Reincarnation As A Swordsman

Chapter Ten- discovering Strengths and Weaknesses

Chapter Nine

When we got to the front door of the shop. The young girl opened the door to the entrance, she ran straight to her mom and told her what happened. Her mother told her to go find the doctor while she helped me get bandaged up.

For some odd reason, I felt no pain. Was it for the fact that I was still shocked at the situation that had just occurred?

After a while, the door flung open once again. The doctor looked around and rushed toward me in a panic.

”This young lady told me all about what you did. Boy, you sure are reckless, luckily your arm and shoulder will be fine, you did a brave thing there, thanks to you nobody else was hurt, I have already got someone to go get your parents. They will be down soon to get you, just stay here until then. ”

After the doctor had bandaged me up I was sent to sit down in the young girls house. The house was above the shop so I was able to manage.

”James I cannot show you my gratitude enough, thank you for saving my daughter Clara. In the future if you need anything just come down to my shop, ill try my best to help you. ”

With teary eyes, Miss Strothings (The owner of the shop) thanked me.

After a couple of minutes, Clara came over to me with a nervous look.

”Is there anything I can do for you? ” I asked. However, out of my expectations, Clara bowed down to me. ”Can you teach me how to do what you did? i want to be strong enough to protect myself! ”

I was about to harshly answer no, however when the girl looked up, I accepted. ”Sure. ”

Why did I accept?

When she looked up I could see a determination unmatched burning deeply in her eyes. The type of determination that would not waver.

After hearing these words, the girl was ecstatic. When I told her that she would have to practice every day under strong conditions, she still readily replied with an aggressive nod.

After around ten minutes, Scott arrived, that was a fast speed, as expected of a former adventurer.

After seeing Clara sitting close to me with a smile, the worry on his face faded away, being replaced with a playful face. I could tell he was thinking something weird.

After profusely thanking and apologizing to Claras mother (who had gotten us another set of groceries for free to make up for the loss of the other set) I got up and put on my coat and boots and got ready to leave. However, before leaving I turned toward Clara who was waving and smiling at me. ”Make sure to be at my house early tomorrow, we will start your training then. ”

Revealing an expression of joy and anticipation, Clara gave me a farewell and closed the door once I and Scott got out.

”Shes a kind girl, you sure you just want to train her? ” Scott said devilishly, however, I am used to his antics by now, so I played along. ”Well, it wouldn be bad having another friend until I get to see Claire again, ” I said as I laughed a little. Scott looked at me for a second before he started laughing as well. And so we talked until we got home.

Once we got inside I could see the worried face of both Elizabeth and Liza, there were pools of sweat dripping on their faces to the ground, especially on Liza who was already feeling Ill for the past couple days. Instantly Elizabeth ran to me and checked my injuries before kissing me on the forehead and saying sorry.

”James Im so sorry, I shouldn have let you go on your own ” she kept saying that while crying on my chest, she must have felt terrible guilt, however, it was not her fault. ”Its okay mom, thanks to it I was able to save a girl from dying. ”

With their reaction, Elizabeth and Liza probably didn know what had happened, only that I had been seriously injured.

So I told everybody everything: including how I had been walking home, how I had heard Claras scream, and how thanks to her scream I was able to save her and make her my disciple.

After being told that I had gotten Clara to start training under me starting tomorrow, Elizabeth started giggling and patted my head while going to start dinner. While Liza went to prepare a fresh bath for me.

After dinner, I decided to get an early rest so I could wake up early for Clara to come over, however, I underestimated just how much the injuries took a toll on my body.


”James, hey James! ”

Eh, who was it? Ive heard this voice before, who was it again? Waking up, there was the blurry vision of a young girl with silky smooth black hair nudging me awake.

”Clara? What are you doing here? Aren you too early? ” I muttered these words while rubbing my eyes up with my right hand.

”Its already midday! Your mother told me to come to wake you up! ”she spurted, continuing to nudge me who was still half asleep.

”ok Im up already, can you get out of my room while I get ready please? ”

After obediently nodding, she waddled out of the room and closed the door.

After getting ready, I opened the door to see Clara sitting down twirling her silky black hair around her thumb. ”Alright Ive just woken up so come and have Lunch with me and we will start your training. ” After refusing once, saying she had already had her lunch, she finally gave in when I said it was part of her training, Im guessing that even though she wanted to refuse. It was out of hospitality, because she scoffed down three servings of Lizas homemade vegetable soup and three slices of bread.

She was a glutton.

It seemed that Elizabeth and Clara got along well, as they both did the dishes together and talked about girly stuff, like their favorite dresses to wear, while complementing each other about their hair. (Liza had still been feeling somewhat unwell, so she was given a break until she got better.)

After finishing lunch I got up and put my boots on and picked up two wooden swords.

”Alright Clara, how about we start your training. ”

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