“You don’t have to stand there.
Come here and sit down.”


“I am fine here.”


Do-jin spoke firmly and stood there.
At this rate, he would have to get through to him by using his words.

“I will feel burdened if you keep standing there.”


Then, as he lowered his eyes, Do-jin began to move slowly.
Seeing him move like that with his enormous size somehow reminded him of a large dog.


‘A large black retriever.’


However, unlike other retrievers who seemed to like people, this retriever was still shy.
Do-jin entered through the front door, but he hesitated from afar.


“Come closer.”


'Let’s beckon him to come closer.' Hyeon-woo waved his hand softly because his appearance was somehow amusing to watch.


“I told you to protect me.
Wouldn’t it be hard to do that if we’re too far apart?”


So, Do-jin started coming closer one step at a time.
Then, finally, he stood leaning on the sofa, close to Hyeon-woo.


“You can sit down.”


“It’s quicker to react like this.”


“Won’t it be hard?”


“It is not hard.”


“It’s hard for me to see you so sit down here.”


Hyeon-woo tried to make Do-jin sit down somehow, but he didn’t budge.
The line he had drawn seemed to have ended here.


Hyeon-woo scratched his head and turned his gaze to the TV.


Seon-woo had come downstairs after a long while and was doing his job as the Guild Leader.
His hands were quickly tied down by dealing with delayed tasks.
After quickly processing all the paperwork, he got up and headed to the conference room.


He wanted to go up and be with his Hyung, but things didn’t work out.
In the conference room, the Deputy Guild Leader of the guild, who had come there in advance, was waiting for Seon-woo.


“Guild Leader.”


The Deputy Guild Leader, Chan-young, along with several other guild members, welcomed Seon-woo.


“How are things going?”


Chan-young frowned in response to Seon-woo’s words.


“It’s not good.
I tried to block the information from spreading somehow, but it has already spread far.”


“How was the overseas’ reaction?”


“It’s not big yet, but it looks like almost everyone knows about it now.”


“Is the source as expected?”


“Yes, it’s the Hunter Administration.”


As expected.
It was unlikely that other high-ranking guilds, including Ga-jun, would have done this because they were greedy.
The more the rumors spread, the harder it became for them to get what they wanted.
So, they kept their mouths shut.


That was where the Hunter Administration messed up.
Seon-woo’s expression became twisted.
Before they could put their hands on his Hyung, he had to take him away from here.
His stomach swelled with rising anger.




Just when he was finally able to live peacefully with his Hyung, everything was messed up by the Hunter Administration.
Subduing his temper, Chan-young carefully continued to inform him and held out the documents.


“And today, the Hunter Administration sent an official letter.”


Seon-woo ripped open the yellow envelope and took out the documents inside.
Then his expression got even worse.
It took long for those dogs to write something.
The article was long and lengthy, but to sum it up, it was something like this.


“Hand over the First-Generation missing person.”


The paper in his hand was crumpled.
Then, the frozen paper crumbled with formidable force and fell to the floor.


“Ignore it.”


“But the situation is not good to just ignore.
Information has been spread to the public.
In addition, we received a call from the First-Generation Missing Family Coalition.
If it is true that there is a First-Generation missing person, they would like to meet him.” Chan-young mimicked the words he received from their call.


He understood.
Seon-woo knew the pain of the loss of family better than anyone.
But he didn’t want to let Hyeon-woo go outside.
Before he became one of the world’s leading Awakeners, he made many connections.
Some of them were good relationships, but there were also many that were not.


They wanted him to put his brother in front of such people? It was sure to end badly.
But he couldn’t just hide his Hyung like this.
Something had to be done.


‘Should I kill him?’


Should he disguise Hyung as dead and hide him in a more secret place? No, no, then what about the rest of his life? Even if Seon-woo survives, would his Hyung welcome a life where he has to live in hiding for the rest of his life?


Seeing Seon-woo in such a troubled state, Chan-young swallowed his saliva.


