was waving and smiling at me, I smiled back and continued my walk.

With so many eyes on me, it was nerve-wracking, I mean at school in my previous life, I had stood in front of the class for show and tell, however, I had known those individuals, and this felt like I was a criminal walking in front of the press and being questioned on why I committed the felon.

as i stood at the front of the hall, I faced towards Edward who had been waiting for me since I entered the hall.

”James Wrathead, for the future I bestow you a weapon that will allow you to carve your name in the House of Wrathead and will bring honor to your parents, although you are still young there will be times when you will have to slice the ever-growing enemies that will block your path, however, do not disregard these next few words. Do not use this sword to recklessly advance your agenda, use it to protect those who you hold dear. With my name Edward Wrathead, forty-Seventh, and the current head of the Wrathead house, I give you this sword. Its name, Excalibur, Take this sword unsheathe it, and slash down at the orb in front of you, for it shall determine what Sword Form you Posses.

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