Even without Seon-woo or Do-jin, daily life went on.
There was nothing dangerous.
But just when the moment the thought set in, a visitor came.


‘At least now.’


The Deputy Guild Leader of the Phoenix Guild, which had its main branch in the United States, came to visit.
Who would you call someone that came directly to you even after you have rejected them several times?


‘Why are all huge Guilds like this!’


They didn’t care about others as much as they knew the power they had.
Besides, one of the national enemies was the United States, so it was a shame.


Chan-young clenched his teeth.
The other was a huge American guild, but the Seon-Hyeon guild was not to be belittled either.
He might not need to deal with it in person.
But the opponent did not retreat easily.
He said that he would sit down in the lobby and wait for Chan-young.


“What’s going on?”


Hyeon-woo, who felt unusual, asked Chan-young.


“The Deputy Guild Leader came directly from an American guild.”




“I turned down their requests to meet the first generation several times.”


“Are you going by yourself?”


“That’s right.
That person’s too persistent.”



Anyway, the answer to return would be refusal again.
Chan-young, who had been thinking to the point that his head was steaming, finally came to a conclusion.


“Can I leave for a moment?”


“You can.
Since It’s important.”


“That’s it, though! I shouldn’t be like this in the first place!”


Chan-young was ready to bang his head against the wall.


“Hold on, I’ll be back as quickly as I can, so just stay here.
You must never leave.”


“I’m not going out.”


After hearing Hyeon-woo’s confirmation, Chan-young stepped outside.


‘I hope nothing happens for the time being.’


At this point, the deputy guild leaders of guilds of other countries would probably also come to visit.
Chan-young moved quickly.
After he refused the face-to-face meeting, he was about to come back.
He didn’t like Hyeon-woo, but he was the only family member of the Guild Leader of the guild.
He did not want to neglect his protection.
But everything didn’t go as expected.


“Why not!”


The opposing side began to call out to him.


There were two major guilds in the US.
One of them was the Guardian Guild and the other was the Phoenix Guild.
The two were like the Seon-Hyeon Guild and the Baekho Guild in Korea.
One overwhelmingly won 1st place, and 2nd place felt like they were cheating to win 1st place.
His action also resembled rudeness.


Chan-young’s face wrinkled at the sound coming through the interpretation item.


“If I say you can’t, you can’t.
Since you came without notice, don’t you know how rude this is?”


“How many times have you refused this request? That’s why I had to come to you myself.”


Was he stupid? He declined, so why was he here? In his mind, he wanted to forcefully pull him out of the lobby.
However, the person was someone who could not be ignored.



‘I’m being serious, but are you pushing the limits to this extent?’


He had a somewhat ominous feeling.
Just as he was about to get out of the seat, the Deputy Guild Leader reached out and tried to grab Chan-young’s forearm.
Although he quickly avoided his hand, the incident created tension in the lobby.


I don’t mean to fight.
I just want you to listen to me more.”


The Deputy Guild Leader laughed and made excuses, but the mood had already changed.


Chan-young wasn’t the only one who noticed something strange.
Hyeon-woo, who had been quietly staying at home, also recognized that the situation had taken a strange turn.
At the same time, he closed his eyes and began to scan his surroundings.


A powerful force was released, and he kept walking back and forth around the center of the building.
All the information of the awakened people staying nearby entered Hyeon-woo’s mind.


He also had a strange feeling.
Apart from those who play quack in the lobby, why were there so many Awakened people outside? Even considering that it was near the Seon-Hyeon Guild Building, it was too much.


‘What should I do?’


Chan-young didn’t seem to be able to come back for a while.
There was a guard outside the door, but they wouldn’t come in if nothing happened.


Shall we move a little then?’


Hyeon-woo got up and quickly changed his clothes.
Then he pressed his hat in so deep that his face was obscured.


‘It would be nice to have a mask.’


He shouldn’t do anything right now, but he couldn’t help it.
Hyeon-woo approached the open window in that state.
It had a safety device, so it didn’t open all the way, but it seemed like he could somehow get through it.


“I think this is a great place to go through.”


He made his way through the cramped window and started climbing down the wall of the building.


‘I should have learned a technique that helped me be a little more agile.’


He regretted it later, but what should he do now? What else could there be than to beat them himself? Hyeon-woo came down the building immediately.
As soon as he put his foot on the ground, he erased his footsteps and began to move.
Other than that, no one could defeat him because of erasing his presence.


