PTB Ch.20 – Don’t Speak of Honor

A sharpshooter was struck by a gravel stone the size of a palm, deducting 25 points from their health bar.

“Haha, don’t worry about those small rocks, they don’t do much damage,” someone jeered.
But their laughter was abruptly cut off as a massive boulder weighing half a ton came crashing down, smashing the sharpshooter into a mosaic of broken bones on the ground.

Everyone was finally terrified.
The damage caused by falling rocks was entirely dependent on their size, and the randomness of the attack made it hard to predict.
Small stones were harmless, but larger ones could inflict serious injuries, while the extremely large ones could shatter bones into pieces.

At level 50, a player’s base health value was only 550 points, and only tanks could amass over 1,000 health points.
Considering that the adventurers present were either sharpshooters or magic wielders, having high endurance was a waste.
None of them had a thousand health points.

Faced with the barrage of falling rocks from the sky, everyone scrambled to dodge out of the way.

“Stay inside the barrier, don’t step outside!” Midnight Dharma God hastily reminded the adventurers, knowing full well the danger of leaving the safety of the circle.
Being hit by a stone was survivable, but getting caught in the dragon’s breath outside the perimeter was a surefire death sentence.

As a result, they all huddled inside, dodging the attacks as best they could, but Hildeshanks sprayed another blast of shadowflame, catching them off-guard.

It was a classic case of a leaky roof during a storm.
The falling rocks were physical attacks that couldn’t be blocked by flame protection barriers, and with the additional shadowflame, the adventurers were suddenly in grave peril.

“Quick, heal me!” Kumquat Lemon pleaded.

“I’m about to die!” cried Jiu Xiaoyun.

“Pass me a bottle of milk, quick!” begged Yishan Zhuanyue.

The damage of falling rocks and the damage from shadowflame posed no problem alone, but when they combined they threatened to overwhelm the healers.
A few more minutes of this and the group would be wiped out.

Midnight Dharma God looked up above his head, and Morpheus slammed into the dome again, as if he really planned to break through the ceiling.

Based on the current signs of the falling rocks, it was difficult to predict the outcome of the situation.
It seemed as though a few more hits could result in the barrier breaking apart.

However, these were only superficial indications.
Apart from the initial impact, subsequent hits had no effect.
The combat strategy could only be activated once, and the rockfall effect from the mountain collapse would only last for 30 seconds.

Murphy continued to strike the dome merely to exert psychological pressure on his opponents.
He was betting that they wouldn’t dare to delay and would quickly respond to the emergency.

The more experienced and skilled the players, the faster they would react to such crises.
And as it turned out, Murphy’s bet paid off.

Midnight Dharma God couldn’t predict the future, so he was convinced that the falling rocks would continue to rain down, given the Black Dragon’s constant pounding on the dome.

“Brother Excalibur, go kill the little black dragon, don’t let it breathe fire anymore! Archers, shoot with all your strength, and try to kill the boss before it crashes into the dome!”

Dawn Excalibur gazed up at Morpheus, who was still relentlessly attacking the dome.
It appeared that he had given up on fighting and was only focused on fleeing.
After hesitating for a moment, Dawn nodded and made a dash towards Hildeshanks, separating himself from the rest of the team.
Murphy, who had been observing the situation while colliding with the wall, felt relieved as he succeeded in his plan.

After losing 70% of his HP and acting for so long, Murphy finally managed to lure Dawn Excalibur away.

Without a moment’s hesitation, as soon as Dawn Excalibur charged towards Hildeshanks and jumped to strike, Murphy activated his third battle strategy.

Death Fury – ON! He gathered his wings and dove straight towards the ground without any intention of slowing down.
As he descended, he spat out a burst of scorching dragon flames, targeting Midnight Dharma God who was supporting the flame protection barrier.

As Midnight Dharma God watched in shock, a massive black dragon fell from the sky.
Previous research indicated that the dragon was not skilled in close combat and could only breathe dragon breath, and the recent battle reinforced this belief.

This misconception caused Midnight Dharma God to overlook the fact that their team lacked a tank class and that they were facing a powerful level 80 boss.

As the black dragon continued its relentless descent, Midnight Dharma God quickly flew away, abandoning his teammates.
The remaining group of over 20 people huddled together, hoping to find refuge in the enchantment.
However, before they could take cover, the dragon breathed fire from above.

