Chapter 25.2.
The Story Suddenly Comes Out Of The Blue

It is the main enemy organization.
There are other enemy organizations, but [Yggdrasil] is the one that ultimately remains.

They ostensibly provide relief to people, curing those with incurable diseases with the help of their head, a saint.
For an outrageous amount of money, of course.
A religious organization [Yggdrasil].
That is the name of their organization.

Behind the scenes, they are trying to revive the Demon God Ashtaroth to rebuild the world.
Their real name is [Nidhogg].
They intend to destroy the world and live in a reconstructed ideal world.
Of course, in doing so, they intend to escape the collapse of the world by riding the [Nidhogg].
[Nidhogg] have the power to survive Ragnarok.

The main character interferes with [Nidhogg] mission and defeats the resurrected Ashtaroth.
That is the main story of The Night of Magic.
It’s a solid royal road fantasy.

In the game, there is a hidden route.
I remember it because it’s almost the same story in the game.
[Nidhogg] strongholds would appear randomly, so it was a good way to make money if you attacked them.
There was an old novel that said bad guys who ruin the world have no human rights, right? Was it bandits?

I remember it because it was a game.
Especially [Nidhogg] dropped rare items, so I had to load the game many times to beat them.
It was hard to listen to every single event.
That game didn’t have a skip function.
So I remembered [Nidhogg].
I have a good memory, too.

I sneak a peek and see what’s going on.
I remembered there was a standard for enemies that was easy to understand.
I’d done so many sub-stories and leveled up so much that the enemies in the main storyline were uniformly small fry.

I guess you could say it’s a common thing with open-world games.
If you take too many detours, you level up too much.
I thought it was written in the novel.

I, Miu, with my gray hair fluttering and tilting my head cutely, search for memories.
I couldn’t quite remember, and my troubled face turned into a cute face, but their conversation was progressing.

“This potion is the best way to cure your magic sickness.
I will give you a dozen for free now.”

“I will also give you this skin-cleansing soap.”

“If you enter [Yggdrasil], everything is free.”

The content of these words sounded like a scam.
It sounded like something no one would fall for.
When I hear this kind of casual conversation, I think I am in the world of novels.
The dialogue is so simple, like a small-time villain’s.

“What is that?”

I thought it would be a more serious solicitation, but it is a very trivial talk skill.
No one would join in that way, I’m sure.
What’s that? I (Miu) am going to get annoyed?

The last boss of the rival organization must have been the guru behind the religion.
That looks like a pyramid scheme or some other fraudulent group.
The mastermind suddenly looks so shabby, doesn’t he?

Of course, the butler refused with a disgusted look on his face.
Ehh? Something is wrong.
If it were me, I’d silently stare, slam the door, and be done with it.
Or I’d go the policeman route with my phone.

But he’s in trouble, and he doesn’t seem to refuse it.
You have to say no clearly.
I’ll say no.

I (Miu), the righteous girl, come in, sniffling and sniffling.
I unbuckle my seatbelt and try to get out, but this metal clasp doesn’t come off easily.
I tried to clank it with my tiny hands, but it wouldn’t come off.

“Mamama, can you unbuckle my seatbelt?”

My mom tells me in a whisper, smacking my’s head with a knack that makes me forget my earlier promise.

“It’s watching your feet.
There’s a child with magic sickness in Aburage’s house.
He’s Tamamo-chan’s younger brother.”

“What’s a magic sickness?”

I’ve never heard of that name before.
From the name, it sounds like a magical disease.
It wasn’t in the game.
Even in the novel, it probably wasn’t.
I’ve only read up to volume 10.

“Magic sickness is a rare disease that affects magicians’ children.
It’s like asthma.
They rarely die, but the mana in their bodies goes haywire, they become sickly and develop high fevers over and over until they reach adulthood.
When they do, their faces will blister like burn scars, leaving pimple-like blotches on their faces.”

I’m sorry to hear that.
It won’t kill you, but it will make you feel sorry for yourself when you grow up.

“Do you think that potion will help?”

“I don’t know.
It doesn’t seem to be certified as a drug, and that’s why they’re in trouble.
And [Yggdrasil] seems to have potions that have some potency.”

In this world, are potions not allowed to be sold unless they are certified as medicines? But if that’s the case, why not just buy it at an apothecary? Why show hesitation for such a dubious medicine?

Potions are indeed expensive.
Even in the game, they’re priced from 10,000 yen per bottle.
Well, I wonder how much they cost in this world.

Even as I am thinking of asking next time, the men who talk like con artists recommend the potion as if they can afford it even if the butler is in trouble.

“How is it? My [Yggdrasil] wants to make a connection with your Lord.
Besides, he wants to buy some magic tools.”

“I am sorry, but I must ask you to leave.
Your attitude is not acceptable.”

The butler had lost his patience and decided to refuse the offer.
He sighs and glares at the men.
But the followers of [Yggdrasil] were laughing at him.
They seemed to have assumed that they would get refused.
No wonder they were acting according to the manual.

“Well, let’s stop joking around here, and as I contacted you last time, would you like to exchange [Yggdrasil] treasured magic tool for an elixir? My master wants an Axe of Whirlwind, a Spear of Thunder, and a Crown of Clay for his collection.”

“I have told you many times that I would decline.”

The butler in a suit said no with a crisp refusal, but the men did not give up.
The man in the lead grinned and crossed his arms.

“Then, how about one of them? Can I have something I don’t need? The Lord has collected relics.
Any of them will do.
Please ask the Lord.
I’ll come back tomorrow.”

After bowing politely, the men spun around and left.
The butler looked at the men with a bitter expression.

I get it.
That is a magician’s trick to make you choose what you want while pretending to let the other person choose for you.
It is a psychological inducement.
I don’t remember the name.

They want the Crown of Clay.
I want one too.
It’s easy to understand.
It’s a magical tool commonly known as a rusty crown.

……, But that’s weird.
I thought that was in the wrong place.

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