Reincarnation As A Swordsman

Chapter Three- going to the family estate

chapter two

Scotts full name is Scott Wrathead, he is the eldest son of a regional lord of the kingdom but due to his curious nature, he decided to give up his privilege as the heir to the family to his younger brother and then he went adventuring where he met Elizabeth.

While growing up I heard countless stories from Scott about all there is to know about adventuring that it made me never want to become one, even though he is retired he still trains everyday for hours on end, he swings his massive long sword. Swords are the go-to weapon for adventurers in this world, however there are also Maces, Long Spears and other melee weapons that people choose to hone their skills on.

Since I had countless days of free time to do whatever I wanted, I started to dabble in reading the history if this world.

To my surprise, when reading through the books on the history of the country I learned its name was called (Selrone Kingdom) since this is a different world I thought there would be the existence of magic, but to my disappointment I learned that magic went extinct after the ancient war of the five continents purged almost all magic users leaving the surviving to be hunted down like animals.

I also learned that this world had Elves, and I started to think about me being married to a hot Elf girl.

Anyways, apparently before the ancient war in which the four other continents destroyed the magic continent, magic was a very common every day tool used by adventurers and the like for day-to-day life.

However although most of the surviving magic users perished, their later generations found ways to adapt their ancestors powers into ways to revolutionize the way of the sword, creating Sword techniques called. (Sword Forms)

There are four types of sword forms.

The Ice Sword Form- this Sword Form Strengthens all the users ability, such as speed, powers, agility, sense and endurance- although it strengthens everything, it does so slightly.

The Water Sword Form- this Sword Form Increases the users speed tremendously, while lowering their power output, this form is for quick witted attacks, it is good for increasing speed in the middle of a fight.

The Earth Sword Form- this Sword Form is a defense type sword form, it decreases speed but greatly increases defense, this is a must have in an adventurers party.

The Fire Sword Form- this Sword Form increases overall strength, this is used to finish fights quickly and is the most sought out Sword Form.

Although each Sword Form follows different paths, they all came from the existence of the root, only those who are chosen by god himself are born with the ability of the root, and what is that ability?

It is the ability to wield all Sword Forms, usually one can only be born with one to two Sword Forms.

People who follow the way of the sword have six stages they go through, those are.

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, King, Emperor and God.

Moreover I was very shocked to learn that Elizabeth was at the level of Intermediate, as a Water Swordsman, although it is not at the top, for an average women living in the outback. you could class her as someone who could protect her family if needed, I mean she was an adventurer so it could be expected.

I also learned that the family Scott hails from is highly versed in the Earth style, and are direct decedents of a former and famous Emperor Ranked Earth Swordsman.

day by day I continue to immerse myself in the different languages of this world and have pretty much got the human language side of things down with a pin, all the while I have just turned five.


On a certain day outside, I was hitting a small tree my mother had planted with a wooden stick to play around, however I was interrupted by Elizabeth.

”James, could you come inside for a while, me and your father have something important that we have to say. ”

I hurriedly answered back, although she usually just calls me over in a nice tone, this time she was giving off a serious vibe.

”Yes mother, Ill be there in one minute. ”

I came inside to see Elizabeth and Scot sitting on the table prompting me into a seat, so I nervously climbed on to the nearest one from the door.

”James, we are going to be going to your grandfathers house due to you turning Five, for two reasons, the first reason is that he has not seen you yet and it would be highly disrespectful to not let you see him, the second reason is because now that you are five you are going to be given you
e first sword. ”

While listening to her, I was filled with a mix of emotions and questions, like ”why have I not seen him before now? ” and ”why am I getting a sword at age five? ” however I could not say them out loud and I gently nodded.

Well I was expecting something much worse, but I guess Im feeling a little excited to get out of this house for a change, however Im still worried about something, why is Scott looking depressed about going to see his father? Maybe his relationship with him had dwindled or maybe because he left his place as the heir to the family just to go out adventuring, and has also not kept in touch with him.

Well Im not going to complain, a trip is a trip and Im going to finally be able to witness what this world has to offer, especially now that Im getting my first real sword.

While pondering away at such things, Elizabeth got up and said-

”James, let go up and get your clothes and necessities packed away, we will be leaving tomorrow and it will be a week long journey. ”

That soon? Well It can be helped, I mean its better we are leaving sooner.

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