Chapter 27.1.
My Room Definition

Tamamo’s room was spacious.
It is indeed a mansion.
It was several times larger than my room.
It had a long, shaggy carpet, a king-size bed, a study desk and chair in the corner, and a table and cushions in the center.
The next room is a closet.
There is also a bookshelf.
And the decor is fancy, with lots of stuffed animals here and there.
It is very Tamamo-like.

I, as an adult, looked at the room with warm eyes, thinking it was childish.
There was a time when I was innocent, too.

“En-chan, you like the stuffed toy~?”

“This lion is cute!”

My body will hug the stuffed animal on its own.
After all, this stuffed animal is fluffy and big.
It’s two meters.
If I see a stuffed toy like this, I need to hug it, right?

I, the beautiful girl with gray hair, enter the stuffed lion’s bosom and hug it.
I turn my back around the lion’s hand, slam my face down, close my eyes, and hug it tightly.
This plush toy is great.
But it’s too big for my room.

Tamamo, Tamamomoto, and Tamamo joined happily next to each other, and the two of them enjoyed the stuffed animals for a while.
Eat fresh chocolate cookies and sip milk in the warm air.
Of course, I saved about two cookies so I could eat dinner.

After talking about TV and friends for a while, I remembered what I should do.
Let’s put the troublesome things first.

“Tamamo-chan, I’m thinking of practicing the secret technique of rolling over.
Can you leave me alone for about 10 minutes?”

I ask, clasping my hands together with a, please.
It’s the mysterious Ichigo method.
If they see me, I have to punish them.

mysterious Ichigo method! Yeah, I understand! Then Tamamo will get out of the room and wait!”

With her eyes shining and her nose blowing, Tamamo walked out of the room.
Thank you, Tamamo.
But even if you open the door narrowly and try to take a peek, you’ll find out.

“Well, then, let’s do the sub-event.”

From my memory, I rummage through the events connected to the rusted forehead.
There should have been this item in the slums.
I don’t know how it ended up in the slums, but I can roughly imagine it.
Preventing that would be the role of my mob protagonist.

I would have collected it in the slum, but the guy I was protecting was a bandit master, and he didn’t have a name, so it wouldn’t matter if I cut the whole thing.

I quickly close my eyes and mutter a few words.

[My Room].

Following those words, the space gently ripples.
Then, when I opened my eyes, I was in another room.
Tamamo’s fancy room was nowhere to be found, and I was in a two-story house with an atrium.

It is small in size, with a kitchen, living room, living room, and bedroom all in one room.
The second floor has an atrium, so it feels like there is a loft on the wall.
The ceiling is high, unlike Japanese houses.
I could see the outside from the window, but I could see a small garden and a kitchen garden outside.
Outside, there is another barn that looks like a warehouse, the door is open, and I can see a row of machine tools.

It’s [My Room].
A room in another dimension where you can change jobs and create items.
The conditions for coming here are limited to hotels and homes.
In the game, it’s convenient [My Room].
It’s the pattern.

By the way, I found out that when I was moving to [My Room], I disappeared, because I made my parents worry.
After all, they thought I got kidnapped when I was sleeping on the bed in [My Room].
I have to be careful when using it.

“Now, I’ve got to hurry.”

I open the status board and transition to the flippant screen.
And I move to the Job Change section.

“This time.
It’s a production job.”

A production job.
As the name suggests, it’s a job that allows you to craft items.

[Mechanic] Unique skill: Can make weapons

[Alchemist] Unique skill: Can make items

[Cook] Unique skill: Can make food

[Appraiser] Unique Skill: Can use appraisal

These four are production jobs.
All of them are recipe-released.
Only the appraiser job is a little special, as it increases the number of items acquired and the rate of acquiring rare items when mining and collecting.

“Well then, let’s see what the [Mechanic], has to offer.”

With a quick push, a silver hula hoop appears.
A silver hula-hoop descended from my head to my feet as if scanning me, and when I heard a swooshing sound, I was job-changed from Priest I to Mechanic.
My stats recalculated, and my body feel heavy due to the stats decrease.
As usual, it feels strange.

“I guess the job change doesn’t change the color of my hair.”

I poke at the ends of my hair, but the color of my gray hair has not changed.
My hair color seems to be fixed.
I don’t remember having gray hair in my character’s make-up, but I don’t want it to change color all the time.

I move my hands willy-nilly.
I don’t know the difference, but the job change is complete.

The [Mechanic] is a job for producing items.
It covers everything from weapons to magic armor and accessories.
Its proficiency level is still 1.
Recipes for equipment below level 10 have been released, and the equipment I want this time is in those recipes, so there is no problem.

Well, since it’s an event item, I could make it with a proficiency level of 1.

When I choose the equipment I want to craft from the list.
This is for this time.

[Magic stone 15, Ore 2, Gem 1]

The materials needed for fabrication are displayed.
Gems, gems?

“It’s a waste to use the Earth Topaz, but …… I don’t have a choice.”

In the game, it could be any object.
Magic stones were the lowest rank, ores, and gems could have been scrap items.
It was a bailout.
But I’m in trouble because I don’t have any scrap items.
I can’t help but be in trouble.

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