“Ji Hyeon-woo!”


His identity was revealed.
Still, he tried to deny it just in case they were guessing.


“I’m not him.”


“It seems right.
Why the hell are you here?”


“I was just walking for a while.”


“When this is happening?”


Those clumsy excuses didn’t work at all.
Of course, no wonder it wouldn’t work.
In a situation where the people around him were aiming for him, who would go out alone calmly?


Hyeon-woo slowly stepped back.
As it was, he was going to deny that he went out after escaping.
There were eyewitnesses, but no one would believe them.
Everyone believed that Hyeon-woo had no power.


At that time, a young man spoke to Hyeon-woo.


“Did you say Ji Hyeon-woo?”


Hyeon-woo paused for a moment at the sudden Korean word.


“Can you speak Korean?”


“A little bit.”


He took something out of his pocket and threw it at Hyeon-woo.
At first glance, they looked like Bluetooth earphones.
When he accepted it, the man tapped his ear.
Now that he was seeing clearly, he was wearing the same thing.



“It’s a translation item.”


He listened to the woman’s explanation and placed it in his ears.


“Now I can speak comfortably.”


It was translated surprisingly clearp.


“By the way, he said he was Ji Seon-woo’s older brother.
Then, why can’t I feel any power?”


That was because he was hiding it.


“Are you awakened?”


“I am not obligated to tell you that.”


Then the young man closed his eyes and smiled.


“You are cheeky.”


“It would be you who is the cheeky one.”


The air was respectful, but it was an atmosphere where it wouldn’t be strange even if he raised a knife.


“I think it’s similar to Ji Seon-woo in not trying to lose at all.”


“What do you mean? That I am weaker than my brother?”


In an instant, the atmosphere became tense.


The only person that fidgeted in-between was the woman who had been interpreting all the time.
She let out a short sigh and the young man approached Hyeon-woo.
But she did not feel particularly alive, so she stood still and greeted him.


“Don’t you know that the arrogance of the powerless brings only danger?”


What was he saying now? Although he kept it hidden, Hyeon-woo was actually stronger.
Judging by how much power he showed, the words that the young man spat out corresponded to him.


“Well, when you fall into hell, then you would be doomed by fate.
When that happens, it would be too late to regret it.”


‘You’re the one in danger.’ Hyeon-woo put strength into his fist.
He was thinking of hitting someone like this–if no one else showed up through the alleyway.




The new arrival was a blonde American young man.
With the appearance of an angel, he naturally approached and spoke to the young man himself.


“It’s nice to see you all here.”




“I want you to call me by name.
I have a wonderful name, Leon, so why do you call me by my last name every time?”


“I don’t want to call you that.”


“It’s tricky.
But who is this guy here?”


“If you know that, what are you going to do?”


Junichi was rough the whole time, but Leon didn’t budge.
He laughed out loud and bowed to greet Hyeon-woo.


“Hello? My name is Leon.
May I know your name?”




He felt sorry for Chan-young, but that was the only name that came to mind right away.



That’s a cool name.
But I don’t think it’s your name, is it?”


And then he rolled his eyes and smiled; it felt like there was a halo on his head.
It was a look that could attract people.
However, Hyeon-woo, who had seen a lot of beauties in the underworld and in the real world, did not fall for that.




“Well, if you want to be called by that name.
Then, I can call you that.”


Then he reached out his hand, and a sword blocked his way.


“Do not approach any further.”


“Oh my, are you jealous, Junichi?”


“Didn’t I tell you not to call my name?


“You can call my name instead.”


“I absolutely hate it.”


Leon’s body moved right after Junichi’s sharp voice sounded.

Then, other saints entered the alleyway.
They all wore the same uniform, and wore badges engraved with strange patterns on their chests.


“In your positions.”


“What do you mean?”


He looked at their clothes without saying a word.
From the clothes to the accessories they were wearing, and to their attitude were nothing short of maniacal.
But nonetheless, these were America’s ‘Guardians’.
They sounded like formidable opponents.




“Yeah! The call finished a while ago.”


As soon as the words were finished, a new group appeared.
He was a member of a huge Japanese guild, the Orochi Guild.
The atmosphere was getting progressively worse.


Leon, who was looking at the new arrivals, suddenly turned his head and asked Hyeon-woo.


“How about this? If you want, I can protect you from those dangerous people.”


Weren't they both the same? Hyeon-woo frowned without realizing it.


“I bet this is a lot more personal than you think.”


“The bullshit is excellent.”


Junichi said sarcastically, but Leon ignored him neatly.


“It really is.
How long will you just be protected by your younger brother? Why don’t you come over here and have a look? I’ll give you anything you want.”


