“You failed.”


In the dark-coated car, the face of another man sitting next to the driver, who was holding the steering wheel, was severely distorted.


“Damn it.”


He clenched his teeth and let out a deep sigh.


“I’m just glad you failed.
After all, some people were captured by Iwamoto’s side.”


“Can’t you get them back?”


“Would that be easy? Although he is being criticized for being behind Ji Seon-woo, he is also an S-class awakener.
An Awakener can’t break through even if they jump on it.”


“What if it can’t be retrieved?”


“It is not easy either.
No, why did Japan and America appear here? At least Russia was not involved, so I have to say we are in luck?”


“I was quite unlucky.
By the way, is Ji Hyeon-woo the person you tracked down earlier? There would be no way to get him out of the guild easily.”


“That could be right, or it could be a bait if you are unlucky.”


What a time of the day it was.
Awakeners with strange abilities and items no less appeared.
There could be items that imitated faces or caused confusion.
Besides, the opponent was the Seon-Hyeon Guild.
It boasted enormous power and wealth, so it was likely that they might have it.


“It would be difficult.”


The man, who was holding the handle, raised his glasses as if it was a habit.


“We need to think about the next plan.”


There was silence in the car for a moment.





In a wide communal area, a huge ice flower began to bloom within.
The fast-growing ice flower soon stopped growing, then shattered and scattered all over.




The ice shards shot at a frightening speed destroyed all the large-scale monsters in front.
It was a shabby end for a triumphant crowd.


“Clean it up!”


When Seon-woo left, team 1 that followed, began to clean up and kill the monsters that had fallen quickly.


Meanwhile, Seon-woo took out the unconnected phone and looked at it with a nervous expression.
He was optimistic, but again, the electronics inside were not working.
Kero sat next to him, clenched his front paws, and yawned.




A smile appeared on Team 1’s face, looking at the cute figure involuntarily.
But after a while, the tension began to circulate again.
It was because he realized that Kero was a different being than he had seen.


Because it was Kero who played an active part in meeting the mid-boss.
The huge mid-boss who was in the shape of a wolf was smashed by Kero who jumped right in.


He bit his leg and ripped it off, spewing blue-white flames from his mouth, melting its body.
Just looking at him running, he seemed crazy.
Seon-woo also wondered if he would even have to subdue Kero.
Fortunately, after dealing with the mid-boss, it got smaller again and followed him at regular footsteps, but it was not forgotten.


“Isn’t it a bit strange, by the way?”




“I know I said it was an S-class or higher dungeon, but it doesn’t feel like that.”


A grade, if you pushed it.
It was a dungeon like that.
If it had been a higher-grade dungeon, Ji Seon-woo would not have been able to afford that much.
And Seon-woo was also feeling the sense of incongruity they felt.




It felt like the dungeon grade was lower than he expected.
Even considering that it was a country with few awakenings, the level was too low.
At least three S-class saints were included, but they did not actively participate.
Like a time stopper which had run out of time.


“Oh, that’s great! It was a rumor.”


Even if we don’t touch it, it looks like we can clear the room soon.”


It was annoying to see him talking.


He thought it would be more dangerous because he was desperately hanging on, but it seemed like it could have been solved if only Kero and the first team were deployed.
Of course, dungeons were always in flux, so he wouldn’t really leave them that way.


Seon-woo put the phone in his arms and said.


“Let’s speed up more.”




First of all, breaking through the dungeon as quickly as possible was a priority.





On the other side.


Every time the dagger was held in the reverse position, the monster fell down.
At that sight, the other awakened people, who also entered the dungeon, looked surprised.


The Guild Leader of the Peace Guild.
As the guild leader of a guild that stayed in the top 5 in Korea, he expected it to be somewhat strong, but this was beyond it.
Han Do-jin was an awakened person with more power than people thought.


Since when did he become so strong?”


Hye-sun, who was standing in front of him, asked her own guild member with her trembling expression.


“If the guild leader doesn’t know, how am I supposed to know?”


“No-, well that’s true too.”


