PTB Ch.19 – Life Is Like a Play, It All Depends on Acting

Arrows rained down one after another.
Since the dragon was flying too high and spellcasters couldn’t hit at that range, they could only watch.

Dragon’s Breath!

Arrow Rain!

Dragon’s Breath!

Arrow Rain!

The two sides went back and forth.
The battle was fierce, but with no skill involved whatsoever.

The viewers in front of their computers were very displeased.

[What kind of shit is this?]

[It’s not exciting at all, give me a refund.]

[Is Brother Long being controlled by a computer?]

[It’s 4 AM in China, maybe Brother Long hasn’t woken up yet? Damn, if I knew this would happen I wouldn’t have got up in the middle of the night to watch this stream, I’m so lonely here.]

[No wonder the dragon hasn’t moved at all or shown any emotions.]

The boss’s health bar slowly dwindled down as it reached 90%, then 80%, and finally 70%.

At the start of the battle, the adventurers below were nervous and excited, but as the fight continued, they became increasingly puzzled and eventually numb, mechanically firing arrows at the dragon.

Despite the boss’s health being reduced to 50%, the black dragon continued to spew fire, occasionally swearing at the adventurers.

“Foolish mortals, feel the power of the dragon’s flames!” What?

“Weaklings, tremble before the power of the dragon!” Bro, you’re dealing no damage…

“It really does feel like a computer, and running completely based on a script.
Could it be that Morpheus actually isn’t online?” Midnight Dharma God said, looking quite relaxed.
It would be quite cool to get this victory for free.

Dawn Excalibur nodded in agreement with the assumption that the opponent was not acting, as there would be no reason to drag the fight on for so long.
Despite half of the dragon’s health being depleted, Dawn felt a twinge of regret for the lackluster final battle.
It felt like a wasted opportunity.

Meanwhile, in Xingyao Group’s rest hall, the supervisor who was monitoring the live broadcast was in despair.
“I can’t take this anymore,” he thought to himself, knowing that Murphy was under his command.

Wang Shao looked at the supervisor with a cold expression on his face, and the supervisor knew he couldn’t pretend to be ignorant anymore.
“Wait a minute, I’ll go online and ask him right away,” he said before rushing into his office and logging into the game.

As a Lord template player, the supervisor did not livestream on weekdays, but occasionally played the game.
It was easier for him to contact the game’s anchors within the game itself.
After the session went live, he sent a private message directly to Murphy.

Ned Stark: “Murphy, what are you doing? Are you fucking with me? Hurry up and fight! The young boss is watching, the whole world is watching, you can’t go on like this!”

Mo Fei glanced at the notification and quickly dismissed it.

He didn’t have the luxury of explaining himself at the moment.

Naturally, he didn’t expect his counterpart to trust him.
Mo Fei had orchestrated the entire battle himself, waiting for the perfect opportunity to seize victory.

From the start, Murphy had recognized that his opponent had singled him out as the primary target.
The dragon’s breath was contained by the Great Elementalist, and Dawn Excalibur was a formidable threat in close combat.
As long as their allies put out enough damage, they could win handily.

His only chance to win would be to separate Dawn Excalibur from the raid, and then defeat them one by one.
It’s not easy to quickly kill Dawn Excalibur, but it’s not hard to quickly kill those adventurers.
To pull this off, he would have to use some psychological tactics.

Seeing his hit points drop to 30%, Murphy knew it was time.
His life and death were hanging in the balance of his acting skills.

The black dragon in the sky stopped breathing out fire and roared angrily.

“Pesky mortals, I didn’t expect you to withstand my full power for so long! I have to say, I have underestimated you.”

The adventurers muttered in their hearts.
“What a load of BS, you didn’t do anything but breathe fire, does this really count as full power…”

At the same time, they rose in anticipation, thinking the dialogue signaled the start of Phase 2.
After all, it’s the final boss of a 40-man dungeon, so it’s impossible for it to stand in place all the way until it does.

Morpheus, Black Dragon Lord: “Hildeshanks, your master needs assistance!”

Activate Battle Strategy 1: Summon Allies!

Hildeshanks, Black Dragon Roamer: “At your command, Lord Morpheus.”

Out of the darkness emerged a juvenile black dragon, revealing itself to be Hildeshanks.

The adventurers were left speechless, wondering if this was all they were up against.

Hildeshanks was two tiers smaller than Morpheus and only ranked as a third-level boss.
Even with enhanced HP from the dungeon, it couldn’t have been more than 70,000.
What was the point?

But as it turned out, Hildeshanks’s breath was more powerful than they had anticipated.
Its flames were not hot red, but a mix of black and red, infused with additional powers.

The flames easily penetrated the adventurers’ flame protection barriers, causing their health to drop for the first time.

“Hey, this little dragon isn’t dealing pure fire damage.”

Indeed, Hildeshanks possessed the unique skill Shadowflame, which imbued all of its fire-based abilities with additional shadow damage.

As the dragon’s breath collided with the flame protection barrier, the flames were stopped, but the shadow damage was able to penetrate the barrier, gradually draining the players’ health.


Dawn Excalibur looked up at the black dragon in the sky.
“Can the group manage to heal through this?”

“No problem,” the healing professions chimed in confidently, eager to tend to the wounded.

“Then let’s push on,” declared Dawn Excalibur, holding his sword aloft without budging.

Although Midnight Dharma God was a bit perplexed, he had faith in the judgment of the Sword of Dawn.

“Keep attacking; it only has 30% of its health left.”

Not fooled? Murphy let out a sigh of disappointment.

It was proving more difficult than he had anticipated to use Hildeshanks as a distraction for Dawn Excalibur.
He needed to add another layer to his plan.

“Pathetic mortals,” the Black Dragon Lord taunted.
“I concede that you are formidable opponents, and while you may defeat me today, I shall return to fight another day.
Forgive me for not being able to entertain you further.”

The adventurers were taken aback by the sudden admission of defeat.
Did the boss just want to escape? Was that even possible in a dungeon boss battle?

One adventurer spoke up, “Wait a minute, what if this is part of the boss’s battle strategy? Could the strategies include one for escape or retreat?” Everyone was shocked when they heard this, and they felt it might be the case, but they were standing between the dragon and the only exit to the room.

Suddenly, Morpheus slammed into the cave’s ceiling.

Launch Battle Strategy 2 – Field Transformation: Mountain Collapse!

Midnight Dharma God’s heart turned cold.
Was the dragon really going to smash through the dome of the cave and fly away? Were they really that unlucky?

The dragon’s huge body crashed into the dome, and the whole mountain trembled, as if it was about to collapse at any moment.
Fortunately, the dome was quite strong and showed no damage.
Instead, the black dragon flapped its wings in the air in a daze, almost falling to the ground.

The adventurers suddenly burst into laughter, and the tense atmosphere disappeared instantly.

Crack! A piece of rubble fell in front of Midnight Dharma God.
He looked up above his head, and suddenly his face paled.
“No, the dome is collapsing, watch for falling rocks!.” The next second, more rocks came crashing down, one after the other.

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