The dragon’s fiery breath engulfed the area, leaving the adventurers struggling to recover from the intense heat.
Finally, the dragon’s massive body crashed down upon the group, killing many of the already wounded adventurers and knocking the rest to the ground.

In this moment, Murphy was as fierce as a tiger.
With Death Fury activated, his damage output increased by 50% and the cooldown time for his regular skills was reduced by half.
As a result, he was able to use his hand-to-hand skills without any significant delay.

He swiftly executed a Dragon Claw Slap, instantly pulverizing a sharpshooter.
A Dragon Wing Swing then knocked down the adventurers who had just risen to their feet.
A Dragon Tail Sweep sent an adventurer who attempted to flee flying into the wall.

Murphy finished off another adventurer with a single bite, swallowing them whole with a thud.
Without Dawn Excalibur, a hero with the power to vanquish him, these adventurers were completely powerless against the raging black dragon.
They were no match for his fury.

“Hahaha, die, all of you! Tremble before the power of the Black Dragon Lord!”

The few remaining adventurers fled in terror as the black dragon unleashed its Flame Dragon Breath, incinerating two more of their companions into charred remains.

Midnight Dharma God appeared anxious and helpless.
The black dragon, which had activated its Death Fury, proved to be an unstoppable force that killed the adventurers in an instant.
Midnight Dharma God did not realize that a few of his comrades had survived the onslaught.
As he looked up, he noticed that the rocks falling from above had ceased.

He struggled to comprehend what was happening, realizing that they had fallen into a trap.

At that moment, the black dragon turned its gaze towards Midnight Dharma God.
Its fierce, animalistic eyes made Midnight tremble with fear.

Desperately, he raised his staff and called out weakly for help, “Brother Excalibur!” His voice was filled with a tone of pleading for assistance.

Dawn Excalibur didn’t look back.
He was fighting Hildeshanks right now.

Although he felt no pressure to deal with this young black dragon, it was not a battle that could be solved in mere moments.

He might even die if he got too careless.

Therefore, when he knew the situation had changed drastically, Dawn Excalibur made the decisive decision to kill the young black dragon in front of him as soon as possible, and then face the final boss.

Midnight Dharma God understood at a glance that no one could help him at this time.
After all, he was a player at the golden hero level.
He gritted his teeth and slammed his staff into the ground, instantly tearing open the hard obsidian ground.

Hero Skill: Summon Rock Colossus!

He held up his staff high and muttered: “Life of the earth, spirits of the elements, I summon you in the name of the Earth Mother…”

Under the control of his thoughts, the huge rocks moved towards each other.
Flying in the air, they first formed a huge torso, and then came together section by section to form limbs…

Boom! A giant dragon came crashing through!

How could Murphy let him complete the spell? At first sight it looked like a hero skill, which would have to be troublesome to deal with.
Fortunately for him, the casting time of this skill was very long.
The rock colossus was smashed and scattered.

Midnight Dharma God spat out a mouthful of blood, and the failed spellcasting caused him to suffer serious magical backlash.
Looking at the boulders scattered all over the place, he felt grief and indignation.

“You damn bastard dragon, don’t you have any honor? Can’t you see I was in the middle of a spell!”

Murphy didn’t bother with any monologue and rushed straight towards Midnight Dharma God, who hastily dodged.

Dragon Breath!
Flame Protection Barrier!
Dragon Rush!

Boom! Midnight Dharma God was hit and flew toward the wall.
He struggled to take out a bottle of healing potion.
Before he could drink it, a huge dragon claw slapped him on the head.


[World Announcement: In the year 1437 of Firmament Era, the human hero Midnight Dharma God fell in battle with the Black Dragon Lord Morpheus in the Dark Dragon Nest.
This event has been recorded in the Sky Chronicle.]

At the same time, Dawn Excalibur plunged his sword deep into Hildeshanks’s heart.

-47691! Fatal blow!

[World Announcement: In the year 1437 of Firmament Era, the human hero Dawn Excalibur killed the black dragon Hildeshanks in the Dark Dragon Nest.
This event has been recorded in the Sky Chronicle.]

Hearing the sound of the announcement, one man and one dragon turned to look at each other.

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