“Do-jin-ssi, I hope you go first!”


“Do-jin-ssi? That’s right.
Those clothes are definitely not good on you anymore.”


It was a basic piece of clothing that would never go out of fashion, but it felt too old on him.


“…These were the clothes my sister bought me.”


“If it’s your sister… Ah! I must have looked at it wrong.
Looking at it again, it seems like a very good fit.”


A-yun was sweating profusely as she changed her words.


“It’s okay.”


“Yes, um.
Shall we pick some clothes then?”


“I want to pick them myself!”


This time, Hyeon-woo came out.
It was because he wanted to repay Do-jin and style him with new clothes as his gratitude for lending him a jumper.
Even though it was pocket money his younger brother gave him, he had money.
So, it was okay if he bought one or two suits.
That was his idea.


“I’m fine.”


Hyeon-woo caught Do-jin who was about to retreat.


“Will you wear them?”


At the next question, Do-jin could not back down any further.
Sometimes, Hyeon-woo approached him as if there was no line between them.
During those times, Do-jin was perplexed, but he accommodated it.
He was afraid that he wouldn’t tell him more about his sister and seeing him like this reminded him of her.




Hyeon-woo smiled brightly at Do-jin’s answer and looked around at the clothes in the store.
What clothes would suit him? He had no knowledge in fashion.
In the Demon Realm, he could only wear clothes from when he was younger, and when he came back to the modern age, Seon-woo picked out the clothes for him.
So, he took out clothes that caught his eye in moderation.
It was a light sweater that was good to wear in the fall.


“Would you like to wear this?”


Do-jin quietly took the sweater and went into the dressing room.
It didn’t take long to change.
It was a sweater he picked casually, but it looked better than he thought because he liked it.


“No, how can you have a body like that?”


Hyeon-woo came closer without realizing it and touched Do-jin’s upper body.
He had noticed it since his thighs were firm, but his whole body was like a weapon.
But he didn’t really like it at the same time.
He was just envious.


‘Why can’t I build muscles like those!’


He had fine muscles, but he was far from that kind of body.
Do-jin flinched as he poked his body with his fingers raised just because he was grumpy.


It fits better than I thought.
So what do you say about that?”


A-yun, who was approaching him all of a sudden, looked at Do-jin’s shaggy hair.


“I think it would be much better if we go and trim your hair.
Shall we go get a haircut today?”


“Let’s go!”


Hyeon-woo actively agreed.


“I like it this way.
It’s comfortable.”


“But I think it would be inconvenient though.”


His face wasn’t ugly, but it would be much better if he removed the hair that covered his eyes.
He didn’t like it that much.
Hyeon-woo made a sad expression.
Well, it was a pity.
He would have to try on some more clothes.
A sweater, a fashionable T-shirt, and even a semi-suit, Do-jin came out wearing whatever he was given, and each time Hyeon-woo rubbed his chin with his hand and looked at him like a fashion savvy person.


He was worried about which one he should buy as he went well with anything he wore.
He had enough money to buy them all, but he couldn’t spend all the money his younger brother had earned.
As he was thinking seriously, Seon-woo, who had been sitting on the sofa watching the whole time, approached him and hung on his back.




He could dress up well too.
He didn’t know why he only cared about Do-jin.
Seon-woo tried not to express the displeasure that was coming to his mind, and he played foolishly on Hyeon-woo.
A-yun and Ja-yun’s eyes widened as if they were about to pop out, but they didn’t mind.


What’s important to Seon-woo was not the gaze of others.


“Oh, would you like to try on some clothes too, Seon-woo?”


At Hyeon-woo’s words, Seon-woo smiled shyly and nodded his head coldly.
Then he pointed to the same sweater Do-jin was wearing.


“I want to wear that.”


Unlike Do-jin, who showed an awkward attitude, Seon-woo knew how to catch the attention of others.
When he changed his clothes and came out, his eyes turned towards it in one second.
Hyeon-woo applauded without realizing it.


So Seon-woo put on again what Do-jin was wearing.
It looked like a demonstration, but only Hyeon-woo didn’t know that.
He just wanted his younger brother to try on the clothes, but he felt a little sorry that he didn’t care enough about him.


After Seon-woo, Hyeon-woo tried on clothes, and then A-yun.
After that, they bought clothes and gave them to each other.
A-yun to Hyeon-woo, Hyeon-woo to Do-jin and Seon-woo, and Seon-woo to Hyeon-woo.


“I’ll wear it well.”


“Thank you, Hyung.”


“No, thank you.”


He bought it as a gift, but the money belonged to Seon-woo.
Hyeon-woo scratched his cheek because it was awkward.
After the gift giving process was over, A-yun stepped out again.