Hyeon-woo was Seon-woo’s family.
What if something happened to him after he got out of the way? The wounds Seon-woo would receive would also affect the Seon-Hyeon guild.


“I think we need to protect Hyeon-woo.”


That was why he chose protection.
The others’ opinions were the same too.
The rest can be dealt with somehow.
With that in mind, he offered his opinion.
Seon-woo, who stared at Chan-young, asked.


“It goes without saying that we need to protect him.
More than that, Deputy Guild Leader…”




“How much influence do we have with broadcasting?”


“It's pretty big?”


Oh, he answered stupidly.
He regretted it later, but it was already too late.


“What if I add the influence of the Arthur Guild?”


“If you can add more, that’s great.
The guild leader of the Arthur Guild is the heir of a giant press company.”


Contact the Arthur Guild.
I want to see them as soon as possible.”


Then, Seon-woo said what he was thinking.
All the leaders present agreed in favor of the plan.
If your opponent came out with a press play, it was okay to counter them in the same way.


Everyone started moving in a hurry.


“I got a call from the Seon-Hyeon Guild.”


At Ja-yun’s words, A-yun widened her eyes and approached her.


“What did you say?”


“They want to meet us?”


“Hmm, indeed.
For media play, we’d be quicker to help.”


“Media play?”


“Ji Seon-woo said that he seems to want to protect his Hyung? Then there are only two ways.
Either hide his Hyung more deeply or expose him altogether.”


A-yun folded her outstretched fingers.


“Hiding him more deeply is the plan for now, but if it were me, I would reveal him altogether.”


“Isn’t that risky?”


“You have to take some risks.
If you show him well, at least in broad daylight, you should be able to move freely in crowded places.
You usually like the image of Ji Seon-woo, right? To be honest, even though his personality is like a dog, that dog still tends to stick to the morals of a human being.”


It was only sometimes that Ji Seon-woo acted violently.
A-yun pointed it out and said.


“Then we have to help them?”


“It’s better to help.
But we can’t help them for free either, so we must have something to gain, right? If I were Ji Seon-woo, I would try to beat him with money or items, but that’s not what we’re asking for.”


“Meeting the First-Generation.”


“That’s right! Wow, I had the same thought.
How did you guess the same as me?”


“Aren’t you curious about the First-Generation missing person?”


“You have to tune it out.
Leave it to me!”


A-yun proudly stretched her chest.


The meeting between the Arthur guild and the Seon-Hyeon guild was easily scheduled.
A-yun tensed her body before Seon-woo, who came to the Arthur guild.
Now they had to get what they wanted.
The road ahead would not be easy, but they would just have to do their best.




A-yun exclaimed, slamming her desk with both hands.


“What our guild wants is a meeting with the First-Generation!”


She would never yield! After she opened her eyes and spoke, Ji Seon-woo opened his mouth.


“That’s okay.”


“No matter what you say, I will never back down… Yeah?”


“I said, you can do that.”


He allowed this so easily? A-yun looked at Ji Seon-woo doubtfully.


“Instead, the number of times is limited to three.”


“10 times!”


“2 times.”


“9 times!”


“1 time.”


“Hey, if you come down like this, it will only be your loss, you know?”


“It’s just one less press agency.”


“That’s right, but it wouldn’t be easy to hire a major media company, would it?”


“There are many ways to hire one.”


Ugh, screw that handsome face! A-yun grinded her teeth.
He looked at A-yun’s half-dreary face with a relaxed expression.


“Don’t get too excited, both of you.
Let’s determine the appropriate exchange together.”




Credits:Translator: Hoshi MiyaEditor/Proofreader: Davine and Meimei


HM: Summarizing what happened till now, A-yun and Ja-yun seemed to have a connection to Seon-Hyeon Guild and Seon-woo literally asks them to help him.
hehe I love the fact that Seon-woo seems like a tsundere and yandere at the same time.


Davine: It's kinda disgusting what the HA is doing.
Separating families… This is the worst.

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