Chapter 2

I Have to Stop My Sister's Papa-katsu

Translated by NotBlueYet
Edited by Kingavent


Going back a bit.


In this small room of 10 tatami mats, I happened to see a message that came on my sister’s phone screen.


The message that came on my sister’s neglected phone screen.


“About the Papa-katsu (basically a sugar daddy) you were talking about the other day, are you sure about it? Are you still a virgin…?”


My heart beats faster as I see that message, thinking that’s ridiculous.


But I couldn’t read any further without opening unlocking the phone.


Why? My sister, who had never even had a boyfriend, was talking about papa-katsu?


Why would my sister, who is beautiful but has never even dyed her hair yet, talk about it?


At night, I presses her finger against my sister’s sleeping phone, even though I knew I shouldn’t.


I managed to calm myself down and sat beside my sister, wondering if she can hear my heart beating.


Sighing in her sleep, my sister’s eyes were reddish as if she had cried herself to sleep, and were still filled with tears.


Then I saw the text.


“I knew it…”


My doubts turned to certainty, I had been aware of that.


I knew why my sister, now in high school, needed money.




A year ago.


“Nana! Mom collapsed!”


Breathless, I reported this to my sister and ran off to the hospital with her.


My mother, who lost my father in an accident early in life, raised me and my sister by herself.


My mother, who had been working part-time jobs with a cheerful smile on her face, never showed the slightest sign of fatigue, collapsed.


She had cancer.


To pay for her treatment and hospitalization, we sold our house, furniture, and my father’s savings.


She continues to be treated with medication, but every day the money is running out like hot water.


With no relatives to rely on, we were forced to move out of the house we were living in and into this shabby one-room apartment with a rent of 40,000 yen.


There was no privacy, just the two of us, brother and sister, in a single room.


That is why we help and support each other because we are the only two siblings.



And now.


One year has passed since then, and my sister is going to high school.


I worked part-time from morning till night, neglecting my studies.


I was already thinking of quitting high school and getting a job.


My grades were good, but now they were at the bottom of the class.


I was at a level where I could not keep up in class alone because it was a preparatory school.


Even in those classes, I often fell asleep because I was too sleepy…


So I abandoned my studies.


I worked part-time to support the family finances and manage to save money.


I wanted to send my sister to college at least…


I didn’t want her to have to endure life.


We talked about this yesterday.


I told her I was going to drop out of high school.


But my sister protested vehemently, and the conversation was put on hold.


“I’ll do something about the money too! You don’t have to sacrifice your life for me! I’ll do whatever I can to make sure we both go to college!”


And this is the result.


My sister is so beautiful that she got confessed to several times in junior high school.


She is so beautiful that I wonder if she has the same blood as me.


She has long black hair, white skin, and big eyes.


She is about 160 cm tall.


Nana, whose breasts have recently appeared, is a sister who is called beautiful wherever she goes.


“Sorry, sorry…”


In this small room, I looked at my sister sleeping next to me.


I looked at the screen of that phone and my sister’s tear-stained sleeping face.


Tears of sorry, tears of mercy.


I shed tears for the fact that my sister was willing to put her body on the line to earn money.


Then I wiped away my tears and made up my mind.


I would not quit high school, I would not stop my mother’s treatment, and I would not let my sister get involved.


The only path that would allow me to fulfill that arrogant, greedy, and supposedly ordinary dream of happiness.


I was determined to take the only path left to me.


“It’s a path I gave up on once, but I’ll do my best once again brother….
I’ll put my body on the line.”


I gently stroke my sister’s hair and resolve aloud.


The dream I once gave up on for lack of talent.


The dream of a profession that is possible even for high school students with the most earning potential right now.


The dream of being a dungeon explorer.



“Skill level up… ♪ I’m now at Lv 10.
Alchemizable rank increased to D rank.”


And the awakened alchemist.


It’s still not a lot of money, but it was right in front of me.

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