PTB Ch.1 – Livestream of the Black Dragon Lord

Upon the towering Longshou Peak, a black dragon gazes out over the vast, black, carbon-like plain below.
The dragon’s scales gleam like obsidian in the dim sunlight, while its majestic wings unfurl, casting a colossal shadow upon the ridge.
Its neck is slightly bent, giving it the appearance of a statue as it contemplates some profound question.

The dragon’s eyes flutter open, revealing vertical pupils unique to reptiles that glimmer with a flame-like luster.
This is Morpheus, also known as the “Shadow of Death,” the Black Dragon Lord, a level 80 disaster-level boss and the leader of the Dark Dragon Nest Dungeon.
One of the thirteen Black Dragon Lords of the Black Dragon Legion.

Behind the black dragon, an army of monster servants—goblins, gnolls, kobolds—crowd together, bustling about their tasks.
A few huge ogres and bugbears drag big wooden sticks and yawn lazily.
Though they possess little patience for waiting, they make no move to protest under the oppressive influence of the black dragon’s aura, known as Longwei.

Several black young dragons stood shoulder to shoulder on the cliff’s edge, mimicking their uncle’s posture as they gazed into the distance.
In the horizon, where the dark plain meets the emerald forest, tiny black dots could be seen gradually approaching.

At first, the young dragons were quite interested, but they soon grew bored with the arrival of the adventurers, who were brave, fearless, greedy, and all too familiar.

One dragon stepped forward from the crowd and cautiously asked, “Master Morpheus, the enemy has appeared.
Shall we go down and prepare?”

The black dragon did not answer.
Its wordless silence made the curious dragon’s forehead sweat, and it dared not ask again, retreating soundlessly.

The black young dragons whispered amongst themselves.

“Master Morpheus’ dragon power is growing stronger by the day.”

“Yes, but what do you suppose is on Master Morpheus’ mind?”

“I believe Lord Morpheus may be praying to the gods.
It is said that powerful dragons can communicate directly with the Dragon God.
Perhaps the Dragon God is revealing an oracle to Lord Morpheus,” suggested one of the dragons.

“I believe Lord Morpheus is contemplating whether to unleash a new dragon calamity.
Our lair has been established for nearly half a year, and those adventurers come to cause trouble every now and then.
It’s time to eradicate them and seize their treasures!” proposed another.

“You’re all overthinking it.
Maybe Mr.
Morpheus is just thinking about what to eat tonight.
I, for one, crave some roast lamb…” joked a third dragon.

However, none of their guesses aligned with what the black dragon Morpheus was truly thinking.

“What the hell? Is it some kind of holiday or game event today? Why are there so many adventurers here? And why are they attacking from the front of the dark plain? Don’t they know how I earned the nickname ‘Shadow of Death’? Well, the more people who come, the bloodier the slaughter.
As long as there are no heroes leading the team, these adventurers are doomed.
Speaking of which, the live streaming room is about to open, and I’ll need to work hard to earn my rewards.”

As it turned out, Black Dragon Morpheus was not just a dragon, but also the gamer and livestreamer Murphy.

In the game “Firmament World,” it is not unusual for players to assume the role of a BOSS.
They have the freedom to choose any role they wish, ranging from a mouse in the sewers to a deep-sea monster lurking in the ocean depths, or even the gods in the realm of the divine can be played by the players.

In the game “Firmament World,” the traditional time cards and premium items have been replaced with template-based pricing.

Throughout the game, players have dozens of character templates to choose from, which can be broadly categorized into three types based on the pricing model.

The first type is a free template, where players can play without having to spend any money.

The monster templates allow players to assume the form of various creatures such as skeletons, zombies, birds of prey, goblins, murlocs, ooze monsters, piranhas, and other strange beings.

The soldier template lets players play the role of ordinary soldiers from different kingdoms.
They guard cities, patrol the countryside, eliminate monsters, participate in inter-kingdom wars, and serve as cannon fodder on the battlefield.

The civilian template doesn’t have any combat capabilities, but players can travel around, learn skills, do business, open shops, and experience civilian life in the fantasy world.

The second type is the paid template, where players need to use point cards to buy game time.

The adventurer template is the closest to the traditional game mode.
Players fight monsters and upgrade their characters, kill bosses to obtain equipment, accept missions, and earn reputation.
This type of template has the largest number of players.

The explorer template lets players delve deep into ancient ruins, explore ancient secrets, and unearth legendary treasures.

The vassal template allows players to own their own manor, cultivate land, develop their properties, or lead troops to fight and serve their lord, participating in wars.

The third type is the VIP template, which is the most enjoyable and the most expensive way to play the game.

The lord template has gameplay similar to that of a real-time strategy game.
Players take on the role of a lord who owns a castle and territory.
They can farm and develop wasteland, form an army, battle against other kingdoms, expand their territory, lead an army to resist the attacks of orcs,

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