Reincarnation As A Swordsman

Chapter One-Why is this happening to me

Chapter One

While I was walking home from school due to be being held back by a unimaginable detention, I found myself in front of the store I usually go to buy my packet ramen that I have for dinner.

”That will be 240yen. ” The person at the till told me with a gloomy expression on his face.

”Here you go, just keep the change. ” I handed him more than what he asked for and walk out the store towards my house.

The night was chilly and there was nobody in sight nor could I hear any sound, usually there would be countless people still wandering about, however there is only me.

”Isn this a bit strange? ” I asked myself, however i thought to myself for a second and nodded. maybe everybody has already gone home I mean its the middle of winter and its Christmas eve, everybody is probably with their families.

I should better get going, my family are waiting for me.

While turning the corner to get on the line of streets where my house was I see someone standing still across the road while his breathe started turning icy.

”Sir, Hello? Are you alright? ” Although I have been told countless times to stay away from shady people I could not help but ask this mysterious person if he was fine.

When he heard my voice he turned to look to me, however I could not see his face, it appeared to be covered by a mask and the mask had no eye holes in it.

My gut feeling tells me that this guy is dangerous, so I decided to awkwardly smile at him and turn and walk home.

By that point i was already on the street and just a few houses away before I could get home.

By chance I suddenly get a bad feeling and turn around and my eyes open wide with sock, the man standing there, is gone.

I decide to walk faster almost to the point of a slow sprint.

But I hear footprints behind me, by this time I am sprinting and I have made it to my driveway.

Just as Im about to open the door I feel a warm feeling on my back, what is this feeling? Why do I feel like my back is melting, I instinctively look down and I almost fall to my knees, there is a pool of blood rapidly growing at my feet.

I try to turn around but I fall to the floor on to my stomach, I finally realize that I have been stabbed in the back.

”Is this how its going to end for me? ” I murmured these words out with my last ragged breathe.

I cant even scream for help, I cant even see my family one more time, I cant even see the face of the person who killed me.

I am just a normal kid with an average life, I don like getting into trouble so I just stay in the middle, I could be classed as someone who fits in with the crowd, it would be reasonable for someone to think that I would get a decent job, get married to a decent looking woman and have a couple of kids before dying of old age before the family I helped raise.

Yet here I am at age 15, not even being able to see my sister who has always supported me, one last ti

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