out it ” Fauna said as Trina finishes with her outfit as they exit the tower walking through a door connected to the castle and make their way through a hallway filled with girls who are going into their assigned rooms.

A vampire was standing with her shoulder leaning against the wall, Fauna did a double take when she seen the crimson haired woman who she had to keep herself from pulling her into the nearest room.

” find out who she is and put her in one of the towers bedroom along with the other two who was up in my room with me…Ill find three more so hell keep his mouth shut ” Fauna said taking in the woman who smirks at her, she bit her bottom lip then walks on by with the woman keeping her eyes on her.

When they go around a corner a woman with light pink hair bumps into Fauna dropping all of her things she was carrying, at first she was mad until she could tell the girl has been crying so she rolls her eyes then helps the girl up while Trina gathers the girls things.

Fauna wipes a tear away from the girls cheek as her wings flutter making Fauna chuckle and looks at the girls jade to see where her room is and looks back at a female orc that made her make a disgusted look at the manly woman.

The Orc looks their way with a menacing smile as she keeps her eyes on the fairy who shivers when they make eye contact, she stands behind Fauna and Trina making the Orc sneer at her.

” excuse me but Id like a private moment with my roommate ” The Orc said as Fauna starts laughing wildly, Trina steps back grabbing the pink haired girl while putting space between them and her mistress. The girl gets worried trying to step up and leave with the Orc but Trina is stronger than she looks, the Orc stomps her way over now in Faunas face who doesn show an ounce of fear or concern.

The Orc swings her fist to only be stopped by Fauna grabbing her fist, she then squeezes her hand as the Orcs bones could be heard snapping while a loud groan turned into a scream while she falls to her knees.

One of the kings workers who will be living in this hall with the girls slowly walks over then quickly bows when she seen Fauna.

” My Lady is everything fine here ” Miss Gonzalez asked while she grimaced at the Orcs broke hand, Fauna winks then steps closer to the woman.

” she is to be punished after the nurse heals her and the next offence Ill personally expel her myself, this little tinker bell and three others Ill be taking into my tower Ill have Trina give you the names later. ” Fauna said as she nods her head toward Trina who smiles then takes the fairy back to the tower letting her choose a room which was the one closest to where Faunas room is.

The vampire was watching the whole ordeal with the Orc and a part of her wanted to tackle the hottie but she also doesn want to be beat to a pulp by her, she knows that Fauna is some kind of demon.

Len and Ari caught the end of it, they was both there staring at the woman from the tower and they felt someone poke their shoulders making them quickly turn seeing Trina the woman who was upstairs drying off the the woman they are again ogling over.

” your rooms have been changed to the tower that you two was at earlier…Maam you as well the head master of the school has approved it and trust me the accommodations are hundred times better ” Trina said as the red head smiles at her then walks in the room across from her grabbing a few bags then stares at Trina then nods her head as to tell Trina to lead the way.

” my Lady is called Fauna but at least ask her before you call out her name like your BFFs so she can tell you what to call her, I don do anything for no one but her so don ask for me to wait on any of you . My names Trina what is all of your names ” Trina said while waving her hand over a black gem that was on the door and it slowly opens while they each walk up the rising winding hallway as Trina points to different doors stating which was what.

” well my name is Ari and this is Len its a pleasure to meet you ” Ari said with a smile that Trina returns, the crimson haired girl smiles at the three then sighs.

” My name is Ren and in a Royal vampire the next in line for the throne ” Ren said walking ahead when they seen a pink haired girl coming closer to them.

” hi…my name is Carra ” Carra said with a bright smile that Trina and the others return while they all introduce themselves and are taken to their rooms where Ren is now sharing one with Carra. The rooms are huge they even have their own bathrooms and walk in closets thats already filled with things while a jewelry boxes in each bedroom was filled with expensive jewelry that the four was scared to touch.

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