When she first faced Ji Seon-woo, she didn’t think he was that strong.
Was he hiding his power? Hye-sun scratched his head, then vigorously stepped forward with her feet and began to push a monster with her shield.




Dogs and cows all hide their strength, so an honest person would live with shame! Her desire for power grew even greater.


‘I want to be strong.’


I want to become stronger and stronger and stand on top.
For that purpose, Hye-sun was thinking of doing anything.
He didn’t want to be left behind.




When the monsters that were being pushed down fell, they hit it down with the pointed part under the shield.


“Let’s get it done quickly!”


The awakened people, who followed Hye-sun’s shout, began to move with enthusiasm.
Meanwhile, Do-jin went far ahead.





“Dungeon’s cleared!”


After confirming that the last boss had fallen, the Awakened people shouted loudly.
The attack on the dungeon, which felt like it took a long time, has finally ended.
As soon as the door to the outside opened, Seon-woo was the first to step outside.


As soon as Seon-woo appeared, the reporters, who were waiting, light flashed from afar.
Awakeners, who wielded violence in the dungeon, were the most sensitive when they come out of the dungeon.


So, he usually blocked access, but Seon-woo was different.
He never showed weakness or violence, so reporters were allowed to cover his story, even from afar.


‘Yes, I did it.’


The flashing of light from everywhere was annoying.
Seon-woo looked ahead with bitter eyes.
He wanted to turn it all off right now.
There was no time to be tied up here.
He had to go back to Korea and see his Hyung.


“Monster! It’s a monster!”


“Run away!”


Some of the terrified fled, and the Awakened who were blocking them approached.
And then, Team 1 came out.


“Wait, wait!”


Team 1’s leader, Ain(아인은), stepped forward and blocked the Awakeners who were approaching.


“It’s not an enemy.
No! It’s a tamed monster!”


At those words, the reporters, who couldn’t run away, had their eyes twinkled.


“You mean taming?”


“Did Ji Seon-woo tame it?”


Back away, monsters get excited sometimes!”


Ain shouted resolutely and waved his hand.
Then a low stone wall was formed between the people and Kero.
Then, little by little, people began to calm their excitement.


“Guild Leader, what should I do?”


At that time, Ain sighed in relief and asked Seon-woo for his opinion.


“Ignore it.”




Was that okay? There was an image that Seon-woo had maintained so far, and Ain was perplexed, but soon understood.
It was probably because he was worried about his Hyung that he left behind.
He was also one of those who cried watching his documentary.


“Then I will go.”


Soon, the first team surrounded Seon-woo.
And Kero also returned to his small form and followed Seon-woo.


“Ji Seon-woo-ssi!”


Some reporters called for Seon-woo, but he neatly ignored it.


“I will go back to Korea for the interview!”


Still, the reporter was stuck with Ain.
The guild members of the Seon-Hyeon Guild, who were dispatched to Kenya, returned to Korea.





“Dungeon’s cleared!”


The dungeon in Jeju Island faced an analogous situation.


No human can do that.”


As soon as Hye-sun left the dungeon, she panted and sat down.
It was on the easy side for a dangerous dungeon, but the problem was the schedule.
She had to take a break in the middle to check her condition, but Han Do-jin was running wild in front of her, so her speed increased without realizing it.


That was why, after clearing the dungeon, she didn’t even have the strength to lift a finger.
Hye-sun, who was an S-class Awakened, was already like this and the condition of the others was worse.
Some even fainted as soon as they came out.


“Then I’ll get going now.”


As soon as Do-jin came out, he reported to Hye-sun and disappeared before he could be caught.


“No! If you go like this!”


Anyway, the leader was the tanker, Hye-sun, but that was why it was difficult.




Hye-sun screamed, and she laid down on the spot.
The sky was particularly blue today.


“Those monster bastards.”


Ji Seon-woo and Han Do-jin were monsters.
When would she be able to catch up with them? Hye-sun took a deep breath and closed her eyes.


“Ah, Guild Leader! You can’t sleep in a place like this!”


“I don’t care, I’ll just sleep a little.”


And then she fell asleep with a snoring sound.






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