“Okay then, we did some shopping, so let’s go eat something delicious! I already reserved the restaurant.”


The restaurant A-yun had reserved was a Korean-style restaurant in a remote location.
At first glance, it looked like a hanok[1] as there was no signboard, but it was actually a restaurant.
He had heard that such a place existed, but when he visited in person, he was still intrigued and wanted to look around.




The owner, with a gentle impression, led them to the inner room.
They sat in the room and opened the door to glance at the well-manicured garden.
As soon as everyone took a seat, warm towels and tea came out.


“I’m going out for a little while.”


A-yun got up from her seat to open the door and stepped out.
She thought about going to the bathroom for a while.
She had no hesitation in her steps as this was a place she had been to several times.


‘Now that it seems that a lot of their vigilance has been lifted, it would be good to ask questions slowly while continuing like this.
What should I ask first?’


As she was shaking her head, she suddenly had a bad feeling.
So, looking behind her, A-yun saw a man in staff uniform.
He greeted A-yun, and A-yun lightly bowed her head to receive the greeting.
And just as she was about to pass by, there was a face that passed through her mind.




A new Awakened person in a changed world brought peace to the world by slaughtering monsters.
They were kind of a hero.
But how can all human beings be only good? Some people stood between good and evil, while others didn’t.


Rather than destroying monsters, they harmed the people and brought chaos to society.
They all called it:




They were a social evil.
For this reason, bounties were often attached to their necks, and some were given cash to catch them.


‘Burst Bomber.’


The ability to touch a person and blow up his or her hand.
He was a person who killed dozens of people and was vilified as a person with a bounty.
She moved quickly to know whether her guess was still correct or not.


‘Why is he here?’


Of course, Burst Bomber didn’t show his face openly.
But his face looked different.
Maybe it was because he used an item.
If she was ordinary, she wouldn’t have recognized it and would have overlooked it.
If she was ordinary, that is.
But A-yun wasn’t ordinary.


Ja-yun had been worried about his younger sister, who was the guild’s brain, and had handed A-yun various items.


Unlike Hyeon-woo, who expressed his reluctance to equip items, A-yun wore them all together.
Earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets.
Even items that were invisible.
Among them, there were some with the power to negate the effect of other items and some to increase mental resistance.


That pierced Burst Bomber’s item effect!


‘Let’s stay calm.’


Although Burst Bomber was a high-ranking villain, it was not enough to beat three S-Class Awakened.
No, to be honest, he would lose 100%.
No matter how crazy a villain may be, he would not crawl to his deathbed.
Then there was only one conclusion.


‘It may not be us.’


Apparently, their schedule overlapped with the person he was aiming for.


‘Wow, unlucky.’


A-yun turned around as casually as possible.
Here he would scream and be heard inside, but he could have taken himself hostage.
Therefore she intended to go back and make the existence of Burst Bomber known to others.


Acting like this wasn’t difficult.




The villain did not catch A-yun, who turned around.
Or she thought so.




The bracelet vibrated, preventing anything from penetrating into her body.
The earrings then sent an attack, but the bomber easily blocked it.


“I’m going to get caught in this place.
I have no luck.”


Caught! A-yun threw the small handbag she was holding at him.
At the same time, the handbag exploded.
This was because it was an item that gave damage when a strong impact hit it.
However, Burst Bomber passed it easily.




A-yun took advantage of the break for a moment and shouted.
Then, she quickly took out her ring and threw it on the floor.


[Sanderman’s Ring (Elite)]

On impact, it spurts out water smoke in one direction.
It puts your opponent to sleep.
Rumor has it that even huge monsters can be put to sleep in an instant.


At the same time, she turned and ran.
The shoes she was wearing were not common, so it wasn’t a slow pace.
But the opponent wasn't bad.
The bomber came out through the sleep smoke and reached out to A-yun.
Then, the several layers of shields protecting her body were broken one after another.


‘Is the grade wrong!’


It occurred to her for a moment, but it was already too late.
A large hand covered A-yun’s mouth as she was about to scream, while the other hand was wrapped around her neck.


When she woke up, A-yun was held hostage by the Burst Bomber, and S-class Awakened including Ja-yun stood in front of him.






Ja-yun looked at the bomber with an angry expression.


“Ah, why are you shouting like that?”


The bomber grunted and gave strength to the arm that wrapped around A-yun’s neck.


“If you come close, it will explode, it will explode~! I can’t be like this without real luck.”


With a sigh, Bomber rolled his eyes and looked around.


[1] Hanok – a traditional Korean house

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