At the border of their continent was nothing but screams of pain, stomping of hundred of thousand feet stomping the ground with the sound of their armor clanking as soldiers was in battle with weapons and spells going in every direction.

All of this continents kingdoms have joined only a few of them haven made it to the border where eight clans was located working together to fight back an invasion of soldiers who are wearing blood red armor. No one can see a single spot of flesh to see what kind of races they were up against except for over half of what they saw stood at almost 8 ft in height and was three times the size of a normal man .

” Jasiah…what or who are they and it seems they don want any survivors ” Frankfort said gripping the hilt of his sword watching the battle from a special glass like their watching a television.

They seen a beast that was over twelve meters in the back carrying a paladin on its back that had two figures sitting on their thrones watching the battle and just like the soldiers they were completely covered in blood red armor with black runic symbols on each half of it, one had them on the right and the smaller on the left.

A loud horn blows as the soldiers in red start backing back toward the large beast that are huge and are called Elephataurus which they seem to have over a dozen in the back of the largest one carrying the two mysterious armored ones sitting on top.

The soldiers who are in silver, gold, brown and green armor was running the field to see if any of their men was only injured and not dead when they see that only the red armor remained with the bodies dissolving into a green puddle.

They start collecting the armor with the injured that was only a few while they collect their fellow brethren bodies to burn their bodies to send them off to the divine. They looked at the tree line when darkness started to fall seeing steel beast that is a mix between a wolf and a bear with skin like steel that had large metal needles in their backs which they can shoot off like a porcupine does.

A loud whistle sounded throughout them while they all retreated making fire pyres in the surrounding area to make sure the beast don come chasing directly after them and to block off their route in case they follow after the soldiers returning back to camp on the fire horses that was twice the size of a regular horse with blood red skin that seems to sweat bloody looking substance on the ground that becomes flammable after a set amount of minutes after leaving their bodies.

The last soldier threw a fire ball at the grass that all went up in flames from where their horses left their secretions, they already sent off the fallen to be with the divine who loves all of her creations even the bad.

Jasiah had them bring in the armor and the weapons that gave off a dark aura as if it contains a high concentration of dark magic that makes him shudder just being under the same tent with them, Frankfort came in then stopped beside the king of the elven of light Josiah when he was about to reach out to touch the armor Josiah swatted his hand away.

” have all the soldiers who touched these things be purified then make a container made from light magic and heavenly ore to store it inside with all the weapons and items…after we purify the dark magic we can use the items to use for our armor and one set will make three for ours ” Josiah said as he sealed the tent with light magic when they walked out to the war tent that all the leaders are sharing.

Inside the tent that had a 3D magical mapping system that used a magical spell and sand that constructs with or where you want to view to set up strategies or checking out the area since it was a live rendering of any area in the world. When they try to check the camp up the ones invading it only showed seventy percent of the area while the rest was blacked out, not even showing what the area looks like.

The Dwarf clan from hell mountain plays with his long grey beard as he stares at the map then looks at the numbers of the men that all of them lost, he sighs shaking his head then waves his assistant over.

” send orders to all the Dwarf clans to send as many people to work or battle, if not we will be driven into slavery or death ” Racken said with a frown as a woman with dark purple hair nods her head at her assistant who follows after the Dwarf.

A man that was at least 67 ” steps forward who had brown hair with a white streak that went through his hair eye brow and part of his goatee like a white paint rush went straight down his hair and also a scar that was barely noticeable was on his skin lining up with the white in his hair while his dark brown eyes had one that was now white.

” we need to have a meeting with the other packs, Ill have to go to be able to make them understand if not with words then with our wolves. ” Malcum said nodding over to another pack leader who had sandy blonde hair and was a female with light green eyes, she sighed then pinched the bridge of her nose.

” I guess we will leave by morning to make the journey while the pack will stay here in case another battle breaks out and will leave our betas in charge to reign in our members….so don worry about them getting to rowdy and we will hopefully be back in three days maybe five at most ” Saddy said walking out of the tent with Malcum to prepare to start their journey only taking a few members with them, two Vampires was studying the map over then sneered at Jasiah.

” what do these things even want or has one of you transgressed on them and they are attacking now. ” Zoey said looking over at the two men who one was a elf while the other was a human.

” I promise that is not the case and the demon king will be sending a 100,000 more men by tomorrow he still has to pick up a few more of the other kings children then theyll make their way with the men theyve promised also with their presence ” Jasiah said as Zoey glances over at Xian who looks at the map dumb founded, Zoey glances back over to the two men. For one she doesn trust them especially the human.

” why are all the leaders meeting here that is dangerous on its own…I trust the demon king he also agrees with me that not all of us should be in one spot, so we will leave our generals and our right hands here to be in charge for us…I recommend that all of you do the same ” Zoey said staring at Frankfort who scoffed.

” I only said we should since we are strong enough to hold up a barrier in case they destroy our men then we must keep them out ” Frankfort hissed out clenching his fist.

” no we will make a stand with all of our Generals holding the line here and we will move to another location with two to three of the rulers staying in one place together to keep an eye on each others back. I won zap my powers for what three to four days and then theyll break through killing us ….. no that won happen and we should have listened to the demon king he is more knowledgeable in war tactics, I also talked to the others who also agree. ” Zoey said as the Dwarf nodded his head in agreement, he pulls out a letter.

” yes my second is to tell the leaders of the other Dwarf clans to set up in a place together taking the ones who will be doing armor and weapons while sending fighters to the front, I will leave to also join them in a place we can work to send supplies to our fighters and allies ” Racken said as the others all nod in agreement, Jasiah smiles then nods his head in agreement which causes Frankfort to glare at him then click his tongue as he nodded his head.

” We have their armor and weapons as well Racken Im purifying the dark magic then you all can use them to create some things for our soldiers…we also will strip the dead and wounded of weapons and armor to cover soldiers who can fight, Racken has already set up a smithing area here to make new weapons, armor and also doing repairs…we will head out in two days so the wolves who left agree with this plan ” Jasiah said when Zoey and Xian nodded their heads in confirmation, they all made plans and their next steps theyll take on the next battle as Racken has had his men working on four stone bows and spear guns that theyll use while they have men digging large trenches with Earth magic. They also have men working on a wall high enough to even keep the large beasts from breaching if they have to pull back with the same spear guns, bows and catapults with some other secret techniques that Racken and Zoey agreed to keep secret by using flammable substances that will only burn out after a week since anyone who tries to extinguish it will only fuel the flames higher and hotter.

One of the soldiers who collected the enemies weapons and armor kept a sword, he noticed that the tip of his fingers was turning black and he also knew that he couldn sell the things he kept to send money to his cousin so he kept quiet and also was given a task by Frankfort to go to the school that the demon king set up to keep all of the children safe not only royals even the common folk and orphans as well. He even has soldiers searching then bringing the children they find to the different age group schools he has set up in the golden valley.

A group of men lined up while Frankfort used a teleportation spell sending men to do tasks and also summon other leaders with a note that only the person that its meant for can read. If someone else reads it or breaks the seal it will be destroyed along with a curse killing the person within an hour to ensure it doesn fall into the wrong hands.

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