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Do-jin lowered his dagger in an instant.
However, he did not feel any pain.
The dagger pierced because it wasn’t his body.
He hurriedly withdrew, but it was too late.


Confused, Do-jin raised his head and looked at the person standing in front of him.
The First-Generation missing person, whose name he did not know yet, was standing right in front of him and frowned.
A dagger blade was held in his hand.




Seon-woo rushed in panic, and then Do-jin moved quickly.


“What, what are you doing!”


Carefully, he opened the hand holding the blade of the dagger.
His hands were supposed to tremble in this situation.
Kara is cursed, sharp and hard above all else.
Anything could be cut easily.
It was natural to be worried as someone, who didn’t have any strength, was holding it with their bare hands.


Do-jin clenched his teeth and fully extended Hyeon-woo’s hands.
But it was weird.
His hands, which were supposed to be covered in blood, were perfectly fine.
Not a single scratch was seen.




While muttering blankly, the outstretched hand was recovered.
Then, Seon-woo, who ran, grabbed his hand again and spread it out.


“Hyung, your hand!”


“My hands are fine.
I guess he was out of control when he heard the news.
He didn’t get hurt.”


‘No, that’s not possible.’ Do-jin stared blankly at his dagger, then drew on his own hand with it.
When he drew with his force, a wound was formed, and red blood flowed.
The dagger was functioning normally.


“But what just happened now?”


It was something that couldn’t be figured out.


He mindlessly stared at the flowing blood, and suddenly something of a soft skin touched him.
Adjusting his gaze, he saw the First-Generation missing person putting his hand on his cheek.
And then he pinched his cheek.
He didn’t seem to have any strength, but it hurt quite a bit.


“Your skin is so firm that it doesn’t pull well.
What were you trying to do?”


When asked, Do-jin bit his lips.




“I’m fine, wait a minute.”


“It’s dangerous.”


“It doesn’t look that dangerous.
Look, you’re still here.”


Hyeon-woo pulled Do-jin’s cheek again and released it.
Then he asked again.


“What were you going to do?”


Do-jin couldn’t even open his mouth.
He wanted to die.
But it only felt difficult to say those words.

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“Do you think Ye-won would be happy to see this?”


No, no.
If it was Ye-won, that kind child would cry when she saw this.
She would ask him why her Oppa didn’t spare his own body and why he did such a thing.


“No, she wouldn’t.”


“Then why did you do that?”


Do-jin lowered his eyes at the questioning.
The one right in front was not Ye-won.
Yet, strangely, there was no feeling of rejection.




“You shouldn’t be apologizing to me.”


“I’m sorry, though.”


As he apologized again, his eyes, which looked at him, slowly looked down.


“Don’t die.”


At those words, the corners of his eyes became hot again.
While tolerating his tears, Do-jin asked him.


“Your name, I want to know your name.”


“Hyeon-woo, Ji Hyeon-woo.”


“Hyeon-woo nim.”


“Just call me Hyeon-woo.”




When Do-jin called his name, Hyeon-woo patted his head as if he did a good job.
It seemed that his heart had calmed down for a while.
Do-jin didn’t know why though.


“Hyung, come here.”


Seon-woo, who had been staring at him from the side, quickly grabbed Hyeon-woo and pulled him towards himself.


“Then, is the business over now?”


‘Is it over? I did find out what happened to my sister.’


‘Yeah, you are right, now that everything is over.’ However, Do-jin could not easily answer a ‘yes’.
Do-jin already heard that she was dead, but he still had regrets.


“Not yet.”


At those words, Seon-woo’s expression darkened.
But Do-jin did not back down.


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“Hyeon-woo, can I follow you?”


He wanted to hear about Ye-won’s story.
He thought about what happened when he only heard that she was dead, but he also realized that it wasn’t just that happened to her and there was more to it.
He has not yet found a body, nor has he been able to find out what happened.


Do-jin made up his mind.


“I will do anything.
So please let me follow you.”


“What kind of bullshit is this? Aren’t you also the Guild Leader of a guild? Do you think that would be possible?”


Seon-woo, who intervened in the middle, looked at Do-jin with an absurd expression.


“Then, I will quit being the Guild Leader.”


“Are you crazy?”


“I just have to hand over the guild to the Deputy Guild Leader.”


“Correct that phrase.
Did you lose your mind?”


It was not unreasonable for Seon-woo to say that.
He was about to give up the Guild Leader’s position in the Peace Guild, which was in the top 5.
It was the same as saying that ‘I would throw away everything I have now.’ However, it was also understandable.
If it was the same situation, Seon-woo would have done the same.


“Please let me.”


“There’s no need to quit being the Guild Leader.
If you come here from time to time, I will tell you her story.”