It was because he was the first to learn this while adapting to the barren environment of the Demon Realm.
As such, he became good at hiding.


Shortly after moving on, he found his target.
A stronger person than the average Awakener, and a foreigner.
There was one person who was just right for him.
He was moving cautiously in the shade of the building.
Hyeon-woo showed his presence again, approached him and took off his hat.




Upon hearing the greeting, the Awakener was startled and immediately turned around.
Then, after checking Hyeon-woo’s face, he took out a radio from his arms and hurriedly shouted something.
As soon as he checked it, he put the hat back on.


“I don’t know what you are saying.”


It has been a long time since he learned English.
Besides, Hyeon-woo wasn’t even a good student.
The sentences were long, so he wouldn’t understand it the slightest bit.
He started with some inducement.



Hyeon-woo turned around and started running.
It wasn’t fast because it matched the speed of the non-Awakened.
So, it wasn’t long before he caught up.
The crowd of foreigners, who originally consisted of only one, had grown to many.


‘But it seems that it’s not just foreigners, huh?’


Some were Asians like Hyeon-woo.


“Ji Hyeon-woo, right?”


The man in the front asked a question.
Knowingly following him and asking him again, Hyeon-woo smiled bloodily and loosened his hand.
These guys weren’t even worth it, but it was just a matter of time.


“Is that right?”


“I need you to follow me.”


It came as a threat.
But how many people would agree if he simply told them to follow him? Hyeon-woo had no intention of doing that.
Since Seon-woo was not here, he was planning to beat all these cockroach-like bastards.
Just as he was raising his fists, someone walked towards him.


‘Are you the boss?’


The atmosphere was a little different from those around them.
Hyeon-woo straightened his posture and stared at the person who suddenly broke in.
He was a tall young man in his 20s, but the impression he gave off was quite strange.


With his half-closed eyes and meticulously organized hair, at first glance, he looked like a typical student who couldn’t even use his strength, but Hyeon-woo knew that wasn’t the case.


‘You have a strong body.’


The outward appearance looked relaxed, but the momentum hidden inside was sharp.
Judging by rough measurement, he seemed to be a little weaker than Seon-woo.
However, the difference was subtle and may be overturned by effort.


「What are you doing here?」


This time, he still couldn’t understand what it meant, but he could roughly understand what he said.


‘It’s Japanese.’


“What! Don’t interrupt me, get out!”


The man in front said threateningly and swung his fist.
He gave off a bad impression, he was big, and he wasn’t afraid of ordinary people.
He had the opportunity to run away, but he picked the wrong opponent.



The new man tapped his ear and raised the corner of his mouth to laugh.


「Did you tell me to get out?」


Instead of turning away, the man strode towards them, shouting.
At that point, Hyeon-woo returned to bystander mode.
Here, it seemed that he didn’t even have to join himself.


「I don’t want to get my hands dirty.」


As the man put his hand to his side, a woman suddenly appeared and held out something like a staff to him.
No, when he looked closely, it wasn’t a staff, but a slender sword.


“What’s the madman saying?”


「You are rude.」


Then the results were as expected.
The rude guy was beaten hard with a scabbard and crawled on the floor, but when he wanted to be pushed, foreigners picked him up and bounced him around.
There were tears in the process, but he decided to skip the details.


Hyeon-woo got up after sitting down.
And just as he was about to stand up, the sword touched his neck.


「Are you from the same group?」


“What are you saying now?”


He wished he could speak in a language he could understand.
The person was contemplating whether or not to stab him, when a woman standing next to him spoke up.


“He asked whether you are in the same group?”


She seemed like she could speak Korean.



I would have been helped if I was in the same group.”


「He’s not in the same group.」


The man kicked his tongue and withdrew his sword.


「You are lucky.」


Then he turned around and suddenly stopped on the spot.


「Why don’t you take off your hat?」


“He asks you to take off your hat.”


“I don’t like to?”


“Then excuse me for a moment.”


The woman stepped forward and reached to take Hyeon-woo’s hat.
He won’t let her take it.
He stepped back hesitantly, and by then, her hand had already brushed past the tip of the hat.


Because of that, the hat that was roughly placed on his head fell off.




He came out secretly, so he couldn’t reveal his face.
He even revealed his face to those guys earlier that he didn’t even remember.


‘That was too careless for me to do.’


When Hyeon-woo was about to pick up the hat again, the woman’s eyes widened as she saw his face.

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