Leon let out a sugar-coated sound in a warm voice.
But Hyeon-woo had no intention of going over there.
For that reason, looking at the situation, he slowly retreated.
Then he grabbed the stone he had kicked with his hind feet in his hand and threw it at the entrance of the alleyway.
He was so sneaky and quick that no one noticed him.





At the sudden sound, their eyes naturally turned away, and Hyeon-woo succeeded in pulling himself out of the scene.
When Junichi and Leon turned their heads again, no one was there.




Junichi looked around while holding his sword.
But no sign was felt anywhere.






Being Junichi’s secretary, Yuki had sensory powers.
Although she wasn’t as strong as he was, she had a great talent for finding and chasing those who were hiding.
But even such Yuki couldn’t find anything.


“There is no trace.”


Yuki wasn’t the only one who couldn’t catch a trace.
Leon was also unable to do so.


“Where did you suddenly disappear?”


He disappeared like a mirage.
But there were too many eyewitnesses to call it a fantasy.
A guild member who was good at tracking came forward and searched for him, but the result was not much different than Yuki’s.


“That’s strange.”


Junichi left the alley as soon as he confirmed that Hyeon-woo had disappeared, and he couldn’t find him.
After that, Yuki hurriedly followed, and the remaining guild members began to take care of the fallen.


It was because they knew that knowing where they came from would be useful in many ways.




Leon knew that and coveted the fallen man, but he did not move easily.
The guild members he brought here were not the elite of the ‘Guardian’.
He was just dragging those who had time to spare.
On the other hand, Junichi seemed to have brought the key personnel of the guild members.


The face was familiar.


“I have to leave today.”



Leon shrugged his shoulders and moved on.


‘It’s a strange feeling anyway.’


No power was palpable.
If it made you look weak, then that was not the case.
Instincts buried deep within him trembled every time he looked at him.
He has never seen anything like this before.


‘Well, let’s wait a little longer.’


As Leon moved on, the men in uniform followed him.
People’s attention was drawn to the appearance of them passing by in unique attire.


“Are they cosplaying?”


Isn’t that the Guardian Guild’s outfit?”


“The Guardian Guild is an American guild.
Why are they here?”


“But there is the Seon-Hyeon guild over there.
Could it be that he came for some reason?”


Leon caught on to the sound and smiled.
The pouring interest was quite surprising.
Which kid would hate it, though.
And that one kid, Junichi, was just getting into the car.


How long will it take to send me the information I got from the people I caught earlier?”


“I’ll finish it in one day.”


“Half a day.”


“Yes, I will finish it in half a day.”


At that moment, Junichi slowly leaned back on the backrest.
As soon as he saw Ji Seon-woo’s documentary, he came to Korea quickly, and was fortunate enough to see his Hyung.
He didn’t believe everything on the show, but he thought he wouldn’t turn away if the content was right.


‘I was lucky.’


Aside from luck, the image of Ji Hyeon-woo was bad, though.
Junichi, he hated incompetence and weakness.
And Ji Seon-woo’s older brother seemed to be a typical underdog.
A leech that could not live without relying on others.


He thought that there was no way he was really incompetent because he was the first generation.
He thought he was hiding his power, but he wasn’t.
Then, did he survive in the Demon Realm with the help of that huge monster?


‘Is that possible?’

Junichi was also dragged into the Demon Realm because he was a second-generation Awakened.
No matter how powerful a monster was, it was not an environment in which one could survive easily.



There were very few edibles, and he had to risk his life to get them.
The environment was barren, and the types of monsters were diverse.


‘I don’t know.’


It seemed like he had to dig a little deeper.
Including what was happening in the Seon-Hyeon Guild these days.
Ji Seon-woo was suddenly called abroad, and the Guild Leader of the Peace Guild, who guarded the first generation, was also called to Jeju Island.
Then, suddenly, the Deputy Guild Leader of the Phoenix Guild came to the Seon-Hyeon Guild.
Suspicious people were wandering around the guild.


If he put all this together, something seemed to come out.


‘The more you know about the enemy, the more favorable it is.’


So he was thinking of digging into all this.


On the other hand, there was a gaze watching the entire scene.




Credits:Translator: Hoshi MiyaEditor/Proofreader: Davine



HM: I want Hyeon-woo to beat them himself or I’ll be the one to beat them myself.
Lol wwwww.

And yas, Yuki is gender-neutral name.
So, please….
Idk what gender it is either.
It does say that she’s a woman in the last chapter.


Davine: again with the gender neutral…

Tbh I have absolutely no idea why Hyeon-woo's hiding his powers.


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