Chapter 2.2.
I’ve Been Reincarnated

I realized that this is Japan, even though I am a baby.
Finally, I could crawl, waddle, smile, say “Papa mama”, and beg to be carried by them.

My parents were worried because I didn’t move much and didn’t cry much at night.
They were afraid my body would shatter, so I could only say I was sorry about that.

They hold and pamper me, but I check my surroundings, and there is also a phone.
There is a TV, and the food is normal.
There were fried eggs and curry.
Yes, it’s Japan.
The TV content is also normal.
My parents seem to like traveling and eating, so they often watch programs related to that.

She has dark eyes, dark hair, an ordinary appearance, neither thin nor fat, and a standard body shape.
She lives in a house, and my mom is a housewife.
My father is an office worker.
I don’t know what kind of work he does, but he usually goes home on time.

A normal family.
They are still in love even though they are not newlyweds, take care of each other, say kind words and words of appreciation, share the household chores, and go for walks as a family on their days off.
Sometimes we eat out.

Some people might pity us, saying it’s a pity that I’ve been reincarnated and I have a mediocre family.
It is a pity to have an ordinary family.

But I have to say that anyone who would say such words is young.
A housewife, you know? She owns a house with a lot of lands and doesn’t need money.
Above all, the family gets along very well.
They are miraculous parents.
Are they saints?

It’s better than being reborn in a world of swords and magic.
Because a world of swords and magic is a hassle, isn’t it? Above all, there is no TV, no internet.
In the world of swords and magic, there are no video games.
I can’t live there.
And there’s no good food either.

“Mii-chan, mummy, it’s time for a snack!”

A few years later.
I was rolling around in the living room when my mom beckoned to me with a smiling face.
I was rolling around because I was having fun.
I had grown so young that my spirit had been high in it.


I walked to my mom and asked her to take me in her arms.
Skinship is important.

“Mommy, thanks for the snacks!”

I thanked her with a smiling face.
It’s very important to say thank you for everything.
I always say thank you to my parents with a smile.
Family is important.

“I made homemade cookies today.
They’re hot, so be careful.”


I was so surprised that my mouth dropped open.
Because they are homemade, right?

“Here you go.”

There are cookies and milk on the table.
They were slightly warm in my hand.
Seriously, warm cookies? Huh? Are they homemade cookies? What a legendary item!

When I take it into my little mouth and bite into it, I feel a light touch, the sweetness spreads, and the warmth lingers in my mouth.
I’ve never had a warm cookie before! They were freshly made!

I thought homemade cookies were an urban legend.
Mom’s homemade cookies are delicious.
They were the best.

I’m convinced that this was the best environment for me.
In my previous life, my parents were divorced and always talked shit about each other, so maybe the comparison was too harsh.

But I was moved even if the comparison was wrong.
I had never seen such a family.
Even on TV, the only families that get along are the immortal sea families.
In dramas, they are usually divorced and don’t get back together unless there is a touching and adventurous event.
I would like to ask them if they know what the suspension bridge effect is.

So I know that the seemingly ordinary family is a miracle.
My mom seemed to be a somewhat ladylike ex-box girl, though.
She must come from a good family.

I clutched the cookie tightly and smashed it to pieces, determined not to let this family fall apart.


I was a young boy with fragile tear glands.
I was so fragile that I could not hold back my tears.
Handmade cookies.
I was on the verge of tears, but my mom smiled and patted me on the head to comfort me.

“Don’t worry.
There’s more where that came from.”

I made a firm vow to my mom as she consoled me.
It was a vow of homemade cookies.
I would protect this family.

Then I crushed another cookie.

What should I do to protect this family as a child? …… Smiles, gratitude, and money.

Let’s study the winning numbers of the lotto.
That’s what I’ll do.
It’s the perfect plan.
I thought if I study it from an early age.
I’ll win at least the first prize a few times.
I never won anything in my previous life.

So I decided to collect lotto numbers by tapping on the computer.
I would have to say it was a constructive action.
I think people would give me a lot of credit for that.
What do you think?

And so I lived as a good boy until I was five years old.
Unfortunately, my parents didn’t buy a lotto, so I had to wait until I was old enough to buy one.
It’s called lying in bed.

But when I turned five.

My life was ruined.

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