Chapter 16

We Can Provide a Stable Supply!

Translated by NotBlueYet
Edited by Kingavent


“Can we have a show of force first, before we have a business meeting? I can’t believe it at first hand.”


Tanaka-san folds his hands in front of him and looks at me.


“Show me your power first before we talk about specifics.”


Today’s alchemy count is not a problem because the king’s helmet increases the number of alchemy counts, and there are some left over.


“Okay, but without the knight series…”


“Hmm, okay, Ai-san.
Could you get me about ten of them? You can mark them on my expenses.
If it’s true, Tanaka-kun will buy them for me.”


“Yes, I’ll do it!”


Ai then goes to the nearby arms shop to buy the knight series.


There would be about ten in stock.


“So, while we’re at it, may I tell you a little about our company?”


“Yes, yes.
Please do.”


Tanaka-san then begins to explain the company.


He began explaining one document after another on his tablet as if it were a presentation.


“First of all, we are not the biggest arms wholesaler in Japan today.
It’s called Sugar Corporation.”


I knew this.


Because it is the company of Sato’s parents.


I see commercials, billboards, and advertisements everywhere.


Every time I see them, I am reminded of his face and it pisses me off.


“But our company has experienced rapid growth over the past few years, and last year we ranked second in the industry in sales.
That’s due in no small part to the success of the explorers we contract with.”


And then the names of the well-known guilds appear on the tablet.


Among them….


“Evening Star! You have a contract with that top guild too!”


“Yes, I know Ryunosuke, the leader of the guild, in private, and I have a good connection with him.
To be honest, this guild is very powerful.
The number of deliveries is by far the largest.”


Individual adventurers redeem their goods by delivering them to the Dungeon Association.


This has been my way of doing things up to now.


The Dungeon Association then wholesales to the company, so I’m just an intermediary in the end.


However, with large guilds, we have to make large deliveries, so we contract directly with the company and wholesale equipment directly to them.


This is because they can make more profit that way.


“We have contracts with guilds, but we also have contracts with individuals such as blacksmiths.”


Blacksmithing is a profession that allows one to create weapons by combining drops that fall in the higher levels of the hierarchy.


The higher the skill level, the better the quality – or lvl, in other words – the higher the weapon can be made.


“So, if you really have the power to do this, please sign a contract with our company.
We’ll give you a reasonable response.”


Tanaka-san then smiled.


I thought this was a sales smile, but the gap between his expression and the stern, hard-working president’s expression earlier made me feel a bit nervous.


Maybe this guy will be popular with the ladies….


Time passes quickly while I am allowed to read about the company’s materials for a while, I hear a knock at the door.


“I bought them.
Ten knight’s gauntlets.”


Ai spreads the gauntlets out on the desk.


“Woohoo, I’m looking forward to it, then, Kenya-kun?”




And I repeat the alchemy one by one.


“So this is alchemy…”


(Just raising the LV is enough to make me want to sign an exclusive contract…)


Tanaka ponders as he watches the light.


One by one, the equipment is enveloped in the light and its Lv level goes up.


Then he refines the last two.


The last two are smelted, and they appear with a big light.


Evolution♪ King’s gauntlet Lv.








Both Ai-san and the chairman, who were seeing alchemy for the first time, let out their voices.


Only Tanaka-san stares at the king’s gauntlet without saying anything.


Then he opens his mouth.


“Kenya-kun, how many of these can you create per day?”


“Let’s see, right now I can alchemize 20 times, so two.
The number of times will increase depending on my intelligence…”


“Don’t tell me you can do the top of the king series too?”


“Right now I can only alchemize up to C rank, but since I’ve been able to get to E and D ranks, maybe someday I’ll be able to get to B rank as well.”




(Excellent future potential, he can surely deliver 2 King series, over 700 pieces a year, and there is a possibility of even more depending on his intelligence… is this…)


Tanaka-san falls silent with his question.


The chairman looks at him with amusement.




Tanaka-san suddenly stands up, puts his hands on the desk and leans forward.


“Will you sign an exclusive contract with our company! We’ll give you the best treatment and treat you as an extra A-lister! In other words, I will give you the same treatment as the Evening Star!”


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