Chapter 24.2.
We’re Gonna Race!

Spectators watching on the monitors focused their attention on the juvenile section of the race.
Both the clerk and the children were paying attention to the spectacle.

“Oh wow.
That girl is fast!”

The girls spray the bubble from the soap tube like a spray wave.
The girls were young, yet they moved without falling off their boards or hitting the wall.

At the top of the list was a side-tailed girl with a little fox on her shoulder.
Her blonde hair shimmers and is dominated by the bubbles, and her face is mischievous and adorable.
She had just overtaken her other friends and was now at the top.

“She’s good at going forward, like on the S-curve.
She keeps going out and in and taking the shortest route.”

“That’s pretty good at that age.
She hardly slows down, so she can go almost at top speed.”

“At her age, huh?”

The adults watching the race are veteran professional race spectators, and they discuss the race enthusiastically.
They were on vacation, so the men had brought their children with them.

The kids look at them like they have a chance, begging, “Dad, buy us ice cream,” the man gives them allowance so the kids don’t interrupt the spectacle.
The kids will surely miss dinner.
They called it ice cream and ran to the hamburger shop.
There is no doubt that the man will get scolded by his wife.

“What the.
That girl is still slow.”

“Yeah, I can’t use a demon king board.”

The bad boys who had teased Miu earlier laughed at her at the very back, but that was until they entered the S-shaped route.

The gray-haired beauty entered the S-route with her eyes glinting like a hunter and a bird of prey, and almost crashed into the first slalom wall.
Since she was at maximum speed, it seemed that she could not fully maneuver, but she snatched the wall with a gasp, jumped, flew into the slalom ahead of it, hit the wall again with another gasp, stepped on it, and moved on.

“Oh! Awesome!”

The bad boys are amazed and exclaim in admiration at the dangerous driving.
Their mouths wide open, fists clenched at the dynamic driving, they take notice.

“Hmmm, that girl is quite good.
She’s aiming for the very edge where she won’t trigger the protective bubble.”

“I’m surprised she doesn’t fall off the board with that rough driving.”

We’re going to pass those ahead of us.

“Dad, I want some juice.”

The self-proclaimed intellectuals, the gentlemen nodded yes, and the kid with his allowance ran to the octopus dumpling shop.
The kid won’t eat his dinner today.

The gray-haired girl grinned and pressed closer to the girl with the side-tail running at the top.
Everyone watched with bated breath.

The girl, Miu overtook Sei-chan and the others and moved closer and closer to the leader, Tamamo.

“I’m beaten!”

“Tehehe, sorry.”

Passing by Sei-chan and the others, she sticks out her little tongue with a tee-hee and charges down the straight line.
My body is specialized for the Demon King, with the Demon King board specializing in maximum speed.
I’m getting closer and closer to first place.

Bubbles are fluttering in the air, and I’m closing the distance in a fantastic scene.
Tamamo glances at me, who is about to catch up with her, and her mouth twitches.

“Specializing in turning performance is no match for specializing in the top speed!”

“Really? Because Tamamo won’t lose! Change!”

With a fearless smile, Tamamo uses magic.
Poof, she transforms into a fox girl, and her tail wags mischievously.
I’m wary that it’s not against the rules since it’s a physical enhancement system.

“This is the power of Tamamo as a fox girl!”

Then I enter the next S-shaped route without slowing down.
I lean my body and plunge into the wall.

“Oh, Tamamo, look out!”

“Hmmm, here’s a new technique!”

But Tamamo proceeds to board up the wall and leans her body so that she almost falls over.
As it was, she slid down the wall, climbed to the ceiling, and pushed forward in a spiral, S-shaped route.
The bubbles that Tamamo flew filled the bubble tube with zabaa.

It would be impossible to slide across the ceiling.
It is impossible without an exceptional sense of balance.
The transformation into a fox girl must have strengthened Tamamo’s body and enabled her to run that way.

“I won!”

I also ran on the gas, using the wall as a jumping-off point, but I could hardly close the distance.

But I couldn’t lose either.
The last L-shaped route was my chance.

I kept going and going, and I could close the gap in a straight line, but I couldn’t catch up to her.
But as I entered the last L-shaped route, Tamamo slowed down.
Tamamo slows down as expected.

But I don’t slow down.


As it is, I hit the L-shaped wall with a board, hit the wall in a zigzag like a pachinko ball, and fly away.

Spinning my body around and around, I flew away and said


I overtook Tamamo and reached the goal.


I held up a finger as I spun around.
That was the forbidden gatan-gatan floating style.
You hit the wall, recoil, and push forward.
If I regained my position quickly, I wouldn’t have to slow down.

I, the gray-haired beauty continued to spin around and around with a beaming smile on my face.
As I spun the bubbles clung to my body, giving me a beautiful, fantastic appearance.

“The Demon King is amazing!”

“I’ll have that one too!”

“I’m a fan!”

The kids were so fascinated by my dynamic floating style that they went for the Demon King’s board as fast as they could.

“That’s pretty good, isn’t it?”

“Well, you’ve shown me something good.”

“My wife is angry at me.”

The old men, self-proclaimed experts, were also impressed and criticized the current race.

The Demon King board.
I was fascinated by its potential.

Later, they added a rule to make the gatan-gatan floating method forbidden.

I don’t get it.

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