Hyeon-woo suggested a reasonable alternative.




“I keep my promises.”


“Not because of that, it’s because I was worried.”




At that, Do-jin looked at Hyeon-woo’s hand.
It was the hand that held the blade of the dagger earlier.


“What if something like this happens again in the future?”




Hyeon-woo hid his hand behind his back with an awkward expression.


“If it happens again, I will just turn it around, like I did now.”


Seon-woo stared at Hyeon-woo like Do-jin did.


“Why did you do such a dangerous thing, Hyung?”

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“It wasn’t dangerous.”


That was true.
Even if it was the most dangerous weapon, there was no way a strong person like Hyeon-woo could get hurt by such a thing.
However, neither Seon-woo nor Do-jin was unaware of that fact.
So, it was natural to worry.


“It was dangerous.”


“It was dangerous, Hyung.”


Do-jin and Seon-woo spoke together as if they had made a promise.


“Because I’m not…”


He tried to deny it, but his voice was getting smaller and smaller.
He had the confidence to defeat both of them with his own strength, but he didn’t know why his voice shrank so much.
As he was able to turn his head away from their eyes, he saw Kero looking up with a subtle face.




Looking at Kero wearing such a tired expression, he grabbed Kero and pulled his body with his hands violently to relieve his anger.




Kero remained calm, entrusting himself to Hyeon-woo’s hands.
‘I’m glad that I have a small body or else, I would have got hit.’


“Let’s go back now, Hyung.”


Seon-woo looked at Hyeon-woo, who was just escaping from reality, and held out his hand with softened eyes.
And just around that time, Chan-young arrived in the area.


“Guild leader?”


Chan-young, who arrived late, saw Do-jin standing next to him, with a wary expression on his face.
Seon-woo then briefly explained the situation to him.


“I am the Guild Leader of the Peace Guild.”


It was so brief that it was impossible to understand what was going on.




‘Why is the Guild Leader of the Peace Guild here? I wonder if he was also targeting the First-Generation missing people, but his attitude is too docile for that to happen.’ While Chan-young was wondering what had happened, Seon-woo put Hyeon-woo back in the car.
Then he said to Chan-young.


“Oh, do you remember the chicken restaurant we went to last time?”


“The place you stopped by sometimes? Yes, I remember.”


“Bring only three chickens from there.
Soy sauce, seasoning, fried.”





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Having said those words behind, Seon-woo gracefully got into the car.
Meanwhile, Do-jin’s gaze was fixed on Hyeon-woo the whole time.
So, Seon-woo urged the driver.


“Let’s leave quickly.”




The driver got back into the driver’s seat and grabbed the steering wheel.
However, just as they were about to leave, they saw several people standing in the way.
While they were delayed for a while because of Do-jin, others seemed to have caught up.
Seon-woo was annoyed and ruffled his bangs.


“This is bothering me.”


Seon-woo had to get out of the car again.
As soon as he came out, clicking his tongue, Chan-young quickly came to his side and walked alongside him.
He decided that it was better to join Seon-woo than to protect Hyeon-woo now.
Because his abilities were compatible with Seon-woo.


“The guild members will arrive soon.”


“How long will it take?”


“Most likely within 5 to 10 minutes.”


That should be enough time to hold out those people.


“Keep it.”


Seon-woo pointed to his car with his chin as he passed by the still standing Do-jin.
With that being said, Do-jin quietly moved and stood next to the car.




Looking at Seon-woo like that, Ga-jun waved his hand.
Standing next to him was a young man with a soft impression, his hair close to blonde, and a woman with a cool-looking appearance.
It was Hye-sun and Ja-yun, the guild leaders of other guilds who were S-class awakeners.
It was Hye-sun who spoke first.


“We’ll see each other again soon.”


“Don’t bother.”


Seon-woo answered with a cold face.
Then, Ga-jun shrugged his shoulders and spoke.


“I guess it can’t be helped.
I can’t miss this great opportunity.”


The plan to do next was to take time and play along.
When you get chances, you have to hit more on the spot.
If Seon-woo also had an idea of what to do, he would change the place where Hyeon-woo stayed after this.
And he would set his guards up even more thoroughly.
So, it was right to move now.


“You know I can’t give it to you, right?


“I know.
You’re not fighting alone, are you?”


Having himself suddenly surrounded, Seon-woo looked at the three people and snorted.


“Do you really think you would win if you guys gathered together?


“Shouldn’t we at least try when we have the chance?”


While saying that, he had a different thought in his mind.
It was probably difficult for him.
No matter how superior they are in numbers, the opponent was the same S-Class Awakener.
It was close to impossible to defeat him within a short time.
‘It’s even during the day, so why didn’t you choose another method to end this quickly?

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